Ashton Kutscher, undecided about wearing his wedding ring

Actor Ashton Kutscher, who has lately made the front page of publications not because of his acting talent but due to his lover skills, seems undecided about wearing his wedding ring or not. Several posts on Chime.in show him with the ring on and then with the ring off. This rules out the possibility of swollen hands and the ring not fitting anymore.
A few days ago, on October 21, Kutscher posted a message on Chime.in about the truth told in the media. In his opinion, the truth can be molded by each person. “We are our own editors and our own publishers and printers. And therefore anyone can bastardize the truth in any way shape or form they want and spread it all around the world”, he wrote. But this had little importance in the eyes of a media, as another “minor detail” dragged the attention. The new “Two And A Half Men” star was not wearing his wedding ring.  The “knot” that symbolizes his commitment to wife Demi Moore was also missing in the video that he uploaded later.

This weekend, however, the actor posted another photo and another text, this time about the Chicago Bulls. The text wasn’t that important this time, either. But what seemed of maximum importance was the ring that now appeared on his finger.

On their wedding anniversary, Ashton and Demi were in different places. And he was reportedly in a club, having a blast with a hot blonde named Sara Leal, whom he met at Fluxx nightclub. According to her, he said he had split from Moore. Further details on his cheating were given in an interview of Leal to Us Weekly.

We don’t know exactly when Demi and Ashton started having problems in their 6-year-long marriage, but rumors about his infidelity began around the time that he got the role in Charlie Sheen’s sitcom. Is this Charlie’s curse? Or is it the late character, Charlie Harper, haunting the man that replaced him?


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