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Prince William and Kate Middleton Royal Wedding – National Holiday

Prince William KateWedding of the Year has turned into a business – British economic analysts says: “The event will bring 1.15 billion euro to our economy. ” See here how much England will spend for the perfect wedding

British Prime Minister David Cameron announced that April 29, the date of the royal wedding between Prince William, the prince of Great Britain, and Kate Middleton will be a national holiday for the British. Thus, they allow everyone in the country and tourists to celebrate. In these circumstances, the publicized event, “translated” in numbers by british economists proves an advantage only for some businessmen, cold statistics suggesting that the ceremony is a hindrance for the rest.

According to them, the event in April will bring revenues of nearly $ 1.6 billion (about 1.15 billion euros) in the UK economy, only in sales and hotel industry. At the same time the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton will be paid by British state and will costs about 7 billion euros, which means a hole in the budget of nearly $ 6 billion and that happens in full recession.

A report conducted by British journalists shows the benefits enjoyed recently by souvenir vendors due to the upcoming event. By April 29 2011,the revenus of street vendors will increase significantly.

What do you think ? Will This Marriage Last?

The forthcoming royal wedding has become one of the most publicized event of the year. After paparazzi followed William and Kate everywhere, including during their holiday in Kenya last year, representatives of the Royal House have created a website where anyone who is interested can find details and biographical data of the future princess. There were hundreds of photos posted with the engaged couple, official statements, details about their relationship, including an explanation of all the rumors in the seven months that the two were separated. Site users have found out the route that the guests and the royal family wll follow in the wedding day and where the reception will be hosted. Even the model for wedding invitations were presented to the general public, the list of guests and the announcement that the money received at the wedding will be donated to charity.

In this context, the excessive coverage, royal wedding has become a source of inspiration for business and a mean of rounding income by selling decorative objects: plates, cups, cushions printed with names and pictures of the royal couple, personalized teddy bears.

If the royal wedding is a real `boom` for souvenirs industry , for construction workers is a nuisance. “Good luck to those who sell trinkets and saucers, but for us, turning the event into a national holiday is a bad news, ” said Dick Searle owner of a construction firm. “Nine complicated for us, ” he added, referring to the timing of marriage .

Catholic and Anglican Good Friday will be celebrated on April 22, followed by the Easter and wedding is scheduled just three days later. In that context, some Britsh will have a week off, while small businesses will have to pay the value of leased premises and equipment and also employee holidays.

FSB has publicly expressed their concern about the program changes that will occur once with the British royal wedding .A celebration that comes so soon after the Easter holidays increase the chances that many workers will extend the holidays.However, supporters expects the series of popular event announced in all cities of the kingdom.

New Internet Explorer 9 is released

    At the SXSW Interactive conference, Microsoft officially announced that the new Internet Explorer 9 is released. The latest version of the Internet browser is now available to be downloaded and installed by the public.

With this new browser, Microsoft hopes to overcome competitors like Firefox or  Google Chrome. Internet Explorer 9 was first released to the public in beta version a little over a year ago, and the company claims that the new program’s speed and security will change users’ perception of the web and even foster the creation of a more “beautiful” internet.
    More than 40 million people have already downloaded the beta version of IE9, giving the product a small percentage share of the global web browser market before it has even officially launched. According to Microsoft it had the highest and fastest adoption rate of any beta product until now.

Internet Explorer 9 has a streamlined design, fewer dialog boxes to click through, more intuitive navigation, and many new features that speed up your web browsing experience. Features like Pinned Sites let you pin your favorite website directly to the taskbar for one-click access. “Things are about to change,” Microsoft corporate vice president Dean Hachamovitch said. “We took a dramatically different tack,” he added. “It’s a really good day for the Web.”

Internet Explorer 9 is built to make the most of Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 7, as well as graphics processing chips that can power videos, games and graphics. The long list of partners that have adapted websites to IE9 includes Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Hulu, and Yahoo!, according to Microsoft.
    Internet Explorer 9 promised to be another hit release for Microsoft, which has had market success with the Windows 7 operating system and the Kinect motion-sensing controller accessory for Xbox 360 video game consoles.

Pope gets Facebook for upcoming beatification of John Paul II

If you don’t have Facebook, you don’t exist”, it’s a saying that was spread among the internet users. The Vatican seems to take this as real, so they decided to start a social campaign to promote themselves. The latest installment in its social media transformation is Facebook page dedicated to the upcoming beatification of Pope John Paul II.

The main purpose of this page is to promote the May 1 beatification and it will will link to video highlights of John Paul’s 27-year papacy. The Vatican’s first attempt at an event-themed Facebook page, made to promote Pope Benedict XVI’s September trip to the United Kingdom, is still active after six months and updated almost every day with 10,000-15,000 people checking in, said Monsignor Paul Tighe, the No. 2 in the Vatican’s social communications office.

What we found is that Facebook doesn’t just share information, it creates community,” Tighe said in an interview Friday. He sees Facebook as a very useful communication tool: People begin talking to each other and sharing ideas.

Friend The Pope ?

The Vatican will have a new information web portal which will be launched at Easter. Every content posted on this portal could be tweeted, blogged or shared with others by posting. The portal will be a source of news from the Vatican transmitted by Vatican Radio, Vatican Television, the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, the Holy See’s press office and Fides, or the Vatican’s missionary news agency.

For us it will be a beginning of drawing on the riches of what we have, of our existing communications apparatus, and integrating that to ensure that its formally working with new media,” Paul Tighe said.

Lexus and Mini : Top J.D. Power Customer Service Index

According to J.D. Power and Associates Lexus and Mini are the brands most likely to satisfy their owners, when it comes to dealer services.

While its conventional wisdom that consumers will be heavily pressed to make unnecessary repairs by greedy dealers, the 2011 Customer Service Index reveals that very few owners actually face “upsell” pressure from dealers who want to perform unnecessary repairs. Only 7% of customers faced these kind of pressures, according to Power’s survey of nearly 100,000 owners and lessees of 2006 through 2010 model-year vehicles. The older your car is the more likely is for you to face a pressure concerning a dealer service. Making a suggestion about additional service work can actually be a good thing for the customers and also for the dealerships, because “Customers may prolong the life of their vehicle while service facilities may gain additional revenue.” says Jon Osborn, Power’s research director.
    Other studies show that there is a strong possibility for customers who feel they have been pressured to abandon a dealer and even defect to another brand. The Customer Service Index study it’s based on several factors, including service quality, service facility, service advisor, service initiation and vehicle pickup. Among individual brands, Lexus was the absolute leader,  also number one in the luxury segment, with a score of 846.

Close behind were Jaguar, Cadillac and Acura. Another thing that’s worth to mention it’s the improvements of Volvo and Porsche over their 2010 scores. Among mass market brands, Mini ranked highest, with a score of 805 points – up 19 points from the 2010 Customer Service Index. Also in the top five mass market brands GMC, Buick, Chevrolet and Kia. Mazda and Suzuki, meanwhile, scored the biggest improvements.
    “By becoming more competitive in terms of cost and convenience, dealer service facilities are making some progress in capturing share from non-dealer service facilities,” said Osborn. “Due to low sales levels during the past three years, service volumes for new in-warranty vehicles are expected to steadily decline through 2013. As a result, maintaining service customer share and loyalty will be vital to dealers in the coming years.”

Charlie Sheen in danger of losing his kids

This is what Denise Richards believe about her ex-husband Charlie Sheen, that he is too risky to stay around their kids. The star from “Two and a half man” lives now with two women, one of them is a graphic designer and the other one is a porn star.

He seems to be very happy with his life, but Denise Richards is truly disgusted. Actually this is the main reason that she doesn’t want Charlie to be near the two girls they have together, Sam (6 year old) and Lola (5 year old).
    Meanwhile, Charlie doesn’t seem to care too much about what his ex-wife thinks. He calls the women who lives with, his goddesses and he made several statements about their abnormal relationship. He also  said to everyone that he hates Denise.

This statement was actually made because he asked Denise to come for a photo shoot with their kids, him and the goddesses. Of course he was refused and that made him upset. In the media appeared all sort of statements made by Charlie Sheen against Denise.

He actually seems to be threatening her and attacking her everytime when he has an occasion. No wonder the woman doesn’t want him around her kids. He described her as being an awful mother and he even said he wishes her death.

But the reasons for his hate are not totally justified, considering Denise is entitled to keep him away from their girls. “No one knows what Charlie do next” these are the words of Denise Richards, and unfortunately he proved so many times she is right.
    Charlie Sheen is involved in a public war with the producers of “Two and a half men” and the last thing he needed is to start another one with his ex-wife. Things are getting worse to the star and he seems not to realize that.
    If he doesn’t change his behavior and lifestyle in the near future, there is a very strong possibility to not see his children anymore. As a start he could stop sending vicious text messages to Denise and be a little more discreet about his personal wild life.

Rihanna poses nude for Nivea

Rihanna agreed to pose nude for Nivea cosmetics company.

Rihanna is celebrating and supporting the building of a new generation of fans with NIVEA.Singer (23) posed nude for a new campaign called ‘100 years of Skin Care for Life ‘, which marks the 100th anniversary of the company.

“Over the past 100 years, Nivea has been an iconic skin-care brand across the world,Rihanna is a music icon and her digital footprint will help us bring our anniversary celebration to consumers wherever they are.” , said a board member in a press release

The partnership was unveiled last month when the company has published exclusive photos of the artist’s 23 years birthday. In November last year, RiRi said:“I got a few offers to do Playboy actually. They want to pay [me] to be naked on the cover,” she said.

Explaining why she is not interested in the proposal, Rihanna said:“If I’m gonna take my clothes off, it has to be in a classy way and my will, not a check. I wouldn’t take any money to do that.” The official campaign will begin in May along with Rihanna Loud tour, which will also be sponsored by Nivea and the first concert will be held on June 4, with the participation of Cee Lo Green.

The last time when Rihanna posed nude, photos weren`t as innocent as they are in present, Rihanna being trapped in a raunchy nude photo scandal with photos captured by cell phone, whom she sent to her former boyfriend.