AT&T Says iPhone 5 Will Set Sales Record

It’s really not that hard to believe Apple is once again raising the bar in the smartphone market, but not necessarily with technology innovation. Joining the marketing campaign for the best iPhone ever made, AT&T says iPhone 5 will set sales record.

Like you’d imagine, people have been spending the night waiting for the iPhone 5. You’ve seen it before, Apple draws a crowd and it’s the marketing campaign behind their every product that sells extremely well. And AT&T once again is there to take some of that popularity. AT&T is so happy with the prospect revenues it says iPhone 5 will set sales record.

The second best mobile service provider in the US declined to show some numbers after the first weekend of pre-orders. But AT&T did say something about the sales situation. They said that iPhone 5 from Apple has been sold faster than its previous model and that surely means that it’s going to be a sales record buster.

Hopefully, Apple will launch a report these days to show their newest achievement. And brace yourselves for some big numbers because in the first hour, the first batch of iPhone 5 smartphones was sold out. Also, some among the first orders scheduled for September 21, were pushed back as far as early October which is a clear sales record for iPhone 5.

This launch could easily make the iPhone 5 the most successful iPhone launch ever. At least that’s what AT&T is saying. And it’s not only because of the gadget junkies around the world. The specs on this phone look simply amazing.

Analysts have forecast that more than 30 million iPhones, including older models, will be sold by the end of September. And the market is again expected to explode during the winter holidays.

Until then, the iPhone 5 sales continue to go faster and faster, taking down records by the day.AT&T said it set a sales record with iPhone 5. Those sales made iPhone 5 the fastest gadget ever sold on pre-sales.

Starting this week, Apple will start shipping iPhones in the US, and most of the major markets of Europe such as France, Germany and the UK. Other Apple users, who wish the new marvel-gadget, are going to have to wait until September 28 or even a little longer, around the beginning of October to put their hands on the iPhone. 

The new iPhone 5 from Apple comes with a 4-inch Retina display, global 4G LTE coverage, an improved A6 processor and 1GB memory, and a new Lightning dock connector. In other words, bigger, faster and definitely more desirable so it’s sure the best iPhone ever made.

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