Avril Lavigne Reveals Health Problems

It seems that famous singer Avril Lavigne is experiencing some serious health problems. The Canadian singer recently tweeted about her issues and asked fans to keep her in their prayers. In the past few months, Avril has actually kept a low profile. This made many fans wonder if the star is pregnant. However, it seems that Avril did not have some happy news to share. 

Avril Lavigne has remained out of the public’s eye since the month of September. So, there is no wonder that fans wanted to find out what has happened to the star. Avril talked about her condition through a Twitter message, but the star revealed nothing when it comes to the actual disease she is suffering from. 

“I feel bad because I haven’t been able to say anything to the fans to let them (know) why I have been absent. I’m torn as I’m quite private,” the singer said in her Twitter post. “I’m not feeling well. I’m having some health issues. So please keep me in your prayers,” the star claimed. From these posts it appears that Avril is not feeling good at all and her health problems are quite serious. 

Avril Lavigne is currently married to Nickelback star Chad Kroeger. The couple wedded last summer. Avril was last seen at a live performance in August and since then she kept a low profile. The star’s statements came now, as she was actually asked by a fan why she is not sharing anything new with her followers on social media. 

The fan actually asked Avril that since it had “been like two years since you completed your last album. Are you in the studio right now or working on something?” Avril Lavigne also went to thank fans for their care and for worrying for her. It is yet to find out what condition has affected the star. Avril claimed that she is not pregnant, although previously rumors indicated that this was the reason why the star has kept a low profile for months, with no releases when it comes to her career.

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