Audio recording of drugged Michael Jackson shocks the world

An audio recording of a drugged, incomprehensible Michael Jackson, which was presented as evidence during the first day of Dr. Conrad Murray’s trial shocked the world. Jackson’s lawyers also presented to the judge and the jury a photo of the pop icon on his death bed, Us Magazine informs.

On Tuesday, prosecutors in the Michael Jackson murder case began their statements arguing that Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s personal doctor, killed the pop icon involuntarily, but it was his “gross negligence and incompetence” that put an end to Jackson’s life in the end. They displayed a graphic photo of the star’s dead body. The photo was taken in the same day that he died, on June 25, 2009.

They also presented to the court an audio recording of Michael on the doctor’s iPhone. The recording showed a highly overdosed Michael, who was trying to articulate ideas regarding his upcoming concert. The audio was made about six weeks prior to his death.

The prosecutors argue that Dr. Murray knew about the state that Michael was in and left him unsupervised for 45 minutes to attend a phone call, after administering him Propofol.  Michael was treated with the drug for a while and in the past weeks the doses increased.  Propofol is a very powerful anesthetic used intravenously in hospitals for patients who are about to undergo a surgical intervention.
Michael Jackson’s family was visibly affected. His mother was dabbing her eyes from time to time with a tissue, while La Toya, known for her warrior status in the case, wrote on her Twitter page “Justice!”

Dr. Conrad Murray was charged with “involuntary manslaughter” in the trial that began on September 27 and is estimated to take up to six weeks. The jury for the trial was selected on September 8. On February 8, 2010, Dr. Murray pleaded not guilty to the accusations brought to him and at the time, he was released from police custody after paying a 75,000 dollar bail.

Check Michael’s jackson audio recording below:

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