“Avengers” Breaks Records With $200 Million During Weekend Debut

We all know that two heads are better than one, so it shouldn’t surprise us that five superheroes can do a better job than one. Based on a recent report published by Reuters, the newly released movie, “Avengers” broke records with more than $200 million earnings gathered during its weekend debut.

One superhero is not enough to destroy evil forces and save the world. Or better yet, to save media companies’ revenues by drawing film goers to cinemas. Apparently, it takes five characters with superpowers to do the job and Marvel studios have proven this with their most recent production, “The Avengers”. This was the first film that gathered Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk and Black Widow on the same celluloid.

Judging by the figures provided by North American cinemas, it looks like the public was eager to see the combination of superpowers that Marvel Comics prepared for them. The motion picture was highly requested in domestic theaters where ticket sales cashed in $200.3 million. The situation was even better across international markets where “Avengers” earned more than $641.8 million since its debut on April 25.

Dave Hollis, Disney’s executive vice-president of distribution, was very pleased with the outcome of the action movie. He told the press that the film keeps surprising them with every report they get. Producers expected “The Avengers” to collect large amounts of money, but they never thought they would break records from the very first weekend.

The positive outcome is partially due to the aggressive marketing campaign that producers have prepared in order to attract feminine viewers. Their efforts paid off as 40 percent of the audience was made up of women and half of the public was over 25 years.

The second most viewed movie of the weekend was the romantic comedy “Think Like a Man” which gathered $8 million from North American (U.S. and Canadian) sales. “Hunger Games” fell on the third spot with only $5.7 million revenue in its seventh week. Warner Brothers’ “The Lucky One” was not that lucky after all; the motion picture earned only $5.5 million being closely followed by the animated film “The Pirates! Band of Misfits” with $5.4 million.

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