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Citroën C4 2011

In Citroën are like: the little steps are not short in their strings. At the word “evolution” preferred “Revolution”, both from a stylistic point of view as the technical. There is thus little wonder that the new C4, which we see here in the first official shots and then you can see live at the Paris Motor Show in the fall, does not even seem distant descendant of the current one.
The line does not go out that much anyway and it seems the right sow by the intersection between the shapes of the small C3 and C5 those of spinning. In its body are therefore present the distinctive features of the latest Citroen, from the chrome mustache that give momentum to crest to reach the lights form prepared via the double ridge that rises on the hood. Everything is developed around a silhouette with two volumes harmonious proportions and measures just grown in the past. Length and width are respectively at 433 and 179 cm, with increases in the order of 5 and 2 cm. Other distinguishing marks are the ribs which mark the upper and side sills that give the collection a sporty look.
The white glove inside the heads of the House promised a five-star environment, on the same wavelength than the C5. The details are announced, very comfortable and the budget should give a hand to create a pleasant environment, with car accessories worthy of a higher category. The most striking example is the possibility of having seats with electric lumbar support and massage function. Among other gadgets qualifying there are also an outlet 230, bi-xenon headlights, fog lamps with turning mode and a stereo surround type.
There are also monitoring the angle of the claimant and died inadvertent lane change, marked by a quiver of the seat and a slight hardening of the steering. Another novelty is the eTouch, a system of emergency call and location that gives a lot ‘more security in case of accident or illness. The technology is not only the service of security but also of the new C4. The machine has Michelin tires with low rolling resistance and a Stop & Start system last generation even microhybrid defined and linked to the HDi diesel. Just engines represent the link with the current model but compositional range there will be more news when it will come the time of submission.

The biotecnology becomes art

So they made it: Scientists J. Craig Venter Institute have produced an exquisitely artificial life form. Now you squeeze your brains to find some valuable practical application: to produce biofuels and vaccines, perhaps even extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere or (even!) Eat oil lost at sea (application, see a bit ‘, would return its useful now). But the history of human culture offers a lesson: technology, any technology, sooner or later becomes a dominion of artistic production. And biotechnology is no exception.
Brazilian Eduardo Kac describes itself as “transgenic artist. He messed with the genes of the species and its works are living creatures. E ‘became famous for creating the glowing bunny. To stay under the micro-organisms, among his works include “Genesis”, which he “explores the intricate relationship between biology, belief systems, information technology, dialogical interaction, ethics and the Internet” .
In essence, Kac has chosen a phrase from the Old Testament: “(… fill the earth) and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the earth “(Genesis 1, 28). Then he took it in word. First I translated the English version of Morse code and Morse code has rewritten the four bases of DNA. So he broke it produced a gene artificially stuck with a species of bacteria, previously modified to become fluorescent blue or yellow under ultraviolet light if and only if you have the new gene “biblical”. Then began an exchange of genetic material in the colony of bacteria, with the new gene transfer between one organism to another. Not only bacteria were changing and the gene with them. The public could do with ultraviolet lighting the colony, but also to observe the situation to influence random mutations. Eventually it was taken and DNA was found in the phrase synthetic gene was changed a few letters were changed, others had disappeared, and others had appeared. The old and new words were engraved on two plates and displayed next to the colony of bacteria.
Spiegone artist: “It ‘a symbolic gesture: it means that we accept the meaning in the form in which it inherit, and that new meanings emerge when we try to change the shape.” It is no use, but it sounds damn good. Moreover, culture is also this: a continuous contamination between science and art. We’ll see what pops out of the artificial cell by Craig Venter.

Tax evasion

The objective is to detect deviations greater between the estimated debt and debt declared, crossing all available information on the city. When you notice an excessive difference between the actual capacity of expenditure and income declared, immediately snap checks of the Guardia di Finanza.

The impact of expenditure in the new Redditometro will be calculated according to the composition of families and geographic location.

This is the first measure implemented by the Ministry of Economy (wanted by Tremonti) to intensify the fight against tax evasion. Will cross the data on income, on homes, cars, boats taxpayers. The Financial Police showed reporters the first use of the new instrument were controlled taxpayers who have purchased this year alone, a machine cost more of their annual income. The result? Well one hundred thousand Italians spent on “basic” machine more than they said last year. Perhaps it is the case for better control …

Blur stores

Activision Publishing, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) today announced that Blur ™ is now available in Italian stores. Created by renowned developer Bizarre Creations, Blur, an experience of innovative course that is aimed at gamers who like to neophytes through immediate and intuitive controls and the ability to enjoy driving tactics and combat new car.

“Our goal with Blur is to bring the fun in racing games and make the experience more intense and exciting racing there is,” says Gareth Wilson, lead designer at Bizarre Creations. “With 20 cars on the course in the contemporaneous version of multiplayer, a first for the racing genre, and an arsenal of power-ups, each race is a” battle “unpredictable from start to finish.”

Blur is the experience of racing with the final power-ups, in which players collect intense power-ups along the way, including the ability to wipe out car on its path with great bursts of energy, increase speed with Turbo launch Mines and create defensive shields to free more than their opponents.

With over 50 licensed cars and more than 30 realistic tracks, a deep single player career, a four-player split screen mode and multiplayer immersive experience that has a progressive ranking system that rewards the most active players, offers a new Blur automotive gaming experience for everyone.

Moreover, Blur brings the social experience in both singleplayer and multiplayer mode via an advanced system of sharing – the button “Share” – which allows players to send “Challenges Friends” by Dashboard Xbox 360 and PlayStation ® Network, or using the integration of Twitter and Facebook to ignite competition among friends.
Blur is now available for Xbox 360 ®, PlayStation ® 3 and Windows PC. For more information about Blur, visit the official game site

Vivienne Westwood shoes, red platform pumps

Vivienne Westwood is a really incredible designer, his creative genius is unparalleled among the designers and women that is certainly more daring, the most eccentric and original is currently at the top of international fashion. Today I present proposals crazy shoes by Vivienne Westwood in her sparkling spring / summer collection 2010, is a pair of crimson red platform pumps that are designed in a fun and original and reminiscent of traditional shoes, but for which escapes me nationality.

The platform pumps Vivienne Westwood shoes are whimsical and original, perfect if you love the accessories a little eccentric and playful and like to stand out from the crowd with these adorable shoes there is no risk of going unnoticed.
The platform of the Vivienne Westwood show round toe, a heel of 12 cm with base big enough so I am also quite comfortable, the plateau is 6 inches, have three fibiette adjustable metal closure and gold are made of patent leather in a shade that turns red to orange.
If you like these shoes you can buy on for the price of 523.00 euros.

Lack of drugs in prisons

Irene Testa meeting one afternoon in April to the Radical Party. I ask you to tell me what happened to the prison overcrowding and the Rebibbia among the few health guarantees to detainees. By Rita Bernardini MP have traveled to the prison in Rebibbia, where they had been reported that some prisoners were on hunger strike to show dissent against poor sanitary conditions in which they were forced to live. “When we asked to see him strike was now discontinued – Irene tells me – it seems that some of the claims claimed by 40 fasting, some of them with HIV, was accepted. He continued telling me another story, that of a boy who had contracted HIV than hepatitis and was also put in a cell with healthy children, which they had requested, exposed by the removal. Only after three weeks their demands were accepted.

“The current problem in our prisons – add – regards the administration of drugs, now the responsibility of the Regions.” The mechanism, in fact, the reform has, indeed, stuck. From being the same prison to spend the drugs, known as class C, is now no longer the case. “It is not even allowed to keep them in solitary – Irene tells me – but the problem arises for immigrants. Few prisoners working. Immigrants do not even have money for these drugs. ” The last dramatic event which focuses on concerns a 76 year old, ill with pancreatic cancer in advanced stages, in which there remained only two months old. But man was to remain in jail for a period of seven months for a residual penalty of ten years ago. “They had placed in a room with six other people without proper care. The judges – Irene says – in these cases should perform a series of alternative procedures. ” These extreme cases – sometimes inhuman traits – narrated by Irene Testa Agenda Coscioni are just a few of the many, so far from our daily lives, of which very rarely hear about, mostly when there are already too late to intervene.

Game Button: an infinite number of games for Chrome

For users Google Chrome, the browser’s most popular search engine, today we present a new extension that will help relax your notebook or desktop. As for the quality and quantity, Chrome is to overcome Mozilla Firefox! Indeed, “Game Button” is an add on with a multitude of video games, what better way to relax a few minutes between a business break or simply if you have nothing to do.
It ‘a collection of 250 games developed with Flash technology, and with one bottonte, precisely Game Button, these games are a click away. Many categories including being able to choose the best flash games: classic, sports games, driving simulation games, shooter, adventure, action, games for kids, toys for girls and other categories. So there is something for everyone. And to use the Button Game?
Nothing more simple, click on this link and then click Install. Once installed the extension, the button with all games will appear on your top bar of Chrome by clicking on the category you choose, and will open a new window where you can choose the games in the category that you selected.
Clicking on the name of the game in a few seconds a window flash will load and you can have fun with “Super Mario” for instance! Among the most famous, besides the classic Mario, including Tetris, Pac Man and Sonic. So we hope you’ll enjoy Game Button.

The opening day of the Faculty of Engineering of Modena University

The anniversary of the establishment of the Faculty of Engineering Modena will be inaugurated with a conference that wants to know the contribution it can make civil engineering in the preservation of architectural heritage, one of the new professionalism that is to train the university institution after the start fairly recent degree in Civil Engineering.
Now established as one of excellence in engineering for the mechanical, automotive, computing, electronics, robotics, telecommunications, new materials may from Modena has successfully launched two years (approximately 400 students members) the courses of Civil Engineering, completing an offer extensive education that is based on qualified research groups.
“The role of the engineer in the conservation of cultural heritage” is the theme of an afternoon seminar held Thursday, May 13, hosted by 15.00 in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Engineering Modena, realized with the contribution and support of the Association of Builders Modena, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena and Cooptip – Graphic Industries, which will act prof. Eng. Giorgio Macchi, Emeritus Professor of Structural Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Pavia and member of the Academy of Sciences of Turin, the Gold Medal of the President for meritorious Culture, Science and Art.
The meeting will open with greetings by Dean of Engineering Joseph Cantore Modena, Aldo Tomasi the Chancellor, the Mayor of Modena Giorgio Pighi, President of the Province Emilio Sabattini, President of the Chamber of Commerce Maurice Torreggiani, President of Fondazione Cassa Savings Andrea Landi, president of the Builders Association of Modena Stefano Betti and Deputy Commander of the Military Academy of Modena in January of B.ta Alexander heals.
At the end of my colleagues at 17.30 to deliver Modena Engineering Emeritus Professor Gian Carlo Pellacani, first Dean of the Faculty, a plaque in recognition of the commitment spent on the birth and growth of the academic institution.
“The landscape of our – is to know the dean prof. Joseph Cantore – is wide and that meet the needs of an economy and the crisis over an area that wants to look ahead to challenge the present and imagine a better future. The goal, however ambitious, was reached with the completion of undergraduate courses and the acquisition of skills and expertise ranging from mechanics, particularly from automotive, computers, electronics, study materials to arrive to energy issues and environmental and civil engineering. I do not think is outside the territory, institutions, the productive forces that we are now configured as a large and widespread laboratory that will not stop with enthusiasm and wants to project to design a solid perspective and consistent with the vocations of the territory. So we have the knowledge of having made a huge project and they were able to put at the service of the territory and we have even more competition with enthusiasm to his innovation and supplying it with advanced skills and research and even more courageous with the sale of more than 4,800 new engineers, all highly trained. “

Call center becomes a concentration camp

The whip beaten on his legs a few phone calls to call centers that beat the weak, the prohibition to get up in the bathroom if they had already made a number of calls and getting appointments with vendors to introduce the anti-mite vacuum cleaner , in steps from door to door. Humiliating reminders in front of all those who do not achieve the objectives set and, conversely, awards, certificates of applause and praise for those who improve their performance: “I admire you so much, never try to disappoint,” reads one of the scrolls seized by the Guardia Finance company in Florence Italcarone Incisa Valdarno. It seems to be in the film Virzi or between the pages of the book’s autobiographical Michela Murgia, “The world must know” guide to one month past the phone to make appointments of selling hundreds of home vacuum cleaners of an American multinational. Almost the same method and same brand of appliance.
The complaints of abuse made by a dozen former switchboard and former trader at Federconsumatori and the Financial Police have opened an investigation lasting three years that led to the arrest of five people at the top of Italcarone. The charges are conspiracy to commercial fraud and tax evasion. As explained by yellow flames, black sales company with branches in Arezzo and Massa would amount to almost four and a half million euros. The workers were recruited with newspaper advertisements from persons without specialization needed to gain and were drawn by promises of bonuses and commissions. Even the good life that led the coup leaders was: luxury cars and villas (a Reggello kidnapped would belong to the family Gucci).
The morning began at the call center on the national anthem and chanting slogans, holding hands or motivational. Phone calls, explained to investigators, had to take multiple appointments can, sellers enter into contracts and place the vacuum cleaner that was imported for a real value of 350 euros was sold to more than 3,500 euros or in installments of 94 euros for 60 months. Also, allegedly, the appliance was presented demonstrations door to door as “electro-medical-surgical anti mite” with permission of the Ministry of Health, denied authorization from the same department.
Each new vendor was accompanied by an “elder” and the recommendation was to point to the beginning to relatives and friends, easier to convince people to buy. Prizes (including exotic trips) were waved in the event of goals – for example 60 demonstrations a month – but in fact were often unreachable. If you failed the minimum sales goal of the roof, jumped compensation. Turnover was high and many a few months after leaving that job insecurity. They start so early records, stories exhausting shifts (up to 14 hours per day in telephone point) and psychological and physical harassment. The Prosecutor opened an investigation, the Guardia di Finanza acquires films, taking control. Among the items seized in the first search, a year ago, the firm in Valdarno a whip and signs like: “Successful people do what failures do not like. Never forget who we are: the best.”

For the italians bank drafts are round

The Euro is falling vertically. Against the dollar worth so little that a penthouse in Manhattan jumped to $ 300, said Scajola alarmed. According to Moody’s downgrade Greek banks in relation to sovereign debt and strengthen the rule USDA jpy and determines the investor flight to other assets. And if that statement would be entirely meaningless Moody’s is ready to fall back on: “The assets of banks enhances the downgrade and investors detrmine drain of U.S. dollars to other Greeks.” O: ‘Venus in Capricorn threatens the Euro. Moody’s is rating the agency had predicted that the holding of Lehman Brothers. After the collapse of investment bank, the managing director of Moody’s, Raymond McDaniel, was justified by saying, “Sorry, I had no glasses.” An excuse is so pathetic that was rejected even by lawyers Scajola. Bank of Italy considers that the weather agency’s ratings are not reliable. In its report, Moody’s, in fact, says that the crisis could spread to Italy, but also that it will be the next prime minister Rutelli.
The Italians observe trends in bags with a mixture of mistrust and disbelief with which Roberto Calderoli looks a Kandinsky. The 99.9 percent of Italians do not understand the financial speculation because it can not spend money that does not have: most Italians think that the cashier is round. Meanwhile, sticking close to Berlusconi names investigations for corruption: Former Minister Lunardi, coordinator Verdini. Politicians involved in the investigation of the PDL are so many that the magistrates are in the course also send a notice of the Audi A8 and the premier guitar Apicella: they were also doing business with Anemone. Berlusconi has complained that this is a plot of magistracy, but after six hours denied. Satisfied Switzerland: Berlusconi’s denials are so precise that we synchronize our watches.