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Is Kutcher Replacing Sheen in “Two And A Half Men”?

Recently, Access Hollywood reported that Ashton Kutcher got a part in the famous series “Two And A half Men” airing on CBS. Could he be replacing veteran of the show, Charlie Sheen?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, two sources have claimed that Kutcher is finalizing a deal to join the show. Although he is not allowed to say anything yet about the matter, Ashton found a way to sneak out some information, confirming in a more subtle manner his implication in the series. On Thursday night he left a message on his Twitter page saying “what’s the square root of 6.25?”. If you have a mathematician’s brain you already figured out the answer. If not, grab a calculator. Either way, the answer found will be 2.5.

Access Hollywood contacted CBS and asked more information about the possible “new arrival”, but the representatives had no comments. The production company that makes the show, Warner Bros. was also contacted about the speculation and again, there were no answers. Then, Access Hollywood tried to contact Charlie Sheen. His representative was as empiric as the television channel and the production company. Nobosy says anything yet.

Recent sources have unveiled that there was another big actor invited to join the series. We will give you some hints: English accent, stylish, blue eyes, funny. Did you guess? It’s Hugh Grant. Unfortunately, he didn’t think it was the kind of show that would benefit his image or who know what reasons he had to turn down the offer, taking into account that he was offered a huge sum of money to join the cast of “Two And A Half Men”.

If Ashton Kutcher is going to join the team of 2.5, it is not clear whether he is going to just replace Charlie Sheen’s character or if he will be someone new. The Hollywood Reporter magazine states that the creator of the show, Chuck Lorre, has already written a storyline for the handsome former “Punk’d” star.
Ringside Report says that a source that didn’t want to be mentioned contacted them and told them that Charlie Sheen is not very happy about losing his job to Kutcher.
CBS and Warner Bros. are facing a two edged sword: Two And A Half Me was known as Charlie Sheen’s show. Will Kutcher be good enough for the audience? The public can either love him or hate him to death. Good thing, Kutcher is pretty funny and talented himself.

John Galliano, 6 Months In Prison For Anti-Semitism

Fashion designer John Galliano could spend up to 6 months in jail if found guilty for the anti-Semitic insults on his June 22nd trial, reports Reuters.

Fashion faces crisis. One of the most impressive visionaries of haute couture fashion, John Galliano is facing trial. The accuses that are brought to him are racist insults to Jewish people. A few months ago, in February, the fashion designer was in a trendy bar having some drinks and at one point he said he loved Adolf Hitler. He also threw anti – Semitic insults to two people in the bar. The whole scene was filmed and, in March, the video was made public. In the capture, John Galliano could be seen abusing some of the people in the bar and saying that he loved Hitler.

“I love Hitler. People like you would be dead today. Your mothers, your forefathers would be f***ing gassed and f***ing dead.” Apparently he was talking to two women. At first they were amusing themselves, but at one point, after the rough comment, one of them got angry and said to him “Do you have a problem?”. He then answered “With you? You’re ugly”. The discussion carried on, we don’t know for how long, but the video found on Youtube lasts less than one minute.. After the abusive comments shown above, Galliano continued to swear and calling “ugly” the woman. It was very clear that he had a bit to much to drink.

After the accusations brought by the two abused fellow drinkers, there came a third person that claimed to have been the victim of a similar abuse last year, in October.

Until now, the outburst already cost Galliano his job at Dior, where se was working over the last decade. He was first suspended and then, after the video appeared, he was fired. Some people say it was fired too fast, other say it took Dior too long. Firing Galliano was not a pleasure for the luxury brand. This was, in fact a big hit for the House of Dior. At this point, there are no new about who is going to replace the eccentric designer.

Sidney Toledano, chief executive stated that it was no hurry to announce a new name. This could mean that they didn’t even find a replacement.

If found guilty, John Galliano may face up to 6 months behind bars and a fine of over 22,000 euros (approximately 31,000 dollars).

Is Dior waiting for the finality of the case? If found not guilty, will it give Galliano a second chance? Somehow, the show must go on!

How Do Male Celebrities Stay In Shape: Garrett Hedlund

Find out how one of these days’ most popular Hollywood males works out. Garrett Hedlund wasn’t always weighing 200 pounds. Today we are stepping into the virtual world, where everything is possible.

The characters can be perfectly beautiful of unbelievably ugly, the places are either luxurious or dark and terrifying and everything in this world can be shaped up. Including the bodies. Some of us, when entering a virtual world (of a game or a social network) pretend to be better – taller, smarter, cleaner, richer and so on. But what happens when, even in the virtual word, you have to put yourself out there? You start working out.

Garrett Hedlund – The cowboy turned action hero
You can see Garrett Hedlund in his latest movie, Tron: Legacy. He is Sam, the son of a mastermind in cybernetics, who created a parallel universe similar to a video game and has been taken prisoner by his own creation. Sam was only a child when his father disappeared. As a grown up, he turned into a rebel. One day, though, he receives a sign that his father might not be gone after all.
What’s interesting about Garrett Hedlund and this movie is the fact that when you see him act, he looks perfect: perfect muscle, perfect proportions, perfect overall look. For this look, he struggled a lot. When auditioning for the role he was much skinnier. So he had to workout a lot. Threatened by a skintight suit, he began his workout with a former Navy SEAL trainer, that tells Men’s Health how the workouts went:
“Garrett didn’t repeat any workouts, which helped keep him engaged” he said.
This was very important for both eliminating the routine as well as for getting in 9 weeks the results that normally show in 40 weeks.

Garrett had the body tonus from his previous workout program which consisted in daily 2.2 miles jogging, followed by what he called “living-room prison workout”, where he followed the example of inmate workouts: pushups, sit-ups, squats, pull-ups and more.
In order to gain more muscle, with the help of professional training he turned to a set of exercises with no break in between: bear crawls, tire drags and box jumps. In addition, he did overhead presses to gain strength in his shoulders.

Garrett has always been attracted by sports. Growing up in Minnesota, on a farm, he developed a strong will of being put in the open and being fit. When in school, he had this idea that he wanted to be the best runner. So he started chasing cows. Whenever a cow would get scared of something and would run away from the herd, he would run as fast as he could to bring her back. This, as his first type of workout brought him the title of the best runner at his school.

Angelina Jolie Tattoos Brad Pitt On Her Arm

Hollywood sex symbol Angelina Jolie reveals to that the latest tattoo, a new set of coordinates on her upper left arm is the birth place of husband Brad Pitt.

This last month Angelina Jolie appeared in public with her new tattoo, which was a set of geographical coordinates placed right under those of her children. Jolie has made a habit of tattooing the coordinates of each of her children’s birth place. So showing up with a brand new one had press speculating that she might have adopted a new baby. But Angie clear everything out: “Well if they know that it’s latitude and longitude they would have figured out quickly that it was Brad’s birthplace. It’s Shawnee, Oklahoma”.

Angelina Jolie is known for her appetite for tattoos. She is one of the most tattooed female actresses in Hollywood. Here is a brief list of her inked body art:

• The first tattoo she ever had ( and that now is replaced) was the Japanese symbol for “death” placed on her left shoulder blade. For her it was a reminder of living life to the fullest. Now, it is covered by the the tattoo made in honor of her son, Maddox.
• Another tattoo that she doesn’t have anymore is the symbol of courage, inked on her right arm. As her ex husband Johnny Lee Miller had a matching one, she had hers erased.
• The Bengal Tiger is probably the largest tattoo that she has. It covers other tattoos that she had done, like a dragon and a window. It is 12-inch long, 8-inch wide. She had it done in Bangkok in 2004 on July 8. the session lasted 2 hours. The tattoo artist, Sompong Kanhphai, blessed the tiger after finishing it with a  chanting of an ancient hymn.
• A phrase written in gothic letter saying “know your rights” on her upper back
• A Buddhist incantation that is written in traditional Knmer script
• An Arabic tattoo that means “determination” and is placed on her right arm
• A Tennessee William quote saying “A prayer for the wild at heart, kept in cages” on her left arm
• A cross tattoo on her hip
• The letter “H” on her wrist

And, of course, the tattoo of the geographical coordinates that represent the place in which her children entered her life. Years ago, Angie stated that she will never be “be stupid enough to have a man’s name tattooed on me again”. Well, she only said “name” …

Bristol Palin Writes Her Memoirs

Although it might be considered a big step for such a young girl, at 20 years old Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin’s daughter plans to write about her own life experiences, star in a TV series and enjoy a new chapter in her life

In March, Bristol Palin signed a contract with William Morrow from HarperCollins for publishing her memoirs. The book will be found in stores under the name “Not Afraid of life.” The publisher released a press announcement at the beginning of the month , describing the book as going “beyond the headlines, offering readers an inside look at her life, her world, and the things that matter most, including her family and the faith that keeps her centered.”

In the book, readers will get the chance to find out how her life as a child in Alaska was, how the political rise of her famous mother influenced her perspective and her experiences and of course, how was her life as a single mother and how was the relationship with the father of her child, Levi Johnston.

And at this point this is only one of the projects she is working on.  A the end of  this year she will star in a reality TV show on Bio Channel. She is currently getting used to look a little different, after she underwent a jaw constructing surgery that has been making her miserable for years. She says that as a kid, she had to wear braces plus a device that had to correct her bite. And despite all this, the doctor told her that in the future she would have to take into consideration the idea of constructive surgery. So, at 20 years of age, she did. She appeared with the newly corrected jaw on April 30 at an official event in Washington D.C.

She told the press that it wasn’t a plastic surgery, but a pure medical corrective one. She also added that she would never consider plastic surgery, unless she had a serious situation, like an accident. Nevertheless, the surgery she had done also offered some esthetical improvement: cheeks look higher, the chin looks narrower and Palin says she is really happy with the results. She is glad to have got rid of the round baby face, as she looks much skinnier now.

The book, the reality TV series and the new face mark a new chapter in Bristol Palin’s life.

Mysterious Composer For Wizard 101’s Wintertusk Revealed

About a month ago, Wintertusk, the expansion world of the online game Wizards 101, has started teasing the users about a mysterious composer of the game’s soundtrack.

The world has changed a lot since high technology offered a new virtual world. Actually, more than one. Now, distance is just a matter of click. We interact with people hundreds of miles away, people we could never knew any other way. We start friendships with stranger that most of the time don’t speak our language, or they do it poorly, but still, we manage to understand each other in a virtual world, where we are someone different than who we are in real life.

Online games offer us the chance not only to become part of a fantasy world, but also to connect with other character behind which there is always someone real. This is the marvel of the online virtual worlds: that we are allowed to live the life of our characters, with their possessions and their tasks and at the same time connect at that level with other characters that live in the same virtual world, but are supported by real humans.

This time, the online games have become the scene of a celebrity. The popular game Wizard 101 has been upgraded with a new expansion world, Wintertusk. For it, a mysterious composer wrote a seven-piece environmental soundtrack. It was a mystery for about a month: no one knew who the composer was. The early testers of the game interacted with a character with a hooded hidden face, who was the composer. Over 2,700 users tried to guess who it was. The creators of the game would give them clues on the official website. Many of the ones who guess were sure it was Justin Bieber. This, despite the fact that one of the first clues sounded like this: “I have performed on Saturday Night Live and my initials are not J.B.!” Facebook has been the debate scene for weeks in a row.

In the end, a few hours ago, the identity of the composer was revealed. It was Nick Jonas, the youngest of the famous Jonas Brothers band. Today, while waiting for the game to launch, you can see the hooded character taking his hood off and revealing the Nick Jonas character.

Alicia Silverstone welcomes baby boy Bear Blu

Alicia Silverstone is a mom at 34 years old. She announced the news on her personal blog herself stating that she is very in love with her son, Bear Blu, announced Access Hollywood.

When I said that Hollywood is going to be a strange eccentric baby names factory, I think I was very insightful. First, it was Mariah Carey, who named her twins Moroccan ( the baby boy) and Monroe (the baby girl), now Alicia names her boy “Bear” and “Blu” ( and of course Jarecki, the last name of her husband, Christopher Jarecki). Last year’s top 3 names for boys were Jacob, inspired from the Twilight character played by Taylor Lautner, Kellan, inspired from the Twilight actor Kellan Lutz who plays Emmet Cullen and Knox, inspired from one of Angelina Jolie’s twins. Among the top 10 names that were considered unusual is Bentley, the name of Maci’s boy ( from the TV reality series Teen Mom).

Now back to Alicia and her new born Bear Blu. The news appears on Monday on her blog named The Kind Life. She said that she and her husband welcomed a lovely baby boy that was 7 lb 15 oz at birth and mentioned “We are all three in love!” And she mentions the little guy’s sweet name. Then she thanks the fans on behalf of herself and her hubbie for the support, love and good wishes and “happy vibes you sent me during my pregnancy”.

Alicia Silverstone and rocker Christopher Jarecki got married in 2005 and this is their first child together. Bear Blu Jarecki was born on May 5th at 7:50am (PT).

Although she will be busy being a mom this year, the Hollywood “clueless” blonde is also going back to acting. By the end of this year she will have filmed the movie “Vamps” which tells the life of two vampires living in the modern days in the most modern city in the world: The Big Apple. And not only that, but she has on her list a comedy where she will star next to Hugh Jackman and Olivia Wilde and another comedy “A** Backwards” with Jon Cryer and Casey Wilson. Things couldn’t get much happier for Alicia! Congratulations on her beautiful family!

Study shows we become vampires just by reading about them

Did you ever want to become a vampire while watching the Twilight Saga on the big screen or by reading it? Characters in the movies and in the books fascinate us in such a way that they impregnate our psyche with their own odor in such a way that we feel like we a re part of their world. This is probably why the best actors need time to separate from a character before going to impersonate another. This is probably why some actors never get over a certain type of character and they find themselves playing the same one over and over again in different movies.

A study called “Becoming a Vampire Without Being Bitten: The Narrative Collective Assimilation Hypothesis” was published in the current ossue of the Psychological Science journal. Its authors, Shira Gabriel, PhD, associate professor of psychology at UB, and Ariana Young, a UB graduate student that currently works in the social psychology field, found out that the reading of fantasy books, like Twilight ans Harry Potter, satisfies at some level the human connection between the reader and the characters, as the person reading at a psychological level becomes part of the world inside the book and takes part in the action.

The study included an experiment in which the volunteers were given to read  for half an hour fragments from the book “Twilight” (one group) and fragments from the book “Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone”(another group). After the 30 minutes of reading each participant filled in a series of questionnares that tested their conscious but most important their unconscious to the fragments read. And as it was expected, the group that read Twilight was more felt more like a vampire, while the Harry Potter readers identified more as wizards.

Shira Gabriel explains what happens with us when we read: “When we enter the narrative we don’t ‘become’ Harry or Edward, of course, but we do become a member of their world. That feels really good and it changes us.”
 Ariana Young adds that this kind of behaviour was known to take place when we are in a goup of people that we want to relate to: we change ourselves ( in the sense of shaping, selecting what makes sense with the group) so we can be part of that group. This study shows that “this occurs when we read a book, as well” se said.

Schwarzenegger And Wife Separate

The Hollywood star and former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife, former NBC journalist, Maria Shriver, are taking some time apart from each other. According to Los Angeles Times, they now have been living separately for a few weeks.

This comes in a time of transition for both of them, when a lot has happened from the beginning of the year until now. The Terminator star has stepped down from the state leading position in January 2011. This same January his wife, a former journalist at NBC TV and the niece of president John F. Kennedy had a difficult time when her father died.

Los Angeles Times reports that Shriver has left the house they were living together in a few weeks ago. This decision comes after 25 years of marriage.  Schwarzenegger, 63, married Shriver, 55, in 1986 and they have four children, two girls (Katherine, who is 21 and Christina, who is 19 ) and two boys ( Patrick, who s 17 and Christopher, who is 13). Arnold remained in their Brentwood mansion and the couple still shares responsibility of raising the children together.

In the statement given to the Los Angeles Times they say that the decision of separation came after “a great deal of thought, reflection, discussion and prayer”. At the present time they are not living together anymore as they are trying to work on their relationship for the future. They also said that their children are still their number one responsibility: “They are the light and the center of both our lives”. In the end, they said they consider this event in their lives “a private matter” and there will not be any other declarations about this from any other people, friends or family. They closed the statement asking for understanding and respect in behalf of the media: “We ask for compassion and respect from the media and the public.”

The two go on with their public lives as before. Recently, Schwarzenegger announced that he will start collaboration with Stan Lee, the famous comic book writer. The looks and the elements in his personal life will be “borrowed” by a comic book superhero character named “The Governor”.  In addition to that, he got pretty busy signing contacts with several films he will star in, including the series that made him famous: Terminator.

Jessica Simpson Walks Half Naked

Sexy blonde singer and actress Jessica Simpson was seen last week wearing a green oversized sweater, accessorized with an animal print bag and blue platforms and NOTHING ELSE. She was walking the streets of Beverly Hills apparently half naked, because there was nothing seen underneath that sweater.

Fashion critics say that Jessica got a little bit too comfortable in that green turtleneck sweater that she is wearing since 2005 (we don’t know if it’s the same sweater, or the same model). was asking if she is possibly trying to start a new trend, replacing the common jersey dress with the “king size” sweater. Omg! believes the look is poor and has nothing to do with trends or fashion in general and it would have been better suited with a pair of long jeans or shorts that are at least visible. In addition, they say that the heels are too much and the purse likewise.

I am no fashion expert, but I feel like the sweater “screams” for something underneath it. It is too short for a dress and I don’t even think she meant for it as a dress (what was she thinking anyway?). In my opinion, she just wanted to say “I can wear anything and still look good”. I don’t like the combination of those color shades (electric blue and swamp green). The purse might go with the shoes or with the sweater, but not wth both of them at the same time.The overall look appears improvised like when you go to a party and someone spill wine all over your outfit and you cannot go home naked, so you borrow something from the host. This time, the host isn’t very fashionable and all she has is a big sweater.

Jessica Simpson has been criticized before for her mom jeans choice at a concert and for some extra pounds. She explained in a later Oprah appearance that they made her look fatter than she really was. Well, then it’s clear, Jessica has to change her dressing habits. When you have the body of a goddess, why ruin the image with some awful clothing? Especially when you have a fashion brand that sells like hotcakes.