Awesome Accessories for iPhone 5

There are thousands of accessories for iPhone 5 designed to pertain to your every need, some very useful and multifunctional, many just awesome in concept or in looks. With such great variety, it’s obvious some are more useful than others, not to mention more worth their price. But when it comes to looking for gifts, iPhone 5 accessories have a great offer. From whimsical photo filters and professional camera cases to multifunctional and fashion forward jackets, to lean car radar detectors, speakers, toys and the list can go on for a while.


Muji capacitive gloves for iPhone 5

It definitely sucks typing using those darn gloves, which might be nice and warm and all, but are hell when texting and emailing on the iPhone. Several companies have begun producing something they call capacitive gloves that are smartphone compatible. It’s the conductive fabric that makes these gloves so special, as it transmits the electrical impulse from your body to the device’s touchscreen. The Mujjo capacitive gloves cost $32 and are available in gray, sandstone, lavender and coral pink. The leather model will set you back $167.





Gizmon Clip-On Lenses for iPhone 5

The 8MP iSight Camera on iPhone 5 is a decent one, but when you throw in some cool accessories, you’re going to enjoy a whole new iPhotography experience. Gizmon Clip-On Lenses is just one of the camera accessories for iPhone 5 that caught our eye. It is definitely well worth its $25. Easy to carry around and even easier to attach (the clip on is basically hassle free), the clip-on lenses offers cross-screen filter, center focus filter, fisheye lens and a polarizing lens.


Smallworks Brickcase for iPhone 5
This is most definitely the year’s coolest case for iPhone 5. Well, at least for anybody who loves Lego. Smallworks designed its new case to be compatible with Lego bricks, so basically you can customize your iPhone 5’s case any way you want. Even colors were selected to fit those of actual Lego bricks. Smallworks says its iPhone 5 case supports “any Lego brick experiment you care to dream up” and is able to withstand moderate to high impact thanks to the tough high impact ABS it’s made from. It costs $24.99.

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