Apple Tv 3 Jailbreak Website Endorses PlexConnect as the Alternative to Jailbreak

It’s been years now since Plex has become a must-have presence on any jailbroken Apple TV and its absence on Apple TV 3 has had a lot of users disappointed of their experience.

Not anymore, because Plex devs have made a breakthrough that is bound to cause a new shift in the jailbreak community. With this occasion, the ATV3 Jailbreak website endorses PlexConnect for Apple TV 3 as the alternative to jailbreak.

It goes without saying, the release of a powerful and smart tool such as the PlexConnect is going to get attention and from the looks of it, this is the kind of breakthrough that could rechange the way users and devs have been thinking about hacking into iOS devices. The PlexConnect is an intelligent workaround Apple’s software restrictions, using Apple’s very own apps. It is able to get you access to all your Plex content without requiring a jailbreak first and it is compatible with both Apple TV 2 and Apple TV 3.

As soon as the PlexConnect became available, devs took it for a test and we’re impressed. They released a review and tutorial for PlexConnect, explaining with enthusiasm how it works and why it marks an important shift in the jailbreak community, but more importantly for the end Apple TV user. “The PlexConnect hack is basically an app and a server that uses XML and Javascript” explains the website, “an amazing feature” that although requires some Terminal command knowledge, the installation tutorial makes it a lot easier.

The release of PlexConnect is the kind of morale booster the entire jailbreaking community seemed to be in need of. It not only gives the user a successful alternative to the ATV 3 jailbreak, but it is a brilliant solution that’s good enough evidence there’s still room for improvement and creativity when it comes to workarounds for Apple’s restrictive system. “It works by masquerading a program on your computer as the Trailer App” explains the PlexConnect blog post, “to give you access to your library on the Plex Media Server” and “it does all this just by changing one setting on your Apple TV”.

The tutorial on how to install PlexConnect on Apple TV 2 and Apple TV 3 without jailbreak required has been published earlier this week on the Apple TV 3 Jailbreak website and consists of easy-to-follow guidelines and explanations that cover the entire process, including the DNS configuration and IP address change.

Mike Davies, team leader at AppleTV3Jailbreak, recommends users who are really eager to use their Apple TV 3s to take advantage of the alternative provided by PlexConnect, while the dev team is busy working on the jailbreak for Apple TV 3. All progress will be announced via the News section of the jailbreak website.

To read more about PlexConnect, get the installation tutorial as well as jailbreak news and tutorials for Apple TV (3, 2 and 1) please visit

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