Asus Transformer Book Trio – The First Tablet Running on Android and Windows 8

CNET New announced on early Tuesday that the first notebook-tablet hybrid running on Android and Windows 8 at the same time has been launched. The Asus Transformer Book Trio has been provided with two different processors which enable the tablet to use two different operating systems.

Asus Transformer Book Trio has not been tested yet by any tech review websites, but the company’s description is already available on their official website. The company revealed that this model is the first three-in-one device; the Book Trio may be used as a notebook, tablet or desktop PC, based on users’ needs.

The multipurpose device is also the first to be foreseen with two processors, produced by Atom and Hasswell, respectively. These two components enable the Asus Transformer Book Trio to take two different operating systems at the same time, that is, the Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows 8. The producer has opted for these two OSes because the first turns the notebook into a fast, easy-to-use tablet, whereas the Windows 8 is renowned as the best software for work-related tasks.

The technical aspects are just as advanced as the software, according to the declaration provided by the Taiwanese company. The tablet has been provided with a 11,6-inch screen that features 1,920×1,080 resolution. The screen is separated from the keyboard; it has a 2.0GHz Intel Atom Z2580 processor and it can be used as a tablet thanks to the Android OS.

The keyboard was turned into a much more significant component because it was endowed with Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system and it can be used as a desktop PC. The Intel fourth-generation Core i7 processor is one of the best at present, so the keyboard has numerous advanced features as long as it is connected to a monitor. The battery life has been expanded to 15 hours because both parts have their own batteries. The company did not reveal the date when the multipurpose device will be available on the market; nor did they reveal anything about the prices they will practice.


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