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Alcantara and Porsche

Two brands that have their DNA in innovation, elegance and aesthetics unite in a particular joint ventures. Alcantara gives his unique material with Porsche 911 GT2 RS, the most powerful Porsche ever built for road use.

The future flagship GT model is a sports car, fast and powerful. With 90 hp more and 70 kg less than the 911 GT2, the new 911 GT2 RS has a power to weight ratio of just 2.21 kg / hp, by far the best in its category. A high performance car and dall’agilità extraordinary, but it never forgets comfort thanks to the use of Alcantara and its exclusive material for the interior.

The footprint is super impressed by the carrier in every detail: seats racing synthetic material reinforced with carbon fiber and carbon fiber finish over the door panels with lightweight handles sports for the opening. The interior base color is black, which creates a nice color contrast with other parts of the car as the central belt seats, sky and some details of the steering wheel rim made of Alcantara red. Even the gear lever and handbrake lever are finished in Alcantara.
Automotive brand with his material combines elegance, comfort, functionality and resistance, to make travel by car a real pleasure. An important advantage that Alcantara has already exploited in the past with other manufacturers of high-end models like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bentley.

The Porsche 911 GT2 RS will be available in Europe in a limited production of only 500 units from September 2010.

The european commissioner Tremonti is in a great european conflict

I dedicate these notes again Sunday to economic and political crisis that shook Europe and America. But before I can not overlook the clash that has lit up on the law he wants to gag information and that once again blocking the parliamentary work on a measure “to personas. It is not only interception activities of the judiciary but the entire investigation, closed to journalists and anyone who wants to conduct investigations into criminal situations or para-criminals, anyone wishing to investigate the activities of public entities beginning with the government and anyone who wants to understand what are the responsibilities of men that those institutions are in charge.
The law in second reading in the Senate had already been approved by the House but the Senate committee that is examining the strongly changed for the worse. Radicalized penalties for journalists and publishers, has permanently barred access to sources, has banned the activities of the news and investigations in ways that make a real gag that right of freedom so essential for democracy to have deserved even the constitutional protection. Our newspaper is struggling for months on this issue and this time fortunately is not alone. Much of the printing and publishing are on the same line.
Parties, associations, youth movements have mobilized to defend that right to freedom. The guarantee institutions, starting from the Quirinale, with special attention and ensure there is no lack testimony from a member of the U.S. government about the importance of the means of investigation, including wiretapping, to fight international crime. So the battle is at its peak because the changes introduced in the Senate pejorative require a third reading by the House, where the divisions within the majority could bring about important news.

It is neither a question of specific and limited or of a corporate approach by newspapers and publishers. The law sponsored by the Premier and the Minister of Justice and involves deforming one of the essential features of the Republican Constitution. This explains the centrality of the issue and the importance of the current conflict. Members of government are aligned to the defense of the caste to which they belong, in the pretense of obtaining the silence and impunity for their not praiseworthy deeds. All except Giulio Tremonti. That silence is very significant.
* * *

A fact clearly emerging in Italian politics: since the financial difficulties of Greece triggered a second phase of the international economic crisis, the Italian Government Commissioner, the Commissioner has Tremonti. It is he who dictates the solutions, the timing, the amount of budget-balancing maneuvers, the distribution of costs between the various social groups and it is he that is joined with the European institutions. He is that which translates in Italian politics of the European Commission in Brussels and the ECB.
In this context, Silvio Berlusconi is no longer the shadow of the Minister of Economy. From time to time, not to disappear altogether from the scene, try some forward flight, a few marginal corrections to the wording Tremonti, some delay in the timing and dilution of content, but soon falls and is aligned to the “diktat” of his minister-Commissioner , which is now the real leader of this battered government.
Tremonti policy is clear: a move of 28 billion euros to enforce immediately a decree on the urgency to put away the state accounts for the next two years 2011-2012, through spending cuts, levies’ One-off “on the civil service and the windows out of pensioners to old age and seniority, building amnesties, lower transfers from the center to local authorities, freezing of large works, freezing of collective agreements expire. So a large operation with depressive effects because inevitably lower the spending capacity of the species population in a phase of extensive use of layoffs and decreasing employment precarious.
This decided the European summits that are doing most countries EU members, starting with the stronger and weaker Germany as Greece, France, like Spain, Britain as Ireland and Portugal. Even Obama has taken this road because the attack forced the market against sovereign wealth funds, that is, against debts owed by States to tackle the banking crisis of 2008-2009 and industry made it inevitable that a huge consolidation of public finances in the West .

Pregnancy month by month: second month

After the excitement of the first month in which you found to be pregnant, today we’ll explain what happens in the second month of pregnancy. The first few weeks usually pass without symptoms and with almost no notice of your country, from the second month instead of the mother can begin the first symptoms or discomfort and nausea. To combat the nausea you should eat dry foods and especially in the morning, drink coffee, but do not strain used some anti-nausea food like ginger. They can also appear flushing, frequent urge to urinate, painful breasts, heartburn, headache, dizziness, nosebleeds, itching not take medication, consult your doctor.

The little annoyances however sidelined seeing the development and growth of your baby will move a lot. Do you think that your small in size, moving from 4 weeks to 8 mm to 3 cm. And it is the second month will begin to form all the organs of your baby: it begins to form the nervous system, lungs, liver, stomach and pancreas, spine, kidneys, muscles, and the first form.
At the end of the eighth week, the length of your baby will be about 3 cm for a weight of 2 or 3 grams. Finally unveil the first ultrasound your baby, but it will be difficult to distinguish the form for these early weeks, your doctor will check that the development is perfect.
From the seventh week onwards begins to distinguish the shape of the face and body of the child. This is one of the most exciting moment of the whole pregnancy!
Finally, remember that the first quarter is the most sensitive: avoid making too much effort and rest if you feel the need.

Financial Act:the Council of Ministers will be held tomorrow

A financial maneuver of 24 billion euros. This will be the subject of discussion by the Council of Ministers tomorrow, and the People of Liberty will meet this evening at 19:30, to allow the economy minister, Giulio Tremonti, to disclose the plan he has in mind with his colleagues party.
Speaking by telephone transmission ‘Morning 5’, Undersecretary to the Presidency, Paolo Bonaiuti, confirmed that there will be no tax increases and that the Italian can rest easy.
Optimistic about the maneuver, the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Matteoli, that the meeting in La Spezia on the new logistics system axis Tirreno-Brenner, said: “We are still talking about everything, but if the maneuver proposed by my department is the one I mentioned Minister Tremonti seems acceptable. The funds will be, although currently not quantifiable, as well as time. On the third rail crossing from Genoa to the Po valley we passed all that was possible approve.
Support the movement also comes from Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, who from Monza, said: “At this moment we must give maximum support to the government to find resources necessary and urgent, I hope that the boldest possible to defend Italy from international markets, crisis and the risks. “

The best players for the challenges of the weekend

We are ready to list of tournaments that will be played from now until Sunday the world: all the main circuits to draw themselves the best players for the challenges of the weekend. We start by the European Tour

Appointment all’Iberdrola Cala Millor Mallorca Open (13-16 May) in the field of GC Pula in Son Servera Majorca with six Italian: Emanuele Canonica, Lorenzo Gagliano Andrea Perrino, Andrea Maestroni, Mark Bellows and Alessandro Tadini. Bookmarks compulsory Wood, Brown, Hansen and Hanson.
Lorena Ochoa withdrew orphan home, the last LPGA tournament played in Mexico, the circuit again with American women leaders in the Korean Jiyai Shin Bell Micro Classic (13-16 May) at the RTJ Golf Trail in Mobile, Alabama. Eye to the east wind with Ai Miyazato and Taiwan’s Yani Tseng. Silvia Cavalleri (photo) and Giulia Sergas at the start.

Stephanie Cross, Margherita Rigon, Jane Smith, Sophie Sandolo and Veronica Zorzi will be engaged all’UniCredit Ladies German Open (13-16 May) to Golfpark Gut Häusern in Monaco in Germany with English Laura Davies.
Always fed the troops all’Alps Italian Tour in Slovenia Golf in Slovenia Open (14-16 May), the Ptuj Golf Ptuj see as many as 19 Italians. Finally, the circuit more important that the PGA Tour Valero Texas Open with not many points but with Ernie Els, Sergio Garcia and winner of the last two editions Zach Johnson

The inauguration of the second edition of the Riaceinfestival

The inauguration of the second edition of A-Home will Riaceinfestival next May 20 with a screening of “Under the Celio Blue” by Edoardo Winspeare, documentary recently released in theaters on interculture and prevention of social unrest turned into the small nursery Celio Blue in Rome where, from the early 90s, has been tested an intelligent model of multicultural education that children get used to the dialogue between cultures. The school now houses 45 children of school age belonging to 32 different nationalities.

On the evening of May 21 will instead be presented in one of its first public screening (the first in the province of Reggio Calabria) “Flight” by Wim Wenders, the first Italian production filmed almost entirely in 3D Riace whose theme is the central Hospitality experiences of some countries of Locri.

In-Home Riaceinfestival, Festival of migration and of local cultures Statues, is a manifestation born right on the wave of policy reception and resettlement of refugees and asylum seekers that the municipal authorities of the country is implementing some of the Bronzes years very successful along with common Caulonia and Stignano. In this particular historical moment in which the issue of coexistence between people and different cultural traditions emerges ever more pronounced, especially after the recent events in Rosamond, this festival is to be a concrete initiative that, through the young and the universal language of cinema, promote exchange and mutual understanding to combat racism and closing forms and calls attention to the innovative approach implemented by this town that has managed to combine the reception of migrants and the relaunching its territory, giving the image of Calabria, except that chronicles black .

Statues recently climbed to national headlines thanks to the notorious German director Wim Wenders who decided to dedicate his latest work, accepting with enthusiasm the invitation to work on the screenplay by Eugenio Melloni. Wenders has spoken of this also happens within the tenth Summit of the Nobel Prize for Peace held in Berlin’s Red Town Hall in celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the wall saying: “The true utopia is not ‘the Wall, but what ‘s been made in some countries of Calabria, Statues head. The real miracle is not here, but in Calabria, where for the first time I really saw a better world. I saw a country able to resolve, through ‘host, not the problem of refugees, but their problem is to continue to exist, not to die because of depopulation and immigration. And I wanted to tell this story in a film that has actors as the protagonists’ .

The industry beats the crisis

The Great Depression from which the world economy is struggling trying to get out has highlighted once again the primacy of industry and finance. If Italy and Germany have stood the pressure of the crisis better than other countries, this fact is largely due to strong manufacturing structure of the two economies, made of steel rather than paper (in the ephemeral sense of the word).
Just as steel now offers an example that is a summary of the ‘pride of doing “: the group of Cremona Arvedi scheme has led to a revolutionary system in the world of steel that was presented yesterday to the international community in the field. This is a production line for sheet metal coils (coils) that from the wreckage, without interruption, leading to the finished product: a “train” along 170 meters during which the raw material to 1,500 degrees, in continuous casting is transformed into rolls of steel strip which then takes away the industry, primarily automotive and household appliances. This unique facility, designed within the group and produced by Siemens Vai, protected by 460 patents, offers a series of revolutionary innovations: today is produced in one hour what previously was achieved in weeks, thanks to a line only replacing a process divided into two separate establishments, the resulting flexibility enables it to meet demand in real time, just in time addressing the need of client companies, enabling them to lighten up the store (very much felt need in times crisis and market volatility) for the first time has been obtained by hot rolling steel strip thickness of 0.8 mm, much demanded by the market (before they were made cold by further processing) . All this offers new market opportunities and competitive, with savings on energy costs and overall process estimated at 30%, and part of this result is “shot” to customers.
The plant cost 500 million, financed with equity and 300 200 with eight years of funding from a consortium of banks. “2007 and 2008 were very good years that have allowed us to make hay in the barn,” said group president, John Arvedi. “We realized early on that in 2009 and 2010 were critical years and we have focused on innovation and new markets.” The group (1.4 billion turnover and 132 billion EBITDA in 2008) succeeded last year, even before then to bring the system to the new facility, to expand especially in the Middle East (“Europe is a big mistake to leave that rich country orbitino only under the influence Asian). The results were significant: “We worked 100% of our ability, when all our competitors in the Western world have not exceeded 50%. The profitability was in line with the previous year. We have neither fired nor used layoffs, and the new line we hired 600 people and assume another 150. “
While complaining of volatility in commodity prices caused mainly by speculation (nickel, zinc and other metals exchange markets amount to 20 times the actual consumption of industry, a situation difficult to manage) Arvedi sees as positive the next years: “In the Western world consumption is 500 kilograms per capita in China half, one quarter in India. It means that the potential is still huge markets for billions of people. Steel is far from a mature product: indeed, a modern country is identified in steel consumption. “

‘Woman Fashion Night’ in guitar style

Gap Events Studio has designed during the event Music Heaven Bologna, provided 12 to 17 May 2010, an exhibition at L’Inde Le Palais, known concept store located in the historic center of Bologna (Via De ‘Musei 6). The opening night includes location within the total look of a show dedicated to the theme of rock’s most famous couturiers of the ’80s by the famous affinacati Washburn guitars.
Will be icons of the four stars of the eighties couture openings: the punk-rock Siuxsie, singer and actress Grace Jones, the maverick leader Cindy Louper and glam-rock David Bowie.
The one-night which will take place Friday, May 14 from 19.30, will be restricted to a limited number of participants and guests will have the exclusive Jennifer Batten (pictured), famous guitarist known internationally for his work with artists like Van Halen, Michael Sembello and Jeff Beck, an emblem of female success for his technique of tapping, but especially known for his enduring collaboration with pop star Michael Jackson.
Everything will be immersed in a frame tied to the fashion world with exclusive collections of presentations by a special animation simultaneously to shoot a fashion magazine edited by “LOOK” (photographic look cult to discover forerunners of fashion and trend).
The evening of the link between women, music, art and fashion will be enriched by the presence of DJ Tying Tiffany, known throughout Europe for his sets electroclash. The happening will be accompanied by an aperitif characterized by long finger and bubbles.
The direction of the event will be handled entirely by Gap Events Studio will donate the proceeds to the foundation ANT, in support of Project Women ANT, a major initiative to support women in cancer prevention. Testimonial “Project Women ANT” is Roberta Capua.

Italian swimming championships for disabled kids

The terrace of the Monumental Complex of San Giovanni was the frame of the press conference to present the second edition of the Italian Championship promotional swimming DIR children with disabilities. Big crowds and numerous journalists have followed the meeting preceding the start of races to be held from tomorrow until May 16 to the pool of Poligiovino Catanzaro Lido. During the press conference, moderated by the presenter Dominic Gareri, many actions of these authorities and organizers who have expressed great satisfaction with the high membership of sports clubs from all regions of Italy. The following extracts from the main action of the press conference.
Mayor Rosario Olivo Catanzaro thus stated:”Thank the hive for this important initiative. Important because it gives our city a great sporting event. These are important days of the championship and I also want to welcome all companies that participate in the sporting event ‘. The following spoke Provincial Assessor Merante:”We are delighted to host this event and these beautiful athletes Poligiovino. A new and well equipped we hope will also host the next edition of the championships in swimming. We will strive to break down all the architectural barriers in our city that make it doubly difficult the lives of disabled people ‘.
The President of Coni Antonio Sgromo continued:”Coni lives and works closely with the Italian Paralympic Committee. The competitive spirit of athletes is the same, not change, we are proud to have here in Catanzaro Italian Championship Swim ‘. Representative C.I.P. and Regional Director F.I.S.D.I.R. Tweety Vinci He stressed the value of the initiative:”rrivata in town is the presence of CIP in an important event as the occasion of the Swimming Championships. My applause and my wonder is in respect of ‘beehive that although very young association has strongly backed this important event in Calabria and Catanzaro. CIP and the FISD need more visibility in the area. I speak also of satisfaction for the warm welcome FISD ricevuta.Durante races will also be the world champion Paolo Alfredo Mainuzzi 50 meters butterfly style and Helen Pain 200 meters backstroke.
They then spoke to the director of CSV, Stefano Morena; beehive Sports President William Dell’Acqua and national coach Marco Peciarolo. Even the commissioner of Culture of the Municipality of Catanzaro, Antonio Argirò, brought greetings:”host a championship like this is very important in Catanzaro, my praise goes Hive Sports Association. How can we not connect this event to the culture? The culture has no limits and the fact that in recent years the sport for the disabled has not done anyone. A welcome to these young athletes, who can also return at other events’.
In closing the conference spoke Gareri Dominic: “I invite all to participate actively in Catanzaro such as public swimming championships which will be especially for children of school values, a time of socialization and respect between human beings.”

Fifteen minutes of fame prophesied by Andy Warhol

The first page the first page and even the first page … it seems to become the terrifying obsession of all.
The fifteen minutes of fame Andy Warhol prophesied is now a “sweetener” are crumbs, crumbs negligible. No longer enough. It is not enough even to be in the pages of “deepening” it seems that “almost nobody” laws.
So away with the scoop and sensational events and sensational, the hype and exaggerations. The law of marketing is categorical: “No matter why, no matter how, the important thing is that if you talk to.” A rule without “proper” by all, one of those “unwritten”, “no taxes” yet systematically applied: a genuine commercial law regime ….
The world of classical music, sadly, is “adequate.” Lately the most acclaimed pianists and pianists are very specific: that, or have an “exotic”, or are much more “beautiful” in the “media” town. Model and fashion models at the piano: the covers of ‘cd’ now have closeups delicate, fascinating, gorgeous, oscillating between the romantic and fatal, with a few, reserved for the male to the “cursed”.
The image above everything, and now the music. Often they are musicians of great level, no doubt, but perhaps not the “best” and certainly not ‘unique’. How many of us know dear, musicians that define the “Series A limited edition”, yet the market fails to “see”. Or rather, has no interest in listening only …
Why hack a ‘cd’ is more or less like a scoreboard. You must have certain characteristics, physiognomic, precise, without any correspondence to the world of music …
An example of this new culture (general) where the sensitivity “visual” has now overcome the “hearing”, even in an environment “conducive” to the ear like music, has the scoop, the “moment” sensational that necessarily must participate in appointments of many young talents, inevitably. Even a young performer already acclaimed worldwide (and deservedly) as Lang Lang was able to “avoid”.
The young Chinese pianist, sounding almost “perfect” temperament whimsical and captivating musicality is (perhaps unwillingly) been “forced” to turn every concert into a “show”.
Latest idea is to have an encore run on a iPad suitably programmed to reproduce the sounds of the 88 piano keys.
Nothing wrong, you say, even fun. And who can deny it. But the ANSA news from which we took this article said something like: “The pianist has performed in San Francisco and its Ia-I was on a pad ….”