Ask the Presidential Candidates Sausage or Pepperoni and Win Free Pizza Hut For Life

Pizza Hut plans to add a little bit of excitement to the next presidential debate. Will you ask the presidential candidates “sausage or pepperoni” to win free Pizza Hut for life?

If the last presidential debate scored as the most Twitted political event in history, but it failed to be all that exciting. It wasn’t what you’d describe as an intense debate where candidates pulled every trick they knew to stir the audience. No, the Mitt Romney and Barack Obama debate lacked the excitement. Pizza Hut planed a marketing stunt that will turn the presidential debate in a slightly more thrilling event.

The Pizza Hut $520 gift card every year for the next 30 will definitely draw attention away from the actual presidential debate. Sure, it’s going to get a lot more people watching it and more likely a lot more tweeting about it. But people are going to wait for the man who’s going to pop the question: “Mr. President, Mr. Romney, sausage or pepperoni?”

Tuesday, the marketing team at Pizza Hut released a video add announcing the company’s idea to make the presidential debate more exciting. The person that asks “either of the participants the age-old burning question – Sausage or Pepperoni? – during the live telecast” of the debate will win a lifetime supply of pizza.
 “We recognize there are a lot of serious issues to be debated, but we also know a lot less serious – but no less important – ones are being discussed every night inside houses across the country” said Pizza Hut CMO Kurt Kane. “So for the candidates to be able to show that they’re in tune with all the issues, we felt a pizza-related question on behalf of The Pizza Party was very appropriate for a town hall debate” the CMO added.

The answer to the presidential pizza debate is worth $520 a year at Pizza Hut. The winner will get the $520 gift card every year for “up to 30 years”.  Will you be the one to find whether it’s sausage or pepperoni for Mitt Romney or Barack Obama? The next presidential debate is set for Oct. 16 at Hofstra University.

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