Axl Rose Throws Fan Out From Vancouver Concert

Axl Rose is not known for his calm, but more for his way of losing his temper in inappropriate moments. One such recent example took place at a Guns’n’Roses concert in Vancouver, where Axl Rose threw out a fan.

The band was performing at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, as part of its North American tour. Jam reports Axl Rose got so annoyed with a fan in a the crowd he stopped the song, pointed to the fan and shouted to him: “Out, motherf—! Out! Get the f— out! Yeah, you! See ya, you dumb— motherf—“.

After Axl lost it live, the security guards finally showed up to throw the fan out. The rocker told the audience: “That’s the first person I’ve had thrown out for 100 shows…like the good old days”. And with that he got back to his performance.

So, what does one have to do, say or wear to annoy Axl to such an extent he’ll have you thrown out of a concert you paid money for? Well, one can only guess, because the rocker did not say exactly what that fan did to annoy him.

Since there’s not enough data to take sides, we can only assume the thrown out fan was one of those people that annoy you so much you’d like to take the microphone and ask security guards to fix the problem. You know the kind.

However, Axl Rose doesn’t have too much of a positive history when it comes to dealing with fans. When Guns’n’Roses showed up late for the Brazilian festival Rock in Rio, the whole band had to issue a statement denying the organizers’ allegations that they were disrespecting their fans.

In other news, with the upcoming Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, the word is that there might a reunion of the Guns’n’Roses. Axl said in an interview after the band’s most recent show in Seattle: “All these managers, they all believe in one thing: sell a reunion tour and get their commission. It’s just a phone call. It’s a half a day’s… work”.

Axl also talked about his fight with Slask and Izzy, former members of the band. “It was really a fight with me and Slash…and it started the day I met him”.

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