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Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith’s Baby Album

A day in August! Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith were parents on February 20, 2021. They they have documented their newborn boy’s journey on Instagram ever since.

The This Is Us star announced the baby’s arrival via an intimate photo of the blue garment. “Gus is here,” The actress wrote on the photo on social media. “Our precious boy, August Harrison Goldsmith. He was on time and was just in time for his appointment for the joy of the parents. We were all set to get in love in all sorts of different ways, but it is beyond all we could ever imagined.”

Amanda, a New Hampshire native, whose full name is Amanda Amanda, was later to write later that day that she as well as Dawes star have “settled on” their newborn’s name months prior to the baby’s birth.

“For our anniversary in November, T gifted me with this [August] blanket with the ‘A’ (for Amanda) made from extra material from my wedding dress and ‘T’ (for Taylor) from his wedding shirt,” the singer posted on Instagram. “Felt like a fitting combination of our entire story. I’m excited to give this to our lovely August one day.”

The couple got married in November of 2018 at Los Angeles, one year after their engagement. The couple announced in September that they were planning to start the first of their families.

“Baby boy Goldsmith coming early 2021,” Moore captioned her Instagram announcement at the time.

In the Today program appearance two months after the Princess Diaries actress said that she was convinced that playing Rebecca Pearson on This Is Us has helped her prepare for becoming a mother.

“It’s funny, I mean having played a sort of matriarch of a family for the last five years and getting to sort of see children at various different chapters and stages, I feel like I’m as pseudo-prepared as I can be,” Moore told Hoda Kotb back in the month of November, 2020. “I’ve had babies and toddlers and I have adult children, so I’ve kind of gotten a pretty good taste and lay of the land.”

While filming for the NBC program, the pregnant model wore “very conspicuous costumes” to conceal her pregnancy, the actress said in the moment. “I’m sure you’ll see Rebecca carrying a lot of laundry baskets and oversized purses, god knows what, for the next couple of months.”

Continue scrolling to view the Emmy nominee’s most memorable moments with her her husband’s first child.

Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith's Baby August's Album for Son August Photos
Credit: Courtesy of Mandy Moore/Instagram

Baby Boy

August laid on blankets and slept in February 2021.

Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith's Baby August's Album for Son August Photos
Credit: Courtesy of Mandy Moore/Instagram

So I’m so

“We always loved the name,” Moore posted a caption to an Instagram post from February 2021.

Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith's Baby August's Album for Son August Photos
Credit: Courtesy of Mandy Moore/Instagram

Mini Milestone

“One week earthside,” she wrote in a caption alongside a picture of her son’s face in the month of February in 2021. “The most amazing week of my life. #thisisgus.”

Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith's Baby August's Album for Son August Photos
Credit: Courtesy Mandy Moore/Instagram

Love Life

“My whole heart,” Moore captioned a photo from March 2021. sleeping picture.

Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith's Baby August's Album for Son August Photos
Credit: Courtesy of Mandy Moore/Instagram

Too Tired

“Doesn’t get any better,” Moore posted a caption to an image from March 2021 on her Instagram Story photo of her son lying upon her body.

Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith's Baby August's Album for Son August Photos
Credit: Courtesy Mandy Moore/Instagram

Sweet in Stripes

Gus was wearing a striped onesie in the March 2021 Instagram Story photo.

Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith's Baby August's Album for Son August Photos
Credit: Courtesy Mandy Moore/Instagram

Fast Friends

“Inside jokes with this little guy for over three weeks,” Moore captioned the photo of her smiling baby boy in the month of March 2021.

Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith's Baby August's Album for Son August Photos
Credit: Courtesy Mandy Moore/Instagram

You go, Gus!

Moore along with her husband, celebrated their baby boy’s 1 month birthday on the 20th of March, 2021. “A little tummy time and some Roger Miller on his one month birthday,” Moore captioned the Instagram Stories video that showed the baby sleeping in his crib. “We love Gus! Gus!! !” As Goldsmith stroked his son’s back as the infant moved his head upwards, Moore was heard to say “You did it right, Gus. Yeah, bud.”

Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith's Baby August's Album for Son August Photos
Credit: Courtesy of Mandy Moore/Instagram

The Boy Daddy’s Boy

Moore was referred to as Goldsmith as well as the August “twins” in March 2021 via Instagram.

Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith's Baby August's Album for Son August Photos
Credit: Courtesy of Mandy Moore/Instagram

Giggling Guys

Moore spoke about Moore’s “two fave guys” in March 2021. She joked that Gus ought to “save some smiles for mom.”

Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith's Baby August's Album for Son August Photos
Credit: Courtesy of Many Moore/Instagram

Driving Day

Gus did not sleep through the first trip on his own March 2021.

Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith's Baby August's Album for Son August Photos
Credit: Courtesy of Mandy Moore/Instagram

Cuddle Time

“My fav part of every day,” the “Only Hope” singer wrote on Instagram Stories in April, as her adorable son sat in her outdoor space.

Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith's Baby August's Album for Son August Photos
Credit: Courtesy of Instagram/Mandy Moore

Bathing Boy!

“He may be @taylordawesgoldsmith’s twin but he sure does love a bath, just like his mama,” the actress captioned a new photo in April 2021.

A Bonding Moment With Her Boy

“Me and my guy,” Moore captioned an April 2021 Instagram Story photo of herself breastfeeding Gus.

Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith's Baby August's Album for Son August Photos
Credit: Courtesy of Mandy Moore/Instagram

Mae Mae

Gus played in the company of Hilary Duff’s child Mae in the month of May 2021.

Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith's Baby August's Album for Son August Photos
Credit: Courtesy of Mandy Moore/Instagram


“That’s a wrap on season 5,” the actress announced in the May 2021 Instagram Story video while wearing complete makeup to portray the This Is Us character. “Now I’m just feeding my child. I hope he’s not gonna need therapy for this later.”

Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith's Baby August's Album for Son August Photos
Credit: Courtesy Mandy Moore/Instagram

Glasses Guy

“It’s the privilege of my life to be your mom, Goosey,” the actress wrote on Instagram as she celebrated Mother’s Day 2021. “The past 11 weeks have unlocked a love so immediate — one I never knew possible.”

Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith's Baby August's Album for Son August Photos
Credit: Courtesy of Mandy Moore/Instagram

Bookworm Baby

“Better than anything,” Moore wrote in the caption of an Instagram Story post from May 2021. Instagram Story photo of Gus taking a look over Where the Wild Things Are.

Darling Drummer

In the month of May 2021, Moore and Goldsmith prepared their son “to be the percussionist in the family band.”

Where are the Wild Things Are

Moore expressed his delight in “how much Gus loves books already” in an Instagram Story post in May 2021. Instagram Story photo.

Cool and serene

Moore has praised her “sweet, mellow traveler” during a flight to August 2021.

Beach Boy

“Baby’s first dip in the Atlantic,” Moore captioned in an August 2021 Instagram post.

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Amid Vicki Gunvalson’s ongoing drama with ex-fiancé Steve Lodge

Supportive Housewives who are supportive. As Vicki Gunvalson was battling with her ex-fiance Steve Lodge, her Ultimate Girl’s Trip co-stars were back.

Dorinda Medley revealed exclusively to DailyGossip it was her staunch supporter of the 59-year old Real Housewives of Orange County star following the news of recent times.

“I mean, I think Vicki is struggling with the breakup — it’s six years,” Medley, 56 said to Us as she celebrated the release of David Quinn’s Not All Diamonds and Rose book in New York’s Capitale on the 19th of October, on Tuesday. “I believe that perhaps he wasn’t the most nice man in the end. you know? What person doesn’t like breaking up?”

It is reported that the Real Housewives of New York City alumni even mentioned that the cast enlisted for the Bravo show’s Ultimate Girl’s Trip attempted to clarify the issue while filming.

“I think we all try to warn her on the trip a little bit, but you know, love is truly blind,” the Massachusetts native said. “You know what they say: Strength stay in stands very close to foolishness.”

Just one week prior, Gunvalson and Tamra Judge accused Tamra Judge of having Lodge at 62 was cheating on the Bravo model with another woman who was younger.

“Get up @vickigunvalson and let’s to whoop it up. I’m sorry to see you sad there’s no reason to be sad girl. Particularly after the things you discovered the night before !” Judge, 54, posted on Instagram on October 5th, 15. “You are gorgeous and strong, and you’re clever! Don’t let anyone tell you anything other (I am screening every guy who are interested in dating Gunvalson. Gunvalson in the future).”

She added in her post, “New show idea: “filling up Vicki’s love tank” as we travel the city in a van for the family in search of Mr. Right. Whooping on the road .”

Gunvalson was, for her part she replied to her RHOC co-stars, “Thanks Tamra. Yes I’m passing the baton to you. My picker has clearly been not. … Remove Steve If you’re.”

The speculation began to swirl about Vicki, the “Whoop It Up with Vicki” podcast host later claimed on Instagram, “While I was away on a business trip the host took her to my home in Mexico! He’s been spotted in my city in OC doing a lot of sexy things in public spaces. It’s disgusting.”

In a separate comment in a different post, in a different comment, the Coto Insurance founder claimed that Lodge “used” her and “lied to her,” writing “He’s been in a relationship with an older woman of 36 years and isn’t the person he claims to be. There is no way a Christian man would ever do the things he has done.”

After a few hours the politician hit back at the Bravo celebrity’s claims as untrue in a statement to Us that in an official statement “The total lies she’s posting on social media is shocking and dishonest, to put it mildly. However, I can’t say that I’m shocked.”

Lodge stated that the reality show model “should not be dragging Tamra or anyone else into her lies” following her Instagram posts, before concluding “With that being said, I still wish her all the best.”

Us had previously reported on September 28 , that the couple who had split had called off their engagement for two years after their meeting in 2016.

“This is what appeared for today’s ‘Vibe of the day’ … pretty appropriate for what I’m going through,” Gunvalson posted in an Instagram post a day later. “It’s been a whole day to to make a statement following the media began writing about Steve and me. The reports are true. The time is now for Steve and I to either move forward or to move on. And the two of us are … going forward.”

With reportage by Diana Cooper

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Dancing With the Stars’ Kylie Prew and JoJo Siwa – No longer a couple

Separately going about their lives. After just a year of being together, JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew have parted ways, DailyGossip confirms.

“JoJo and Kylie did break up,” an insider exclusively told Us. “Some [Dancing With the Stars] cast are aware about the breakup.”

The insider’s view is that the breakup of the teens was just two weeks in the past.

“Kylie stopped attending the show so she hasn’t been seen in the audience since they split,” the source says. “JoJo is focused on the contest and is giving it all. Even though it’s a tough moment for her but she’s handling DWTS extremely professionally, and smiling and giving her all. She does not want to disappoint her supporters.”

The source explains that, after the breakup, the former competitive dancerof 18 has grown close to DWTS her partner Jenna Johnson.

“Jenna’s like a big sister to [JoJo],” the source told Us and adds that her age of 27 is a sign that the So You Think You Can Dance star was “nothing to do” with the breakup.

The DWTS season 30 contestant initially was the subject of speculation over a breakup when she mentioned having difficult times in her personal life . an obscure Instagram post.

“This has been a WEEK,” the Dance Moms alumni wrote in the beginning of October. “My brain has never been so overwhelmed/overloaded with not only work but also personal life.”

After exuding praise about her appearance on DWTS The Nebraska native spoke about the roller-coaster ride of emotions she experienced.

“This week of my life has taught me SO much,” she wrote in her blog. “Live in the present moment. Smile however you can. Whatever you need to do to make you happy, go for it. … Although this week was one of the most difficult for me, due to so many motives, this week has also one of the most enjoyable. I am grateful for every moment my smile was a little brighter this week, and every smile I’ve had in the past one-hundred years.”

In her candid social media post that she “Kid in a Candy Store” singer outlined her tough week following her performance with season 26 mirrorball champs on DWTS on October 12, 12.

“The reason why I was able to overcome [my emotions] was because of my amazing coach [Johnson] and because of my dances this week,” Siwa said to DailyGossip and other journalists following the Disney Villains night of the ABC competition. “Everyone often says that dance is an escape. Dance is a space where you are able to express yourself and I’ve always thought”That’s just cheesy,” and dance is the where you can have fun and be yourself and do great and enjoy yourself. However, this week, I’ve discovered that it’s an opportunity to escape.”

She said that at the time, “What goes on in my life each day is something. But this week was extremely intense and something I’ve never been through or experienced before. It’s hard and challenging, but luckily, I’m blessed with a lot of good individuals in my world. I’m extremely fortunate to have a day where I was able the chance to be with my most beloved friend in rehearsals . We were able the chance to perform.”

Dancing With the Stars' Kylie Prew and JoJo Siwa Separated After Less than One year of Dating
Kylie Prew and JoJo Siwa Broadimage/Shutterstock

Siwa declared the week was “definitely” a week filled with highs and lows, saying, “But because of my family, because of this song [from DWTS’ Disney night performance], because of the show I’m on the other side of it.”

The Nickelodeon star announced her romance with Prew 18, who is just 18 than a month since she announced her love to her followers on social media in January. Siwa admitted her story on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in February that she was “the most amazing, wonderful, perfect, most beautiful girlfriend in the whole world.”

At the beginning, Siwa kept the Florida native’s identity secret However, the couple made Instagram officially a couple of months afterward.

“After being my best friend for over a year … I got to start calling this exceptional human my girlfriend,” she wrote in the caption of an Instagram photo of them at the moment. “Since since then, I’ve been the most happy I’ve ever had the pleasure of being! She truly is the most supportive, loving happy, secure, and the most perfect person on earth. And I’m privileged to call her my own!”

Dancing With the Stars' Kylie Prew and JoJo Siwa Separated After Less than One year of Dating
Courtesy of JoJo Siwa/Instagram

Siwa Prew, who first met Prew on the cruise ship in December 2020, has previously expressed her admiration for their relationship just eight months later, declaring she is “really, really happy and lucky” to be with “the most perfect girl in the world.”

The J Team star exclusively told Us in Augustthat “I believe we’re capable of communicating really effectively. In my opinion, our motives are sincere and we would like the same result from this relationship. You see that we desire to be together the rest of our lives and we just need to stay with one and each other. In my opinion, this is the reason why it works, don’t you think? I’ve never wanted to get older and meet someone in my life in this manner. I always wanted to meet someone who I felt in love with as a child.”

DailyGossip has asked Siwa for a response.

With the reporting of Diana Cooper

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The Bachelorette’s fans were divided over Ryan Fox’s breakup from the show during Season 18’s premiere

Is this not a reality show? The Bachelorette’s fans were divided over Ryan Fox’s abrupt departure from the show during Season 18’s premiere however Ryan Fox’s ex-girlfriend Brittany Creel hinted that his behaviour on screen appeared to have been “spot-on.”

The environmental expert of 30 years was caught red-handed on the Monday, October 19 episode when co-hosts Kaitlyn Bristowe, and Tayshia Adams found a folder stuffed with strategies that were pre-planned to win the love of Michelle Young. Although some viewers were skeptical that the notes were genuine, Brittany told DailyGossip exclusively that her ex-boyfriend “plans everything to the T” in the real world.

“I do believe all the docs were real,” she stated on the 20th of October. “He’s an extremely calculated individual. … The guy records every single thing. He is an Google Doc for just about anything you can imagine which he updates every day.”

Brittany stated that she California native “has one about himself,” saying to Us, “He puts feedback on [it] from previous relationships, as well as a dream girl doc for all the qualities his future spouse needs to have.”

Michelle who was 28, confronted Ryan about his game plan after being warned by Kaitlyn 36 and Tayshia 31. The Minnesota native was eventually able to send Ryan home prior to the first wedding ceremony. She concluded, “I am not OK with starting a relationship on red flags.”

Brittany started dating Ryan in February 2020 . Ryan and Brittany broke up in June. Following watching the drama unfold the night before, Brittany wasn’t surprised Ryan was exiled.

“I think Michelle eliminated him because she only wanted people who are genuine and there for the right reasons,” Brittany said to Us. “And based off of what she found she did not feel that Ryan fit that mold.”

However, she was “shocked” to see her former lover on the reality show since it was so from his normal surroundings.

“He usually doesn’t have much to say unless someone is actively trying to have a conversation with him,” Brittany explained and noted that the way Ryan “defended himself” about his notes was a behavior she was able to recognize.

When Michelle looked through Ryan’s file folders Ryan claimed that the documents were given to Ryan by the “friend’s wife” and that Ryan had never watched “more than two hours” of The Bachelorette. However, in 2020 Ryan was chosen to participate in Bachelor Live On Stage, signalling that he may be better acquainted with the show than he admitted to.

“He didn’t talk about wanting to [be on the show], necessarily,” Brittany remembered on Wednesday. “He took part in The Bachelor Live On Stage before we got together and did speak about how he turned down offers to appear present on The Bachelorette because of our relationship. We watched a show or two in a row, but it was not often.”

Ryan is, on the other hand is taking his initial departure from the show in a positive way. After the show’s premiere Ryan was seen laughing at his work through the form of an Instagram video, laughing, “Some morning light reading #bachelorette #bachelornation #notesboy.”

The Bachelorette airs on ABC Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

With reportage by Diana Cooper

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Adele and Rich Paul’s Relationship Timeline Relationship

He’s a lot like his! Adele is the singer who sings about emotional breakups however, in her actual life, she’s been much more than successful in finding love.

She Grammy award winner first seen with her partner, Rich Paul, in the month of July 2021, at game 5 in the NBA Finals. Although it was their first appearance in the public eye, a source informed DailyGossip that the couple were dating “for months” before the game.

“He’s very shy and keeps a low profile when they go out, whereas Adele is super sociable,” an insider said in a report that said the couple were able to remain unnoticed by socializing within the same circle. “The people they hang out with know them both personally already, so they don’t have to introduce each other, which is probably why nobody picked up on their relationship sooner.”

A few months later, the couple declared things Instagram official after they made things official when “Easy on Me” songstress posted a picture of the couple dressed for NBA superstar Anthony Davis’ wedding to Marlen P. (Paul who is an agent for sports is the representative for Davis along with Davis’ Los Angeles Lakers teammate LeBron James.)

“They’re very committed at this point and it’s hard to imagine they won’t be together for an extremely long time,” sources said to Us about Adele and her boyfriend in October 2021. They added that the couple “complement each other” very well. “She really feels like she hit the jackpot.”

This Oscar winner was before was married with Simon Konecki, with whom she welcomed her son Angelo in October of 2012. The couple announced their the quits in April 2019, after seven years of being together. They ended their divorce early 2021.

“I was just going through the motions and I wasn’t happy,” she said to Vogue about her marriage in the month of October 2021. “Neither of us has done any wrong. None of us hurt one the other, or did anything similar to that. It was simply that I wish my son could see me love me and to be loved by me. This is very important to me.”

The same conversation she also revealed that singer “Rolling in the Deep” performer revealed that she had been in contact with Paul many years prior to the time their relationship started. “He was always there, I just didn’t see him,” she said and added that they had a reunion at a gathering which was a “couple” of years earlier. “He danced. The other guys were waiting around. He was dancing around.”

The charismatic charm of the man is just one of the things that attracted Adele from the very beginning. “He’s always making her feel special and doesn’t have a single drop of selfishness or meanness in his body,” an insider said to Us in the month of October 2021.

Continue reading for a look back Adele and Paul’s romance that lasted for a lifetime:

Adele and Rich Paul's Timeline of Their Relationship In Their "Jackpot" Love romance
Credit: Phil Long/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

May 2021

In a profile that was published by The New Yorker, Paul said to an interviewer that he was “hanging out” with a “major pop star” that wasn’t identified. “I’m not dating, I’m single,” the agent stated. “Put that in the story.”

Adele and Rich Paul's Timeline of Their Relationship In Their "Jackpot" Love romance
Credit: Jim Ruymen/UPI/Shutterstock; BauerGriffin/

July 2021

The pair made their first publicly-seen appearances in Phoenix during the game 5 in the NBA Finals between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Phoenix Suns.

Adele and Rich Paul's Timeline of Their Relationship In Their "Jackpot" Love romance
Credit: Will Heath/NBC

August 2021

Us have confirmed the pair were dating “for months,” traveling between Los Angeles and New York to meet up.

Adele and Rich Paul's Timeline of Their Relationship In Their "Jackpot" Love romance
Credit: Phil Long/Invision/AP/Shutterstock; Jim Smeal/Shutterstock

September 2021

The couple turned heads when they attended Davis’ wedding in the Beverly Hills Hotel in California. “They were so nice,” an eyewitness Engels Oscar who is a cousin of the bride reported to us after the wedding ceremony. “He was sitting at the table all the time, and let her do whatever she desired. … The girl was dancing along with all the other girls. They would hold hands around the table. They’re nice couples.”

Adele and Rich Paul's Timeline of Their Relationship In Their "Jackpot" Love romance
Credit: Simon Emmett

September 2021

Adele presented the Instagram viewers to her husband with a collection of gorgeous pictures from the wedding including one showing her and Paul taking photos in the photo booth.

Adele and Rich Paul's Timeline of Their Relationship In Their "Jackpot" Love romance
Credit: Allen J Schaben/Los Angeles Times/Shutterstock

October 2021

Interview with Vogue The “All I Ask” singer exclaimed on the way “safe” Paul makes her feel. “I don’t feel anxious or nervous or frazzled,” she said. “It’s quite the opposite. It’s wild. … I’m a 33-year-old divorced mother of a son, who’s actually in charge. The last thing I need is someone who doesn’t know where they’re at, or what they want. I know what I want. And I really know what I don’t want.”

She said she wasn’t intending to reveal their relationship at the NBA game. She simply wanted to spend quality time with her partner. “I just love being around him. I just love it,” she explained. “He was thinking, ‘What’s the next thing people are going to say What are they going to say?’ And I said”You signed me. For an athlete. Your agent is me.’ And he said”OK Cool. ‘”

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Erika Jayne finally answers questions about Tom Girardi

Erika Jayne’s stay in the spotlight continued in the second episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion when she was forced to answer questions on whether her husband, Tom Girardi, is responsible for misusing funds.

“It is not looking good.. But, we have to discover the root of the matter. The only part that has come out is revealed,” the 50-year-old reality actor said on Thursday, Oct. 20 episode. “I feel terrible. This is not me. I’m sure that this isn’t the person he claims to be. … I’m hoping that he is not guilty of the things that are being accused of in this case.”

Erika and Tom who are 82 were accused of stealing funds intended for families of victims of plane crashes. When the news of the lawsuit was announced in December of 2020 The accusations were made by the bankruptcy trustee, who claimed that The Pretty Mess author is liable for $25 million of misused funds.

Erika Jayne finally answers questions about if She Thinks Tom Girardi Is Guilty
Tom Girardi in 2019. Matt Baron/Shutterstock

“The Bankruptcy trustees are now getting down to they have to figure out which funds were supposed to be used where. At this point in the end, honestly speaking I’m having to think about my own self. What Tom Girardi has done or did or did not do, that’s on the team,” Erika said on Wednesday. “His life has come to an end. He’s in his 80sand and he’s in a dementia facility, and his career is done. I recently turned 50. I can’t allow this to ruin me and send me to a state from which I am not able to recover from. I must be able to endure this. This is why I’m fierce.”

Tom who had previously stated before the court that he’s broke has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in the last year. He was later placed under conservatorship.

“There was no communication with the person who was in an effort to persuade him answer my questions. He was completely shut out angry, change in personality and as you can tell that the man is at house, he’s in a residential facility for the elderly. We’ve all seen pictures of him and the black man,” Erika said of the filing of divorce papers at the end of November in 2020. “We’ve seen how disheveled and how absolutely horrible he has deteriorated since I left.”

As per The New York Times, Erika is identified to more than 6 lawsuits filed against Tom in recent months.

“It’s not uncommon in Tom’s field to have him accused of being sued. However, when Erika Girardi began being sued the moment I heard that was when my ears started to ring,” she told Andy Cohen. “I cannot afford to state when — and when I sought legal advice. … The truth is that “I was not guilty [when I quit.”

The third season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Bravo Wednesday, October 27 from 8 p.m. ET.

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Lisa Rinna shared new details regarding her daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin’s breakup

The tea is spilling! Lisa Rinna shared new details regarding her daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin’s breakup with Scott Disick during part two of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 11 reunion.

The Melrose Place alumni has confirmed on her Wednesday evening, on October 20 episode that she was in support of the model,, and was actually the person who broke up things with Disick 38. “She made [the decision] on her own,” she explained following anchor Andy Cohen asked whether she had pushed her daughter to start the breakup.

“The news reports are that it had to do with the whole DM exchange that Scott got in,” the executive producer, 53, said.

Rinna admitted that scandal played a role in the separation. “Well I don’t think it was helpful. There’s no single reason people break up and whatnot. This is the right time to heal. Now is the right time for everyone to recover,” she said, noting that she needs to heal, too.

Lisa Rinna Confirms Scott Disick's DM to Younes Bendjima Was a Part in the Amelia Gray Hamlin Split
Younes Bendjima and Kourtney Kardashian attend the Syrian American Medical Society benefit in Los Angeles on May 4, 2018. Mediapunch/Shutterstock

Disick was the subject of headlines in August, after Kourtney Kardashian’s former boyfriend Younes Bendjima shared a purported text message the Flip It Like Disick star sent him on Instagram. “Yo is this chick okay? !????? Brooo like this. It’s in the center of Italy,” he allegedly posted a picture taken by the 42 year old Poosh founder who has three children: son Mason 11 years old and daughter Penelope 9, and son Reign 6, as well as Travis Barker making out on the water while on vacation in Europe.

A source said to DailyGossip back in the month of September, in September Hamlin is “embarrassed” for Disick amid the saga. Just a few days later, multiple insiders reported that to Us that the couple were split up after being first connected in October of 2020.

Rinna was open about her dislike for the relationship before the breakup. She even suggested in an episode in August on RHOBH that Hamlin befriend Harry Styles instead of Disick.

“I warned everybody,” the Veronica Mars alum said during the show on Wednesday, in which she blasted on the ex- Keeping Up With the Kardashians star on TV in which she said that she was not convinced that her words had a negative impact on the relationship between her daughter and her. “Listen, people are still human, and I think it still hurts people’s feelings when you say something that isn’t necessarily flattering.”

Rinna stated she thought Disick had been “very nice” when she had the opportunity to meet him, but she only got to spend time with him three occasions.

Kyle Richards, meanwhile, spoke out on whether her remarks about the Talentless co-founder — calling Hamlin “too damn old” for Hamlin was enough to get her in hot water with her pal Kris Jenner.

“[The Kardashian-Jenner clan] never made any comment about it. I felt guilty about it afterward because, well I’m familiar with everyone in the family,” the Halloween Kills star, who is 52, admitted. “But, I mean, Amelia is 20 and I’m a mom of daughters so I wouldn’t approve, if I were in Lisa’s shoes, but I knew that she had no control over that.”

Disick had a relationship with Kardashian at times from 2006 until the year 2015. Following his ex’s engagement to Barker who is 45, an insider informed Us they believe Disick has become “absolutely furious,” adding, “He knew it was possible but is very jealous of Kourtney and Travis’ relationship.”

Hamlin For her part, Hamlin did show her that she was in support of the October 17th, Sunday proposal through “liking” an Instagram photo of the proposal.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Bravo Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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Travis Barker’s Ex Shanna Moakler Takes Time for ‘Spiritual Maintenance’ After Kourtney Kardashian Engagement

Shanna Moakler was noticed after making headlines due to how she reacted in response to Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian’s wedding and she wasn’t looking to celebrate the announcement.

The former model of 46 was did not speak to anyone at the gas station located in Los Angeles on Monday, the 18th of October. If asked if she’d made any comments about her ex-husband’s marriage update, Moakler, who was wearing a black mask shrugged her shoulders. She was quiet when asked if she’d “attend the wedding if she was invited.”

DailyGossip confirmed on the 17th of October, Sunday the drummer, who is 45 had gotten down to one knee at the shore at Santa Barbara, California.

“Both Travis and Kourtney are on cloud nine,” an insider informed Us. “The Kardashians, Jenners and Travis’ family are so happy for the two of them.”

Moakler For her part, Moakler has hinted via Instagram story that she is “temporarily closed for spiritual maintenance” in light of the latest news.

In a different post posted in the morning, she posted the red heart emoji along with the words: “Tupac once said: Before you ask why someone hates you, ask yourself why you give a f-k.”

Moakler and Barker and Barker, who were married from 2004 until 2008 They are parents to son Landon 18 and daughter Alabama who is 15. The two teenagers were thrilled to see their father proposing to Kardashian 42 on social media.

Us reported at the beginning of January, that the up with the Kardashians star was seeing Barker for some time. The couple began to talk about their romance sources informed Us about the Blink-182 star as well as the reality star’s relationship with their ex-partners (Kardashian shares Mason eleven, Penelope 9 and Reign 6, with former Scott Disick) were not smooth.

“[Shanna and Travis’] coparenting relationship has hit rock bottom,” one source informed Us back in July.

A source inside the company said to Us on September 1st in September that “outside of coparenting, Scott and Kourtney’s relationship is nonexistent.”

In the past, a third source revealed how this Flip It Like Disick alum is reacting to the engagement news in a negative way, telling Us that the alum is “furious” over the development.

“He knew it was possible, but is very jealous of Kourtney and Travis’ relationship,” the source claimed. “Scott still thinks that they could call things off before the wedding.”

Check out the video below to see Moakler leaving L.A. while the story continues to create headlines:

Shanna Moakler Steps Out After Travis Barker's Engagement to Kourtney Kardashian
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Casual Style

Moakler decided to wear tie-dye sweatpants, an white crop top to go on errands Monday.

Shanna Moakler Steps Out After Travis Barker's Engagement to Kourtney Kardashian
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Keep it quick

She did not interact with anyone during the filling of her tank of gas.

Shanna Moakler Steps Out After Travis Barker's Engagement to Kourtney Kardashian
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Their World

The couple Kardashian and Barker posted photos from their engagements with the caption “Forever.”

Shanna Moakler Steps Out After Travis Barker's Engagement to Kourtney Kardashian
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Coming Soon

Us have confirmed the idea was recorded for the Kardashians coming Hulu series.

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Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula spill wedding details

Happily forever! After being forced to delay their wedding due to the outbreak of coronavirus, Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula are now married -and are they are sharing the details of their wedding day.

For Cooke 39, being able to meet Batula 30, 30 who was waiting to take the aisle with him was the highlight of the wedding.

“It was like having goosebumps. I felt as if I was an uncontrollable ball of nerves but at that point it was all flawless,” he exclusively told DailyGossip in an interview on their new series, Winter House. “It’s exactly what you’d like it to feel. It was a teary eyed moment for me at times during this ceremony. However, I was able to get through it.”

Batula was also able to hold her tears throughout an emotional celebration.

“There were a lot of tears also leading up to the wedding, just like emotions and stress and breakdowns for no reason,” she wrote to Us. “I certainly cried a lot [while making my vows. I, like the other people, then began crying.”

They first began their relationship in the summer of 2018 said that the wedding day became more fun when everyone began to drink.

“I think everyone was very, very, very excited to be together,” the New Jersey native shared. “Instead of everyone going to the designated area we had before the ceremony, everyone kind of went right to the bar and started early.”

Cooke confirmed that the guests were drinking “copious amounts of alcohol” during the celebration of their nuptials.

“It was at a point where people just had full bottles of wine and spirits just on their tables during the reception,” Batula declared, prior to Batula laughed, “During dinner instead of the staff pouring you glasses of wine, they were just putting down bottles of wine on our table and it was like a free for all.”

Even though their wedding is now over they are now making plans for a honeymoon following their move “right back to work” after the wedding.

Who's the One Who Screamed? Who was the drunkest? Did Hannah Berner Reach Out? Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula spill wedding details
Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula on Summer House True Entertainment/Bravo

“I let my passport expire and we didn’t go on a honeymoon,” the Loverboy founder admitted to Us. Batula said she and her husband “spent the first two days as a newly married couple on the couch at my parents’ house.”

One person who did not attend their wedding in September was their ex- Summer House costar Hannah Berner. Cooke said that she believes that the “ship has sailed” in the sense of a reconciliation with their former co-star and Batula said she’s not seen anything from the comedian, 30 after their wedding.

The turbulent relationship between the group began in Season 5 on the Bravo series. On March 1, Berner said during Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen she was “cool with it” even if she didn’t get an invitation to a wedding.

Then, two months later Batula said to Us she was unsure what her relationship with Berner is now.

Who's the One Who Screamed? Who was the drunkest? Did Hannah Berner Reach Out? Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula spill wedding details
Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula arrive at BravoCon Gregory Pace/Shutterstock

“At this point, I’m more sad about, like, where our relationship has gone vs her being there or not,” she said to Us in the moment. “It’s an important day for us, and we want to feel surrounded positive energy and happiness. This isn’t really going to have an impact. … It’s actually more angry about the direction things have been and how they’ve got there.”

Winter House premieres on Bravo on Wednesday, October 20 on October 20 at 9:00 p.m. ET.

Reporting by Christina Garibaldi

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Madison Prewett’s Book ‘Made for This Moment’

Peter Weber’s season on The Bachelor will certainly go into history as being among the most dramatic seasons in television history in addition, Madison Prewett was in the center of the action.

Season 24’s runner-up starts her book of the same name, Made for This Moment Standing Strong with the Strength, Grace, and Courage and concludes with the tension-filled After the Final Rose special. Fans will be able to recall Weber trying to give it an attempt with Prewett after ending his brief engagement to Hannah Ann Sluss, the winner. Hannah Ann Sluss, but his mother, Barbara, making it clear to the crowd that she was not happy.

“Sometimes the most brave option is to not speak. This was exactly what the moment felt like for me. You know I’m a fighter. I’m a fighter,” Prewett exclusively told DailyGossip about her encounter with Barbara. “It isn’t easy for me to be silent. When you’re facing adversity or under pressure, the most difficult option is to simply trust “OK, God, like you’re going to defend my character. You’ll protect my reputation and reputation. There’s no reason for me to be fighting for my rights at the present moment.'”

Just two days after the shocking conclusion, Weber and Prewett announced that they were not looking to start a new relationship.

“It definitely feels like it was forever ago,” she said to Us. “I believe most of it has to do with the fact that the fact that the moment we entered quarantine. I remember that I got off the stage at the end and then two days later, the quarantine began. It struck immediately. It’s crazy to think about everything that’s transpired.”

In the book in the book, the Alabama native reveals her experiences with the ABC series , and also talks openly about the hurt she endured during her time with Weber. Overall however, she assured Us it was true that Weber represented her in a realistic way.

“People actually ask me all the time, like, ‘Do you feel like you were aired in your truest way and in a fair way?’ And I can honestly say yes, I do feel like, you know, my personality and my heart was shown,” she said. “I believe there’s an aspect of me that many people were unable to know about – or perhaps I didn’t let the truth out sufficiently — because it’s hilarious to everyone meets me they believe that I’m one) they believe I’m taller than. Therefore, when they meet me, I’m always said that you’re smaller in person than I imagined. Then 2) people will always say to me that they believed I’d be shy and silent.”

Made for This Moment is released today. Check out the most popular Bachelor Nation takeaways:

Madison Prewett's book 'Made for This Moment": Everything She said About 'The Bachelor',' Peter Weber
Credit: ABC (2)

She was a bit frightened in “After the Final Rose’

“I was shocked by the allegations and hurtful remarks which seemed like an attack on my character and beliefs. They were words that were intended to scold me. This was not the kind of thing I had hoped for,” she wrote, noting that she “broke down completely” when she ran backstage after the segment. “I continued to run until I came across a single bathroom where I could lock myself inside and be by myself so I could collect my thoughts. I was reliving what happened, and felt embarrassed as well as humiliated and injured than I’ve previously.”

Madison Prewett's book 'Made for This Moment": Everything She said About 'The Bachelor',' Peter Weber
Credit: ABC

‘Bachelor’ Lost Her Luggage

When they traveled on their way to Costa Rica, production lost the luggage of the contestants. They were left without clothing as well as toiletries, for two whole days.

Payed by MSNBC

Find out more about the Bipartisanship that is growing to Support Afghan Evacuees

MSNBC’s Hayes Brown breaks down the bipartisan support to help Afghan refugees.

Madison Prewett's book 'Made for This Moment": Everything She said About 'The Bachelor',' Peter Weber
Credit: ABC

Unaired Scene with Peter in Peru

Prewett recorded a private scene with Weber on their first date in Peru when he wowed her with a challenge to eat a heart of a fish.

“I am not one to back down from a challenge, so I tried not to think about what I was doing and threw back the fish heart and swallowed it fast, immediately chasing it down with water,” she wrote. “Although this part of the date wasn’t aired for everyone to see, our gross and funny moment of eating fish guts will be forever engrained in my memory.”

Madison Prewett's book 'Made for This Moment": Everything She said About 'The Bachelor',' Peter Weber
Credit: ABC

“Losing” Her Mind While Filming

Nine weeks into the season of filming, Prewett began “slowly losing” her mind.

“I was starting to be really homesick,” she wrote of accepting the rose which was a part of the top three. “Immediately after the ceremony I requested to speak about it with Peter privately. I told him that a fantasies suite week was difficult for me. I also mentioned that I was not sure I could advance in the relationship if he was involved with any of the women.”

Madison Prewett's book 'Made for This Moment": Everything She said About 'The Bachelor',' Peter Weber
Credit: ABC

Then she can save herself for marriage

Prewett wrote about her decision to not be sexually active prior to getting married. She also acknowledged she was disappointed by her conversations with Weber regarding her decision.

“As he was on his other dates, I felt like I was going to hit my breaking point. I didn’t know if I could continue with the process,” she wrote. “He couldn’t understand why I was so worried about what had happened in his other relationships and why that should affect ours. I looked at him bleakly and responded, ‘I just can’t fathom on my engagement day, you get down on one knee and propose to me when six days before that you were intimate with someone else.'”

Madison Prewett's book 'Made for This Moment": Everything She said About 'The Bachelor',' Peter Weber
Credit: ABC

The End of Things with Peter

Prewett was contemplating the idea of quitting The Bachelor the night she discovered that Weber was in love with another girl from the dream suite. When Prewett decided to remain on, things never went the way they were between the two. “What was once pure happiness and hope was now a wall of distrust,” she wrote. “I believed that trust was destroyed, and I could not imagine how a relationship between us could continue to grow considering our differing views on relationship and life. … While I was so enthralled by Peter I was aware in my heart that there were huge rifts between our beliefs, morals and our lifestyles. I needed to be ready to leave the person I loved in order I could await God’s best for me.”

The Auburn student admitted to being attracted to stay, even as Weber tried to persuade her that she should stay, but she knew it wouldn’t work. She said her heart felt “so much loss” in her heart as she went out.

“The pain of the loss was heavy; I felt crushed,” she wrote. “I cared for Peter, and I sat in the car and cried for hours, thinking about all the amazing memories we created together.”

Prewett determined that the results “still remained” after several months of the “journey” with “many confusing twins and turns and highs and lows.”

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