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Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Twins Remain in the Hospital

Beyonce and Jay-Z have recently welcomed their twins, a baby boy and a baby girl. Of course, the two famous stars are very happy to be parents for the second time, as they already have a daughter, Blue Ivy. However, it seems that delivering twins has not been so simple and actually the babies will have to remain in hospital to get the right medical care for some alleged minor issues.

Some family sources claimed according to TMZ that doctors do not feel very comfortable for the moment to release the family from the hospital and this means that the newborns will remain under medical care although they have almost a week. So, it has been claimed that Beyonce gave birth about one week ago. The nature of the issues experienced by the babies has not been revealed.

TMZ claimed that the babies were born on Monday, June 12, in a Los Angeles hospital. The celebrity site revealed that given that doctors do not feel comfortable in releasing the babies, Beyonce will also remain in the hospital. However, sources claimed that the famous singer is doing fine. Insiders also said that the babies are “expected to be okay as well,” meaning that most likely they are not dealing with something very serious and this is just a precautionary measure.

At this point it remains unclear when Beyonce and her twins will be released from the hospital and if everything will be fine. The famous couple has provided no official statements or comments on any of the reports regarding their babies. The pair has not confirmed the name of their twins or their sex, either. The only one to confirm the fact that Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed their babies was the singer’s father, Mathew Knowles, who shared a message on Instagram to confirm that the babies are here.

However, most likely a lot of rumors will emerge in the upcoming period.

Kris Jenner Planning to Expose Caitlyn Pictures?

The war between Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner is definitely still on. The two, who used to be married before Caitlyn’s transition from Bruce Jenner, have been feuding over the claims that Caitlyn made in her memoir book, which allegedly is her story and the story of her identity struggle.

In the book, Caitlyn claimed that Kris knew all along about her identity struggle and she also accused her former wife of keeping all the money made from the very successful television show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Well, now a new report has claimed that Kris actually plans on exposing Caitlyn and some of her most embarrassing photos.

So, this is actually said to be a way for Kris to get revenge on Caitlyn for her accusations against Kris in the autobiography The Secrets of My Life. An insider talking to Radar Online claimed that Kris plans on revealing some explosive secrets involving Caitlyn and some embarrassing photos of her. “Kris despises Caitlyn, and wants to destroy her with all the embarrassing photos she can find and revelations she can think of,” the source said. “She’s held back a ton of stuff about Bruce’s kinky, controlling ways as well as her angry incidents and bizarre fetishes,” the same insider added.

The source also explained that the Kardashian girls are very much involved in this. Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian will be helping their mother win this feud and stop Caitlyn from making all those bad comments about Kris. The report has not been confirmed.

Meanwhile, it seems that Caitlyn has spent a great time with her two daughters, Kylie and Kendall. The three celebrated father’s day in Beverly Hills, as they were spotted attending a car show on Rodeo Drive. The three seemed to be enjoying a great time. On the other hand, Kris posted a photo on Instagram to praise men on father’s day, and of course Bruce Jenner was not in the pic. The pic featured Kris’ former husband Robert Kardashian, her son Rob, as well as her son in-law Kanye West and Scott Disick, the former boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian.

Cameron Diaz is Focusing on her Family

Famous actress Cameron Diaz revealed that she is now focusing on her family life. The star admitted that she decided to give up her career to be able to focus on her marriage. The famous actress made these revelations during a new interview during Goop’s Wellness Summit.

So, Cameron decided to talk during this interview both about her marriage and about her reasons in wanting to stay away from the spotlight in the past few years. Without a doubt, Cameron has been very private recently and the actress claimed that her absence from the spotlight was actually a way to make herself “whole.” Cameron’s last movie appearance dates back to 2014 when she starred in the movie Annie.

“I just went, ‘I can’t really say who I am to myself,’ which is a hard thing to face up to. I felt the need to make myself whole,” the actress said. Cameron is currently married to Benji Madden and it seems that the two are so happy together that this is all that Cameron needs. “I think it’s a matter of I just hadn’t met my husband, you know? I had boyfriends before. And there’s a really, really distinct difference between husbands and boyfriends,” she went on to say.

Cameron also talked about the deep bond between her and her husband. “And I have a husband who is just my partner in life and in everything,” the actress said. “Talk about two very different people! We are so different from one another, but we share the same values–we’re totally two peas in a pod,” she went on to add.

Well, it is safe to say that Cameron has not starred in any new movie since she and Benji married. The two wedded in 2015. The wedding was quite unexpected as it actually took place about seven months after Cameron and Benji started dating. “We are both just weird enough for each other. We women are objectified so much,” she explained. “Somehow my husband has just been able to kind of show me what it’s like not to have that be a part of a relationship, and being an equal. I never experienced that before. I’d never been loved in that way. I look at him every day and he inspires me–he works so hard. I feel so lucky,” the actress concluded.

Katy Perry Says She Had Suicidal Thoughts

Katy Perry made a really curious and emotional statement. The star actually revealed she had suicidal thoughts. The famous singer started crying while speaking to a therapist about her struggle during a live stream aiming to celebrate her latest studio album, Witness.

Katy talked to Dr. Siri Sat Nam and said she had some suicidal thoughts in the past. The famous singer could hardly contain her emotions, so she burst into tears as she was talking about her personal struggles. “I feel ashamed that I would have those thoughts, feel that low or that depressed. I wrote that song ‘By the Grace of God’ because I do believe in something much bigger than me and I call that god for me,” Katy revealed. “You can be right or you can be loved. I just want to be loved,” the famous singer added.

Katy also decided to share something about her childhood and the way in which she was raised up and taught. The popular singer claimed that she recently learned how to hug because she actually thought it was too intimate. “I didn’t realize that’s not everybody’s intention,” she said. The famous singer did not only talk about her personal struggles, but she also decided to talk a little bit about her former boyfriends.

So, in an interview with James Corden, Katy talked about her former boyfriends, including John Mayer, Orlando Bloom and Diplo. The star was asked to rank these famous men. “They’re all amazing lovers, and I want to have sex with all of them after I get out of this place,” the singer said. Katy basically said that John Mayer was her number one. She also claimed that the man behind her song The One That Got Away was actually Josh Groban.

“He’s one of my good friends,” Katy said. “I love him so much. He’s the best,” she went on to add. Katy also revealed in another interview that she is ready to leave her feud with Taylor Swift behind. “I forgive her and I’m sorry for anything I ever did, and I hope the same from her,” Katy said.

Did Alex Rodriguez Cheat on Jennifer Lopez?

Until now, things seemed to be working really well in the relationship of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. However, that may have ended, as some new reports have claimed that Alex has actually cheated on his famous girlfriend.

The National Enquirer reported that Alex cheated on J Lo with a glamorous fitness model, as the two enjoyed some hotel hookups and phone sex. The report claimed that this model, Lauren Hunter, revealed the details of her meetings with Alex. The National Enquirer said that Lauren told them that she first met Alex in 2011. Lauren also said that Jennifer should have never believed that Alex is faithful to her.

“I don’t think he’s sexually attracted to her,” Lauren said about Jennifer Lopez. “In bed with J.Lo, he’s probably picturing me. He likes me to always wear heels and lingerie and outfits, dress up as a schoolgirl. All the things I would do with him I wouldn’t do with anyone else,” she went on to add.

“Everything about him is passionate and loving and sweet, he’ll kiss your hair and cuddle. But sex is not soft and gentle, he’s rough. He is good in bed, and well endowed; he’s circumcised! I don’t think he’s ever made love to anybody, ever. He disconnects, his problems take over,” the woman also said. She also claimed that Alex likes threesomes and revealed that she had done this with him.

Lauren also claimed that Alex likes to be jealous, as this is something that turns him on and claimed that he constantly asks her to talk about sexual moments. She also said that Jennifer Lopez should never marry Alex Rodrigues. “I would never marry him,” she said.

Well, this is not the only new thing that has been claimed about Jennifer and Alex. Another report has actually said that Ben Affleck is interested in Jennifer Lopez and wants her back. The two dated years ago and In Touch claimed that he is trying to rekindle things with the famous singer. None of these claims has been confirmed for the moment.

Amber Heard and Elon Musk to Get Married?

According to some new rumors, things are working perfectly well in the relationship between Elon Musk and Amber Heard. The rumors are saying that the two stars plan on getting married soon. Amber and Elon have been linked since last year, but they only confirmed their relationship in April.

The new report shared by OK! claimed that Amber and Elon plan on buying a house together in Los Angeles and have been talking about getting married. The same report said that the two are very much in love and are no longer trying to hide their romance from the public. The two stars were previously linked by various reports, but they made things official when they shared a photo together on Instagram.

The new report claimed that Amber and Elon want to move in together as soon as possible. “They’re planning on buying a house together in LA and are even talking marriage,” a source said. The same insider claimed that Elon does not care that Amber had a very messy divorce and that a lot of things have been said about her when she was legally separating from famous actor Johnny Depp.

“He could care less about her reputation and trusts her implicitly,” the insider explained. “It’s gone very fast, very quickly, but they’re both convinced this is a relationship for the long term,” it went on to add. The source also said that Elon really likes Amber and the two are very happy together. “Amber’s got a good guy in Elon, who’s totally besotted by Amber. She played it right. She made him work to win her and he proved to her that he’s worthy.”

If the rumors will be confirmed or not is something yet to be found out. As imagined, the two stars have not talked about any of these claims.

Shia LaBeouf Sued for Defamation and Assault

Famous actor Shia LaBeouf is dealing with some new legal issues. The Hollywood star was just sued for defamation and assault. It seems that the case is linked to a bowling alley fight. The popular actor got involved in a fight with a bartender, David Bernstein.

It seems that it all started with a verbal altercation because the man refused to serve the famous actor French fries and alcohol. So, this means that Shia LaBeouf is once again dealing with some legal problems because of his inability to stay away from problems and remain on the right path.

The fight allegedly took place last month in California. The bartender sued Shia claiming that the actor attacked him when he was no longer able to buy more alcohol. The incident happened at Jerry’s Famous Deli, in the Pinz Bowling Center. The bartender’s lawsuit said that not only that Shia attacked him, but he actually tried to incite “a predominately African-American crowd” against him by saying that the bartender was a racist.

The lawsuit includes both allegations of defamation and of assault. Unluckily for Shia, the whole incident between him and the bartender was caught on camera by people in the bar at the moment when it all occurred. In one of the videos, the actor is seen screaming at the bartender and being very upset because he refused to serve him French fries. People in the bar claimed that Shia drank a lot of beer for around three hours before the fight occurred.

“That’s whack! I’m asking you about french fries and you want to hit me in the head with a Grey Goose bottle!” the actor is heard saying in a video filmed in the bar. “He’s about to hit me with a Grey Goose bottle about french fries,” he said. “You f**king racist b***h! You f**ked up!”

TMZ reported that the bartender wants to obtain no less than $5 million in damages from the famous actor. Well, the lawsuit has just been filed, so it is yet to see if Shia will be able to solve this legal problem.

Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor Separate after 17 Years of Marriage

Another celebrity couple decided to end their marriage. Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor have just announced their split. The decision came as a shock considering that the two have been a married couple for no less than 17 years. The news was first reported by ET, which actually received a joint statement from Ben and Christine confirming the separation.

It seems that the split was amicable and Ben and Christine will remain close friends and will continue to co-parent their two children. “With tremendous love and respect for each other, and the 18 years we spent together as a couple, we have made the decision to separate,” the couple said in their joint statement. “Our priority will continue to be raising our children as devoted parents and the closest of friends. We kindly ask that the media respect our privacy at this time,” the statement added.

So, no other details were revealed at this point by the pair, meaning that it is yet unclear what their reason to separate is. For the moment, the ET report is the first one confirming the split. However, most likely new details will emerge in the near future.

Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor wedded back in 2000. The two stars met while working together to film a TV pilot. The show was never aired, but Ben and Christine won something more important, a life partner. The couple had a beautiful oceanfront ceremony in Kauai, Hawaii, and they seemed to be a perfect match. Ben said during an interview seven years after his marriage that he knew that Christine was the one since the moment when he met her. He also said that his wife was a great person.

Well, Christine and Ben did not only work well as a couple, but they actually worked together several times, starring in many movies together, including Zoolander and Zoolander 2, among others.

Chris Cornell Could have Used a Series of Drugs before Suicide

According to a new TMZ report, famous singer Chris Cornell might have used a series of drugs before his suicide a week ago. The star hanged himself in his hotel room and his body was discovered by his bodyguard. Initially it had been revealed that Chris took Ativan before he committed suicide, but now TMZ reported that the star had some fresh marks on his arm, which could indicate that he might have been under the influence of other drugs, as well.

TMZ cited some sources claiming that the tracks on Chris’ arms were “obvious.” And considering that the singer had a history of using drugs, there is no wonder that such claims emerged. However, some toxicology tests are being made on the star’s body, so it is yet to see if drugs will be found in his system.

An important aspect to mention is that Ted Keedick, Chris’ tour manager previously said that the star seemed “high” during the concert he held the day before his death. The singer’s wife claimed that Chris took “an extra Ativan or two” before he was found dead in his room. She said that he seemed sad when she talked to him on the phone, and she suspected something might be wrong this is why she asked Chris’ bodyguard to check on him.

Vicky Cornell has opened up in a letter to her late husband, saying that he was the best father and husband. “You had always said I saved you, that you wouldn’t be alive if it were not for me. My heart gleamed to see you happy, living and motivated. Excited for life. Doing everything you could to give back. We had the time of our lives in the last decade and I’m sorry, my sweet love, that I did not see what happened to you that night,” the letter said.

Vicky also said that she was sorry Chris was alone. The letter went on to add that Vicky will “think of you every minute of every day and I will fight for you. You were right when you said we are soulmates. It has been said that paths that have crossed will cross again, and I know that you will come find me, and I will be here waiting.”

Karrueche Tran Loses Court Battle against Chris Brown

Karrueche Tran, who dated famous singer Chris Brown for quite some time, did not receive a permanent restraining order against Brown, despite her explicit request. The reason why the request was denied is linked to the fact that Karrueche failed to appear in court.

This does not mean that the star cannot get a permanent restraining order against Brown, but probably she will have to do more effort on that front. TMZ reported that Karrueche was supposed to be in court for the hearing, as she should have given certain details on her claims against Brown. She accused the popular singer of making a series of death threats and of physical abuse. However, the star was unable to be in court herself, as she was filming a new TV show in New Orleans.

Although she told the judge her side of the story over the phone, the judge decided that a ruling will not be made since Karrueche was not there in person. Karrueche was not the only one who failed to appear in court. We can surely say the same thing about Chris Brown, who did not show up for the court hearing, either.

Karrueche Tran received a temporary restraining order against the famous singer in February, 2017. She claimed then that Brown threatened to shoot her. However, that was not all. The star also said that Brown punched her in the stomach and pushed her down the stairs. Considering the allegations, she obtained a temporary restraining order against the singer. However, she filed the legal papers seeking to obtain a permanent order. She also said that Brown was very violent towards her. The case has not been finally concluded, and most likely a new decision will be made when Karrueche Tran will be able to appear in court.