Astell & Kern AK Jr, a high-end player

Even since its first launch in 2012, this company has been recognized as producing high-end audio. However, their high price made many customers avoid trying these products, so probably just those with a high budget afforded to buy.

Well, with the latest Astell & Kern AK Jr, the company becomes more affordable than it was before. With the price of 500 dollars, this new portable player doesn’t cost a fortune. The new Astell & Kern AK Jr impresses with its design, sound quality and many other interesting features.

Even if the latest iPod Touch is available at the price of 300 dollars and comes with a similar capacity and has a lot of other features besides playing music, it still hasn’t been able to achieve the sound quality and design the AK Jr has.

To be mentioned that the iPod Touch doesn’t have the ability to play back high-res audio files. However, there are many other portable players that have similar performances and are less expensive, including PonoPlayer and Sony NWZ-A17. 

Still, Astell & Kern AK Jr is probably the best good-looking portable player on the market and no other device matches its sound quality. If somebody is looking for something better than a phone to listen to music, this portable player may be a good choice.

Even if it has pointy edges, this problem may be resolved with a 50 dollars case. Probably, the first thing that pops up in users’ eyes is an exposed volume knob located on the back. This knob is probably the trademark of the device and also the most joyful part of it. 

However, the back of the portable player is beautiful too, featuring nicely patterned glass. Astell & Kern AK Jr is pocket friendly and measures 4.6 by 2.2 by 0.35 inches. It also weighs 3.28 ounces, meaning that it is very comfortable when it comes to travel. Users will find on the side a play/pause button in addition to forward and back. Even if other players from Astell & Kern are wireless network compatible, sadly, this portable player is restricted to a wired connection only. 

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