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The Commission studies measures to streamline the procedures

Unclear procedures and unnecessarily complicated: this is the opinion of many researchers on the process for obtaining European funding for their projects. Admitting it is the same as the European Commission, which proposed new rules to simplify the application and management of funds.
The plan – contained in a communication dated April 29 last year – provides a first block of news about the launch of computer systems more efficient, streamlining administrative procedures, more consistent application of rules and the timely publication of calls for proposals.
According to a second block of changes then do not have to specify every item of expenditure and accounting will become more similar to that used in the Member States provided for the simplification of existing financial rules while maintaining a more effective control, to example extending the use of ‘methods for calculating average costs, by which avoids having to account in the projects with “painstaking” every single expenditure item, even minor ones.
These measures are not immediately operational: the Commission undertakes to submit a proposal for revision of financial regulation to be considered but the European Parliament and Council. The effect is not expected before 2011, as reported by staff of the European Research Commissioner Máire Geoghegan-Quinn.
Finally, there is a third tranche of changes addressed in future research framework programs, primarily the eighth program under which the regulation is passed by Parliament and Council in 2013. Among the possibilities under a given orientation ‘payments by results, “according to the recipients, instead of notifying the individual items of expenditure, would receive lump sums for certain tasks in science and should show that they carried out effectively and efficiently. The same logic underlying the action of the European Research Council (ERC), which gives grants of up to 2 million euros to individual researchers.
“This is a lump sum amount – said Alberto Mantovani, Istituto Clinico Humanitas scientific director and member of the ERC – there are strict reporting requirements and assessed on the basis of scientific results.”
The Commission, meanwhile, has initiated the process for the interim evaluation of the Seventh Framework Programme: a group of independent experts, chaired by Rolf Annenberg, Director General of the Swedish Council Formas will submit a report in the autumn.
And on a time horizon longer period begins to outline the new ten-year economic strategy of the European Union, stressing the importance of research to exit the dark tunnel of recession and the target of a long-term growth. One purpose is to be able to bring research spending to 3% of European GDP to attract leading researchers and innovative companies.

A great lesson of “multiculturalism”

At 15, in primary Fabrizi Quarto bell tolls for the hour of Rights. A third class, twenty-four pupils and a child of the second generation, every fortnight is a lecture on interculture and human rights. With two masters “special”, two teachers who came to meet young students by setting playful dialogue, narrative, almost theatrical.
Between questions, answers, examples, exceptions, curiosity. This morning, the first question is particularly interesting: the children still do not know, but this time will remain attentive and involved throughout the lesson. Who am I? “In order to explain who I am, the other must not import the color of my skin,” is expressed decisive victory. Not bad as a start. “Because nobody should be fooled by the color of their skin.”
Among the banks is all a raise of hands, Greta is the first to speak: “Skin color is not important. We are all equal, all equal. But it can serve the nationality of a person. For example when you do checks at the airport. Well, when passes through the body scanners. Sara also wants to intervene: “To answer the question is important to say first whether you are a girl or a boy. If not how do they greet me?”.
“In this class we also talked about deeper themes and delicate as child soldiers, refugee camps, the anti-personnel mines, making peace as a solution to the conflict,” says Elizabeth Maggi, one of the coordinators of the project Genoese Planet New.
This is a drawing of the Tree of Life Foundation Onlus, which carries two years in schools Genoese a variety of interventions aimed at integrating the world of school pupils between Italians and foreigners, and in general for the maturation of a vision of contemporary reality inspired by the principles of Education for Development.
“The birth of the project New Planet 2006-2007 school year took place in Rome, and involves hundreds of classes in the country – says Elizabeth Maggi -. In Genoa we are present for two years and are currently involved four primary schools.” The teacher of Patrizia Montecucco Fabrizi said that already last year in class we were talking on the Rights of the Hour: “But bring professionals is another thing, and so treat the subject using a different approach that puts into use the theater , narrative and play. This is not a multiethnic class, it is precisely here that need more attention, because at home these children do not live close to the theme of coexistence in a multicultural society, and otherwise they risk a day be lost. “

Italian companies, wanted accountants

A survey by Robert Half – specialist recruitment company – the world of work has highlighted the extreme lack of administrative staff: an Italian in five is completely lacking this professional.
For 41% of Italian firms (27% in Europe) the cause is the difficulty in finding skilled personnel.
20% have planned recruitment Administration and Accounting within the next six months, to cope with the increase in turnover for the business.
The crisis makes it even more important than careful analysis of the accounts of the company to reduce costs, recover cash, collect receivables and expedite the legal practices.
Among the reasons why Italian companies plan to strengthen the administrative structure are: increase in business (48%), increased administrative (27%), upgrading of information systems (18%), corporate mergers and acquisitions ( 3%) increase in regulatory requirements (0%), other reasons (3%).
Among the qualifications required will be more than an administrative employee (25%), accounting (22%), staff with operational roles (-13%), internal auditors (8%) and expert in compliance (7%).
The Observatory on employment in administration and finance has also involved Italian leaders, who complained of too low a level of preparedness among the candidates and then a gap between demand and supply of labor.

Gay Automotive:the coming out story of Mike Beutller

Homosexuality and sports, you know, do not go very well together. Two historical cases of the past, different but somewhat similar, they seem to reopen an issue that, far from being static, can reserve many surprises. Who would have thought?
If he were still alive in these days would have celebrated his seventieth birthday. We’re talking about Mike Beuttler famous British racing driver from Egypt medium Monsieur X Racing gay. The story coming out of Mike and Mario Araujo Beuttler Cabralcognato the famous British Conservative politician Alan Clark, Minister Margaret Thatcher as well as historian and author of a controversial book on the evils the First World War. The influential kinship linking the pilot author of “Donkeys” seems to have somehow played for his career in Formula One Beuttler that to what the well informed, able to buy a March 731 model thanks to a sort of collection that a group of friends all employees in the financial district of London City did in its favor. These were the years when, to quote my fellow countrymen Beuttler, could compete with David Purley, James Hunt and Roger Williamson and Mike’s dream, while not leading to astonishing results, led to an adventure to score three seasons and twenty-nine Great Premi.Arrivato to racing at the age of 24 years, later than its rivals, after Mike some experiments as test pilot made its ranks through several divisions coming to Formula 3 and then, not without some voice of aid top in Formula One. True to March, Beuttler not never ran with any other team and after a career that gave him was especially important, he retired in 1973 and settled in the United States, San Francisco (California) to be exact. In 1988 he died victim dell’insidioso HIV. As a shy man began to speak, perhaps that shyness and reluctance to talk about him were not factors of character but rather attitudes of those who were forced to live at a time when the idea of “coming out” must seem very complicated and dangerous.

A laboratory studies the human motion

Analyze human motion and articulation through a sensory system for detection. To meet the challenge is the Galliera Hospital in Genoa, which opened yesterday morning in the presence of top hospitals, the laboratory of Biomechanics and Motion Analysis. Directed by Dr. Claudio Mazzola, head of the complex structure of Orthopaedics of the joints, the laboratory – the first in Liguria and one of the few in Italy – has a sophisticated digital high definition (BTS SMART-D) that can capture any type of movement to carry out evaluation and diagnosis of the functional path and posture of athletes or not. “An instrument thus – explained the director Mazzola – which allows for very accurate surveys on human movement in order to identify the causes and consequences of any changes and anomalies. The biomechanical study of gestures engines is to perform a strategic evaluation pre-surgery and in recovery, in cases, for example, prosthesis of hip and knee ligament reconstructions, shoulder and ankle injuries. We are also able to provide technical assistance to improve the sport performance of athletes. “
And the demonstration came from light Emma Quaglia, Italian champion in 3000 m steeplechase, which wrapped sensors, yesterday measured the muscle activity and controlled in real-time results to a computer, simulating jump and walk under the watchful eye cameras. In the new structure, located on the first floor of Hall C in the course Mentana, were in fact installed 12 infrared cameras which detect body movements, the system is also equipped with two platforms for the assembly of forces expressed by walking, running and Skip these. “With the activation of the laboratory – said Lagostena Adriano, general manager of the Galleria – we provide innovative technology, coupled with highest level of expertise, allows us to offer an exclusive service in clinical application in the research and sport. ” Unofficially the center is ready, were in fact tested several athletes, but officially opens to the entire population health by next summer, after receiving accreditation from the region. “A laboratory that has a social meaning – concluded Mazzola – not only directed at sports league, but also to the pensioner that comes with knee problems. Everyone will use it by paying the ticket, or by evaluation of orthopedic physiatric. These machines that we use today will then be transferred to the new hospital Galliera.

Analysis of business , using Excel

Compiled by companies at year-end, the budget represents the static form in the financial position and financial performance, to meet the information needs of legal, tax and management. Modifications to the rules of the Civil Code (Articles 2423 to 2424), involving the preparation of financial statements – consisting of balance sheet, income statement and notes – with the transposition of Directive EEC IV, have improved the quality but did not alter conception “static” document itself.
More information (not only administrative and accounting) can then be obtained with the reclassification of balance sheet and income statement, and through the calculation of indices (relationships between items in the SP and CE reclassified), we can calculate with Excel.
It is a common practice for Italian SMEs, imported by the Anglo-Saxon countries and deemed useful tool to analyze the company and identify potential weaknesses.
Among other things, with the introduction since 2004 of new rules on the procedure for evaluating the creditworthiness of banks (Basel 2) the information system based on financial statements, has acquired additional strategic value in strengthening the corporate image based on the ability to count towards their customers, suppliers or potential business partners and investors.

Full weekend in Rimini

Full weekend at the house in the hotels of Rimini: the expected movement of the faithful Church Renewal in the Holy Spirit and tourists who decided to spend May 1 at the sea
Rimini (TT) – Weekend congested the Riviera of Rimini, during the weekend, will host the faithful of the Church Renewal Movement in the Holy Spirit and all the tourists, because of the good weather in recent days, spend the bridge – as a tight – the sea.
“Over the past two days – said Patrizia Rinaldis, president of the Italian Rimini hotel – we started receiving phone calls requesting information for the families who stay during the weekend. Unfortunately there is a bridge interesting and currently guests are booking to spend a couple of nights with the formula of bed & breakfast and visit amusement parks. You can not talk about peak calls but are starting to move all now. Many hotels, however, are already booked by the faithful Renewal in the Spirit. “
From April 29 to May 2, in fact, are expected to Rimini 20 thousand faithful ecclesial movement of Renewal in the Spirit for the XXXIII National Convening Group and the Community. The number of participants than last year which stood at over 25 thousand attendance is slightly down though, as indicated by the organizing secretary, “the estimate of this year refers to the reservations already made in the hotel and takes no account of those involved to actually call and book privately. A definitive figure will be released until the end. “
On the weekend of May 1, then, between the arrival of the charismatic and tourists eager to spend at least two days on the Riviera, the total attendance at Rimini tap fee should reach 30 thousand.

Lamborghini, guest of honor of the “JEC Composites Show”

The search for new technologies in the field of composite materials is an activity where Automobili Lamborghini has always been dedicated with great commitment. Already in the 80s in fact, the house gave the example of the carbon fiber supercar .nell’indimenticabile Lamborghini Countach. The high level of specialization is reached by the House of Sant’Agata Bolognese is recognized worldwide and for this reason, the bull logo was the guest of honor at the “JEC Composites Show in Paris, the most important events in the world of materials composites. The task of opening the event is so touched with Maurizio Reggiani, director of research and development of Lamborghini, who gave the inaugural presentation of the studies undertaken by the development and deployment of carbon fibers.
With more than 1,000 participating companies from all sectors of the industry, the event represents an important opportunity to Paris to present the news worldwide and technologies developed in the field of composite materials.
In the field of super cars and composite materials reinforced with carbon fibers are a key technology for developing new solutions that combine great strength and minimal weight allow improved power to weight ratio to the advantage of a greater pleasure driving, and reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. And as if these were not enough advantage joins the pleasure for the eye because when the carbon components, as in many cases are exposed, the look of the car becomes even more fascinating.
The result in Paris was under everybody’s eyes with the exclusive Lamborghini Reventon, one of the most extreme super sports cars in circulation, displayed on display to the admiring glances of visitors.
Lamborghini at home using these materials is very broad as in the case of the flagship Murciélago where various parts of the body are made of carbon so much so that the body of the car does stop the scales at just 303 pounds. Same thing happens with the new Superleggera Gallardo LP 570-4 thanks to “cure” based on the weight of carbon fibers was reduced by about 70 pounds compared to the base model.
As evidence of the value assigned by the house in this area is the creation of Lamborghini Advanced Structures Laboratory, University of Washington in Seattle, USA, which operates in the long-term research in the fields of aeronautics and ‘astronautics with its transfer to the production of materials for the automotive world.

Health spending continues to grow …

In the first quarter of 2010, the National Health Insurance Fund recorded an increase of 4.1% in expenditures compared to the same period last year.
These are the care reimbursements city that have particularly increased (+4%). Thus, care paramedics recorded an increase of 8.2% in first quarter 2010 against 7% over the last twelve months.
Per diems are also strong growth: + 6.1% in the first quarter of 2010 against 4.8% in the last 12 months. Strong growth “due to payments associated with the epidemic of influenza A at the end of 2009” reads the study of the CNAM. Indeed, the month of March, the trend is consistent with the annual change (+4.8%).
In contrast, expenditure on medical and dental fees rose more slowly in the first quarter 2010 (+0.9% against +1.8% over the last twelve months). This slowdown is partly due to an epidemic lower early this year.

Shannon Elizabeth joins the team of the Lebanese

The foxy actress and American Pie poker player Shannon Elizabeth will be in Las Vegas next May 19 to help launch the World Poker Team. The U.S. team was complete, the beautiful joined Team Lebanon, where his father was born.
It will therefore take place with members of his team at the Golden Nugget in Downtown Las Vegas, to face the biggest names in poker.
Mainly known for its glamorous roles in movies like American Pie, Scary Movie, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, or Thit13en Ghosts, actress considers poker as a second career.
She is highly respected professional players, who regard it as one of the best poker players among the celebrities. Indeed, Shannon has already cashed four times at the World Series of Poker in 2006 and 2007 and finished 3rd in the NBC National Head’s Up Poker Championship in 2007.
So far his total earnings amounted to $ 125,000, not bad for a player who spends most of his time on camera and on the covers of magazines like Playboy or Maxim male.
Despite his statement: “I am half Lebanese, but 100% American” Shannon can not join Team USA, already includes Phil Hellmuth, Doyle Brunson, Mike Matusow, Chris Ferguson, Jennifer Harman, Howard Lederer, Erik Seidel, Allen Cunningham and Annie Duke.
Therefore, it will use its strengths player (I already see you smile), to give any chances for his team to win.
With players like Freddy Deeb, Danny George, Joe Awada, Mark Betor and a total of tournaments gains $ 7.5 million, the team from Lebanon to the skills necessary to challenge the American Goliath.
A total of 19 countries will compete in the first edition of the World Poker Team: Armenia, Australia, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, England, Germany, Greece, Iran , Israel, Korea, Lebanon, Mexico, Norway, Philippines, Switzerland, Turkey, the United States and Vietnam.