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Lady Gaga Tops Forbes Celebs 100 List

Forbes Magazine has released the annual Celebs 100 list, where it included the most powerful celebrities in show business in the last year. The icons have earned a total of 4.5 billion dollars in the last 12 months. And Lady Gaga alone made 90 million dollars.

This year’s Forbes Top 100 Most Powerful Celebrities is taken over by Lady Gaga. The No. veteran Oprah, has only given this sport only 3 times in the last 7 years. She earned over 90 million dollars with a monster tour and with the help of her Facebook fans and her Twitter followers 32 million people on Facebook and 9.5 million people on Twitter helped her new single “Born This Way” boost with 1 million digital downloads. She also sold Monster headphones and Virgin Mobile phones that can be seen in her video.

In second place we can find the media mogul Oprah, who earned 290 million dollars last year. This year she is 25 million dollars short, mainly because of the reduced payday at SiriusXM.

On number 3, we find teenage singer Justin Bieber. At just 17 years old, he has made it to the Top3 of the list. He cashed in 53 million dollars from concerts he held over the past 12 months, and 100million dollars from a 3d documentary movie at the global box office. Bieber was an internet sensation from the beginning. His first hit single “Baby” has established a new YouTube record, as it was viewed 500 million times.

Top 10 includes the following other celebrities like Elton John, Taylor Swift and Tiger Woods. The sports star has earned 75 million dollars last year. He has been losing a lot of money since the revealing of his infidelities and he aso withdrew from The Players Championship. But he still has its sponsors, Nike and EA Entertainment.
Taylor Swift is at no.7 and Elton John ranks #5.

The complete top 10 includes:

10. Lebron James – 48 million dollars
9. Simon Cowell – 90 million dollars
8. Bon Jovi – 125 million dollars
7. Taylor Swift – 45 million dollars
6. Tiger Woods – 75 million dollars
5. Elton John – 100 million dollars
4. U2 – 195 million dollars
3. Justin Bieber – 53 million dollars
2. Oprah Winfrey – 290 million dollars
1. Lady Gaga – 90 million dollars

The Reason Behind Schwarzenegger – Shriver Split Is A Child

Arnold Schwarzenegger and wife Maria Shriver have announced their separation last week, but wouldn’t give details on the cause. Now, it’s all out. Former California governor has a child with a member of his household staff, reported Associated Press.


The press agency received a statement of the actor and political figure Arnold Schwarzenegger from Times, which said that he told his wife about the event that occurred more than ten years ago. “After leaving the governor’s office I told my wife about this event, which occurred over a decade ago” he said. After the confession, made to his wife after stepping down from the governor position, she decided very quickly to leave the house they were living in as a family. They only announced their separation a few days ago, on May 9. Together, they said that they were breaking up after 25 years of marriage.

In his latest statement to the press, Schwarzenegger expresses his feelings of guilt towards his family “I understand and deserve the feelings of anger and disappointment among my friends and family”, he said deeply affected. “There are no excuses and I take full responsibility for the hurt I have caused. I have apologized to Maria, my children and my family. I am truly sorry.”  He then asked the media to respect the privacy of his children and future ex wife “through this difficult time”. He stated that he accepts the criticism of the media and the public as he knows he did something hard to forgive

Then Maria Shriver issued a personal statement saying that it is a painful moment in her life and she asks the media to respect the privacy of this event and to be compassionate about the situation. “As a mother, my concern is for the children” she added and said that she and them are trying to “rebuild their lives and heal”. She then concluded sayinf she will have no further comment on the matter.

This Tuesday, their son Patrik, who is 17, posted a moving message on Twitter: “some days you feel like s—, some days you want to quit and just be normal for a bit, yet i love my family till death do us apart”. Still, Schwarzenegger’s son signed as Patrick Shriver.

Although The Times didn’t give the name of the woman in the staff, it said the she has been working for the family for 20 years andshe resigned this January.

Colin Farrell’s Son and Angelman Syndrome

Colin Farrell’s 7 year-old-son was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome a few years ago, before turning 4. Colin says the diagnosis was first presumed by the doctors because of the child’s fascination with water.

The sexy Irish Hollywood star opened up about his son’s condition in October 2007 in an interview to Irish Independent.  He gave details on the condition and how they found out about it and he mentioned that he feels incredibly blessed to have him in his life.

On this Friday’s Ellen DeGeneres show, the actor told her that his son James is “kind of obsessed with water”. He mentioned that he is not a very good swimmer, but he loves to be in the water or around water. “It’s one of the characteristics of the condition that he has”.

The diagnosis was put by James’s doctor by accident. One day, the doctor saw him and the boy appeared to be in a very good mood. Maybe too good. So the doctor asked Farrell and the mother of the child, Kim Bordernave, if James is always that happy. They said yes. The next question was “And how does he feel about water?”  They said he was fascinated by it. It was after this confirmation that the doctor advised them to test the boy for Angelman Syndrome.

Angelman Syndrome (AS) is a condition that has no cure at present. It is a neuro-genetic disorder that has the following characteristics: delay in intellectual development, delay in physical development, sleep disturbance, seizures, hand flapping, smiling and laughing frequently, minimal use of speech, hyperactivity, attention deficit, sometimes strabismus, prominent mandible, flat back of the head, or smooth palms. The condition is caused by the erasure or inactivation of the chromosome 15 inherited from the mother, while the one inherited from the father, even if normal, is silenced.

People with AS are sometimes called angels, because of their generally happy innocent mood. Colin talks about his son like he was truly and angel. At the age of 4, when h took the first step, “there wasn’t a dry eye in the house” he said. Plus, he added that there isn’t much to spoil the boy’s good mood. “If James gets upset at home I can get a pot and put some water in it. It’s really beautiful because water is such a pure element.”

Ricki Lake Writes Her Memoirs

Talk show host and actress Ricki Lake has signed with Atria Books for a book about herself which is due to be released in the spring of 2012. The 42-year-old Lake is expected to appear on the small screen again in the fall of 2012 with a new talk show.

The plans of writing a memoir are at the very beginning. Atria’s representatives stated that the book doesn’t even have a title yet, but the story will be like an emotional rollercoaster ride “through the glum and the glamour”. It will include the actress’s career life in detail as well as aspects of her personal life.

Born in September 1968, Ricki Pamela Lake comes from a Jewish family. Her mother was a common housewife and her father was a pharmacist. She grew up in New York and attended Ithaca College.

Her professional acting career debuted with the role in the original Hairspray movie in 1988, where she got the role of Tracy Turnblad, the lead character. She then starred in numerous movies, such as Working Girl in 1988, Cookie, Baby Cakes and Last Exit To Brooklyn in 1989, Cry-Baby in 1990, Inside Monkey Zetterland in 1992, Skinner in 1993, Serial Mom in 1994, Mrs. Winterbourne in 1996, Park in 2006. She got a role in the 2007 version of Hairspray ( w. John Travolta), where she was the talent agent. She was executive producer of the movie “The Business of Being Mom” in 2008.
She won an Independent Spirit Award for Best female Lead in Hairspray in 1989 and a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Host in her talk show, Ricki Lake, in 1994.

Despite her success as a career woman, Ricki Lake opened up about her abusive childhood. “I was a victim of childhood sexual abuse” she said back in 2007 while talking about her weight problems. She said she had been in therapy and had worked on her personal problems for years. “I didn’t talk about it for, like, 15 or 20 years.” She continued, explaining that she wanted to pretend it didn’t really happen to her. After the abuse she started gaining weight and was once 260 pounds. Lake said she never confronted her abuser but when she told her parents about what had happened, the abuser disappeared rapidly from her life.

These days a heavy weight has lifted from her body and hopefully, it will be lifted from her chest, too, when he will get to put on paper all the things that she has been through.

Jin Akanishi Plans To Conquer America

Japanese Pop Star Jin Akanishi went global last year in a world tour called Yellow Gold, which has proven to be a success. A few months ago he went on to pursuing his American dream: he got a role in a Hollywood film with Keanu Reeves and he signed a contract with songwriter Jason Derulo for his next album.

When artists want to become stars they go to Hollywood. When they want to go global, they go to the U.S. This is the recipe. If you make it in America in show business, you made it across the planet. But the road is not easy. There are many examples of American singers that, for instance, had Europe at their feet and still weren’t popular at home. One example would be the famous boyband Backstreet Boys. They were hitting the charts in UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and all the other European countries. They had fan clubs all over the place and girls would scream and faint at their concerts. Still, in America they haven’t broken the ice until years later.

Japan has exported many talents in show industry in the latest years. When Ken Watanabe starred in The Last Samurai as Matsumoto, the leader of a samurai legion protecting the Emperor against western invasion, he didn’t even speak English very well. Since then has been cast in many films, including and Memoirs of a Geisha and Inception. But now, a new generation of Japanese talented artists is rising.

The film “47 Ronin”, which is currently under production, cast 26-year-old Jin Akanishi in the role of Chikara Oishi, the son of the ronin army leader Oishi (played by Hiroyuki Sanada). The movie tells a real story from Japan’s feudal history. A group of samurai seek to revenge their assassinated master. Without lord Asano, there are now wanderers (ronin). In the American version of the story, they plan an assault with the help of Kai (Keanu Reeves), in order to kill their master’s assassin. This will be Jin’s first role in a Hollywood movie and possibly the beginning of a promising career path.

On the other hand, he didn’t forget about his music. After his successful tour last year, he is planning on releasing an album in both English and Japanese. The albums are in the care of the mega-groups Warner Music and Warner Music Japan. His album will include song featuring Jason Derulo and will be produced by J.R. Rotem, who also worked with Rihanna at “SOS” and Lil’ Kim at “Whoa”. Now, it’s only a matter of America being conquered or seduced by Jin.

Is Kutcher Replacing Sheen in “Two And A Half Men”?

Recently, Access Hollywood reported that Ashton Kutcher got a part in the famous series “Two And A half Men” airing on CBS. Could he be replacing veteran of the show, Charlie Sheen?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, two sources have claimed that Kutcher is finalizing a deal to join the show. Although he is not allowed to say anything yet about the matter, Ashton found a way to sneak out some information, confirming in a more subtle manner his implication in the series. On Thursday night he left a message on his Twitter page saying “what’s the square root of 6.25?”. If you have a mathematician’s brain you already figured out the answer. If not, grab a calculator. Either way, the answer found will be 2.5.

Access Hollywood contacted CBS and asked more information about the possible “new arrival”, but the representatives had no comments. The production company that makes the show, Warner Bros. was also contacted about the speculation and again, there were no answers. Then, Access Hollywood tried to contact Charlie Sheen. His representative was as empiric as the television channel and the production company. Nobosy says anything yet.

Recent sources have unveiled that there was another big actor invited to join the series. We will give you some hints: English accent, stylish, blue eyes, funny. Did you guess? It’s Hugh Grant. Unfortunately, he didn’t think it was the kind of show that would benefit his image or who know what reasons he had to turn down the offer, taking into account that he was offered a huge sum of money to join the cast of “Two And A Half Men”.

If Ashton Kutcher is going to join the team of 2.5, it is not clear whether he is going to just replace Charlie Sheen’s character or if he will be someone new. The Hollywood Reporter magazine states that the creator of the show, Chuck Lorre, has already written a storyline for the handsome former “Punk’d” star.
Ringside Report says that a source that didn’t want to be mentioned contacted them and told them that Charlie Sheen is not very happy about losing his job to Kutcher.
CBS and Warner Bros. are facing a two edged sword: Two And A Half Me was known as Charlie Sheen’s show. Will Kutcher be good enough for the audience? The public can either love him or hate him to death. Good thing, Kutcher is pretty funny and talented himself.

John Galliano, 6 Months In Prison For Anti-Semitism

Fashion designer John Galliano could spend up to 6 months in jail if found guilty for the anti-Semitic insults on his June 22nd trial, reports Reuters.

Fashion faces crisis. One of the most impressive visionaries of haute couture fashion, John Galliano is facing trial. The accuses that are brought to him are racist insults to Jewish people. A few months ago, in February, the fashion designer was in a trendy bar having some drinks and at one point he said he loved Adolf Hitler. He also threw anti – Semitic insults to two people in the bar. The whole scene was filmed and, in March, the video was made public. In the capture, John Galliano could be seen abusing some of the people in the bar and saying that he loved Hitler.

“I love Hitler. People like you would be dead today. Your mothers, your forefathers would be f***ing gassed and f***ing dead.” Apparently he was talking to two women. At first they were amusing themselves, but at one point, after the rough comment, one of them got angry and said to him “Do you have a problem?”. He then answered “With you? You’re ugly”. The discussion carried on, we don’t know for how long, but the video found on Youtube lasts less than one minute.. After the abusive comments shown above, Galliano continued to swear and calling “ugly” the woman. It was very clear that he had a bit to much to drink.

After the accusations brought by the two abused fellow drinkers, there came a third person that claimed to have been the victim of a similar abuse last year, in October.

Until now, the outburst already cost Galliano his job at Dior, where se was working over the last decade. He was first suspended and then, after the video appeared, he was fired. Some people say it was fired too fast, other say it took Dior too long. Firing Galliano was not a pleasure for the luxury brand. This was, in fact a big hit for the House of Dior. At this point, there are no new about who is going to replace the eccentric designer.

Sidney Toledano, chief executive stated that it was no hurry to announce a new name. This could mean that they didn’t even find a replacement.

If found guilty, John Galliano may face up to 6 months behind bars and a fine of over 22,000 euros (approximately 31,000 dollars).

Is Dior waiting for the finality of the case? If found not guilty, will it give Galliano a second chance? Somehow, the show must go on!

How Do Male Celebrities Stay In Shape: Garrett Hedlund

Find out how one of these days’ most popular Hollywood males works out. Garrett Hedlund wasn’t always weighing 200 pounds. Today we are stepping into the virtual world, where everything is possible.

The characters can be perfectly beautiful of unbelievably ugly, the places are either luxurious or dark and terrifying and everything in this world can be shaped up. Including the bodies. Some of us, when entering a virtual world (of a game or a social network) pretend to be better – taller, smarter, cleaner, richer and so on. But what happens when, even in the virtual word, you have to put yourself out there? You start working out.

Garrett Hedlund – The cowboy turned action hero
You can see Garrett Hedlund in his latest movie, Tron: Legacy. He is Sam, the son of a mastermind in cybernetics, who created a parallel universe similar to a video game and has been taken prisoner by his own creation. Sam was only a child when his father disappeared. As a grown up, he turned into a rebel. One day, though, he receives a sign that his father might not be gone after all.
What’s interesting about Garrett Hedlund and this movie is the fact that when you see him act, he looks perfect: perfect muscle, perfect proportions, perfect overall look. For this look, he struggled a lot. When auditioning for the role he was much skinnier. So he had to workout a lot. Threatened by a skintight suit, he began his workout with a former Navy SEAL trainer, that tells Men’s Health how the workouts went:
“Garrett didn’t repeat any workouts, which helped keep him engaged” he said.
This was very important for both eliminating the routine as well as for getting in 9 weeks the results that normally show in 40 weeks.

Garrett had the body tonus from his previous workout program which consisted in daily 2.2 miles jogging, followed by what he called “living-room prison workout”, where he followed the example of inmate workouts: pushups, sit-ups, squats, pull-ups and more.
In order to gain more muscle, with the help of professional training he turned to a set of exercises with no break in between: bear crawls, tire drags and box jumps. In addition, he did overhead presses to gain strength in his shoulders.

Garrett has always been attracted by sports. Growing up in Minnesota, on a farm, he developed a strong will of being put in the open and being fit. When in school, he had this idea that he wanted to be the best runner. So he started chasing cows. Whenever a cow would get scared of something and would run away from the herd, he would run as fast as he could to bring her back. This, as his first type of workout brought him the title of the best runner at his school.

Angelina Jolie Tattoos Brad Pitt On Her Arm

Hollywood sex symbol Angelina Jolie reveals to that the latest tattoo, a new set of coordinates on her upper left arm is the birth place of husband Brad Pitt.

This last month Angelina Jolie appeared in public with her new tattoo, which was a set of geographical coordinates placed right under those of her children. Jolie has made a habit of tattooing the coordinates of each of her children’s birth place. So showing up with a brand new one had press speculating that she might have adopted a new baby. But Angie clear everything out: “Well if they know that it’s latitude and longitude they would have figured out quickly that it was Brad’s birthplace. It’s Shawnee, Oklahoma”.

Angelina Jolie is known for her appetite for tattoos. She is one of the most tattooed female actresses in Hollywood. Here is a brief list of her inked body art:

• The first tattoo she ever had ( and that now is replaced) was the Japanese symbol for “death” placed on her left shoulder blade. For her it was a reminder of living life to the fullest. Now, it is covered by the the tattoo made in honor of her son, Maddox.
• Another tattoo that she doesn’t have anymore is the symbol of courage, inked on her right arm. As her ex husband Johnny Lee Miller had a matching one, she had hers erased.
• The Bengal Tiger is probably the largest tattoo that she has. It covers other tattoos that she had done, like a dragon and a window. It is 12-inch long, 8-inch wide. She had it done in Bangkok in 2004 on July 8. the session lasted 2 hours. The tattoo artist, Sompong Kanhphai, blessed the tiger after finishing it with a  chanting of an ancient hymn.
• A phrase written in gothic letter saying “know your rights” on her upper back
• A Buddhist incantation that is written in traditional Knmer script
• An Arabic tattoo that means “determination” and is placed on her right arm
• A Tennessee William quote saying “A prayer for the wild at heart, kept in cages” on her left arm
• A cross tattoo on her hip
• The letter “H” on her wrist

And, of course, the tattoo of the geographical coordinates that represent the place in which her children entered her life. Years ago, Angie stated that she will never be “be stupid enough to have a man’s name tattooed on me again”. Well, she only said “name” …

Bristol Palin Writes Her Memoirs

Although it might be considered a big step for such a young girl, at 20 years old Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin’s daughter plans to write about her own life experiences, star in a TV series and enjoy a new chapter in her life

In March, Bristol Palin signed a contract with William Morrow from HarperCollins for publishing her memoirs. The book will be found in stores under the name “Not Afraid of life.” The publisher released a press announcement at the beginning of the month , describing the book as going “beyond the headlines, offering readers an inside look at her life, her world, and the things that matter most, including her family and the faith that keeps her centered.”

In the book, readers will get the chance to find out how her life as a child in Alaska was, how the political rise of her famous mother influenced her perspective and her experiences and of course, how was her life as a single mother and how was the relationship with the father of her child, Levi Johnston.

And at this point this is only one of the projects she is working on.  A the end of  this year she will star in a reality TV show on Bio Channel. She is currently getting used to look a little different, after she underwent a jaw constructing surgery that has been making her miserable for years. She says that as a kid, she had to wear braces plus a device that had to correct her bite. And despite all this, the doctor told her that in the future she would have to take into consideration the idea of constructive surgery. So, at 20 years of age, she did. She appeared with the newly corrected jaw on April 30 at an official event in Washington D.C.

She told the press that it wasn’t a plastic surgery, but a pure medical corrective one. She also added that she would never consider plastic surgery, unless she had a serious situation, like an accident. Nevertheless, the surgery she had done also offered some esthetical improvement: cheeks look higher, the chin looks narrower and Palin says she is really happy with the results. She is glad to have got rid of the round baby face, as she looks much skinnier now.

The book, the reality TV series and the new face mark a new chapter in Bristol Palin’s life.