Asus releases Asus G751J Laptop

The latest Asus G751 was probably one of the first laptops released with Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M graphics card. That laptop was also one of the best gaming laptops on the market, featuring an amazing GPU which handled current games at a very high detail setting.

These days, Asus is coming with a new version of a gaming laptop, called Asus G751J. This laptop is another incredible device, powered by a new Nvidia technology, called G-Sync. This new feature was found only on desktop computers, but now people can also access it built into a handful of gaming laptops, including Asus G751J. 

For starters, G-Sync promises to eliminate screen stutter and tearing, while improving input lag. How it is going to do that? Well, by synchronizing the monitor’s refresh rate and the GPU’s render rate. Aside this feature that is pretty amazing, making games look smoother and faster, this laptop also comes with other features. Asus G751J is powered by a premium 17.3-inch screen and high-end Core i7 CPU, an incredible 24GB of RAM and a huge 256GB SSD paired with a 1TB 7,200rpm HDD. However, do not forget the start of this device, which is without a doubt the GeForce 980M GPU. 

This incredible configuration is available at the price of 2,499 dollars. However, no matter if it is a coincidence or not, customers could also find at the same price another gaming laptop, called Origin PC Eon170X, having a faster processor, but less RAM. 

Probably, the main difference between last year’s model and the 2015 model is inside the laptop, because outside, Asus G751J looks slightly the same. This gaming laptop comes with a couple of new stickers that are promoting G-Sync. Moreover, there is a sticker on the laptop that indicates that it’s ready for Windows 10. 

Many people prefer to have a super-thin laptop that is very easy for traveling, but Asus G751J is not one of those laptops. Having the latest components on the market inside, this laptop will definitely come with some compromises. Yes, the chassis is a little bit bigger, but it worth it, due to its inside configuration. Asus G751J comes with an incredible design that will give users the feeling that they are controlling a spaceship. 

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