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The winning team

Important success for the young regional, class 1995, Casale Calcio that after dominating the provincial stage, won 1st place in the regional round with 15 wins and 3 draws. Training coached by Mr. Maurizio and Giuseppe Germano Patrucco was the only undefeated team among the 14 youth teams. The spring phase was won with 48 points, including 23 in the group round of 25 in half of the season.
The team has won the prize for best defense, with only ten goals against, and that the best attack with 66 goals scored, more than half marked by the pair formed by Dell’Olmo attack (20 goals) and Bertolini (15 networks). The regional finals will begin May 5. Will be 12 teams that will compete for the regional prize, divided into four triangles. The four winners will meet later for the final four. The other teams that have removed a pass to the regional finals are Gozzano Borgomanero Sparta Novara, Candelo Pro, Pro & Seventh Eureka, Lascaris, Pinerolo, Cuneo, Chieri, St. Dominic Savio and Chisola

Barcelona: The president Laporta is out of politics

Precisely, the exploits of small-sized Argentine could transform this fascinating and wealthy 47 year old lawyer in the most powerful political separatist Catalonia, never seen his hidden desire for a land free from Spanish power. In reality, Laporta has not yet formally announced his candidacy, but has already built a website for the campaign – – that only the first day has registered over 270 thousand contacts, testifying to what the popularity of the president of Barca is directly related to recent results of the club. “I will continue to devote the best years of my life to the nation that I love – one reads on the home – and has finally come for all time to serve the Catalonia. Website, which can be followed via Twitter and Facebook, are also disclosed some opinion polls, according to which if Laporta is now founded a new party would immediately less than 17% of the vote and perhaps even a large number of seats in the Catalan parliament. Needless to say, yet another success in the Champions League Barcelona, coupled perhaps with the title in La Liga, would consent to other Catalan separatist cause, though many columnists accuse Laporta azulgrana to use the club for its political aims.
Ambitions – “He confused his personal ambitions with those of Barcelona – Paco Cabezas explained on the online of” El Mundo “-. Laporta should not use his position as chairman of a club with millions of fans worldwide, each with their own political ideas, to promote his dream of a free Catalonia. Criticisms, however, does not seem to move an inch azulgrana a number that, according to rumors, is carrying out private surveys to assess its actual grip on the people before the official announcement of his descent into politics, expected in April 25 . “I’m attracted to the idea of a new party that believes that Catalonia should be an independent state – Laporta said the same in a recent interview – and I know I could be the leader.” Words that have transformed the Catalan champion of many separatist groups, including those known to Reagrupament, which could become a party in effect before the autumn elections and invited him to open up its annual conference. “I’m sure we will end up working together,” said the founder of the movement, Joan Carretero. And until that belief can be achieved very, Laporte relies on the magical feet of Messi, who is neither Spanish nor Catalan, but with her class infinite can put all agree, regardless of the political spectrum.

ATI FirePro V8800 with Eyefinity technology

“ATI FirePro V8800 multi-display technology with ATI Eyefinity, reduces the limitations encountered by users of professional display,” said Rick Bergman, senior vice president and general manager of AMD Products Group. “We believe that the latest family of ATI FirePro professional graphics cards will bring added value to the graphics workstation.

With ATI Eyefinity, professionals have up to twice the working space through a single card. ATI FirePro V8800 desktop configurations three and four displays are easy to activate, simply connect additional displays to the graphics card.

Main features:

* Users can view up to four independent displays from 30 “with a resolution of 16.4 megapixels;
* Increase the space on your desktop to handle multitasking more efficiently and see more projects, applications and images simultaneously;
* Workflows faster, eliminating losses due to the passage of time between applications, windows, mouse-clicking and scrolling;
* Intuitive user interface that allows configuration of a single desktop across multiple displays;
* The ATI Eyefinity works seamlessly with ATI FirePro S400 Synchronization Module enabling the synchronization of four simultaneous displays.


Exposition of the Shroud in 2010, Cathedral of Turin, news: 2 million visitors expected until May 23 to visit the Holy Shroud, Images and Youtube videos Rai Tg 2 files and Italy Open Studio One – After ten years the Holy Shroud is again exposed to the public. Visit the Cathedral of San Giovanni in Turin.
The Holy Shroud, by believers regarded as the cloth that was used to wrap the body of Jesus, certainly the most famous relic known to the world.
Carefully restored in 2002 to repair fire damage occurred in the sixteenth century that destroyed the Sainte Chapelle du Saint-Suaire to Chambry, then where was kept the Holy Shroud of Jesus will be on display until May 23, 2010.
The numbers fielded for the event are significant: about two hundred policemen and policemen, four volunteers available in 2 thousand and 500 entered service in order inside and outside the cathedral, more than 500 assistance for disabled 520 engaged in hospitality and information to pilgrims in the churches of the historic center and 250 who work in the Museum of the Shroud.
At the Cathedral of Turin are expected up to 2 million visitors.

The Shroud is a linen sheet of yellow ocher, rectangular in shape and size of about 442×113 cm. Thickness of about 0.34 millimeters, weighing approximately 2.450 kg. sewn on a canvas support, also of linen, the same size.
The hand-woven cloth with a herringbone weave and warp-weft ratio of 3:1. Corresponding to one long side and stitched the cloth was cut along the length of a few inches from the edge.