AT&T Releases Shared-Data Option Plans

Not staying current with competition could easily cost phone carriers clients. So, shortly after Verizon, AT&T released shared-data option plans to spice up the game.

June 28th, Verizon announced a “Share Everything” option. It allows subscribers to connect up to 10 devices to their wireless plan. It doesn’t matter that Verizon had the idea first. It matters that AT&T is giving its 76.8 million direct wireless customers unlimited calling and texting between up to 10 connected phones and other devices.

According to AT&T shared-data option plans, as of late August users will have access to “Mobile Share”. Unlike Verizon that dropped traditional phone plans, AT&T announced it keeps individual and family plans active. Subscribers can upgrade to the new plans if they want without being forced to change their contract activation period.

Plus, since Verizon already lost the grip of the shared-data option novelty, AT&T is making its option available for a smaller price. 1 GB of data for one smartphone will cost you $85 a month, $5 less than what Verizon would charge you. 6GB of shared data between two smartphones and one tablet would cost you $170 a month, whether it’s AT&T or Verizon.

While AT&T says the new shared-data plans will teach families and companies a new way to buy data, prices have spiked. Reuters writes that as of August, AT&T will charge four times more for data than the present day cost. So under the new plan, you’d pay $40 for 1 GB each month, a steep cost compared to present day’s $30 for 3 GB.

AT&T chief marketing officer for mobile, David Christopher, told Reuters the company believes the new plans deliver “great flexibility”. AT&T’s executive explained users can switch heavy data usage to those who need it more and thus avoiding over the limit costs.  Basically if your family of five chooses a $200 monthly 20 GB data plan, the voice and texting costs for each smartphone under your roof will raise your total bill to $350.

Good thing you can stick with your old data plan. David Christopher said: “If shared data is not for you then we’d love for you to stay on your existing plans. We know the existing plans make sense for lots of situations”.

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