Ashton Kutcher’s on-and-off tweeting

Ashton Kutcher shut down his Twitter account after his disastrous comments supporting football coach Joe Paterno but reconsidered and is currently back to Twitting, according to USA Today.
The misunderstanding started with Kutcher’s belligerent comments posted on Wednesday night, when he declared himself firmly against the decision to fire Joe Paterno the football coach of Penn State. At the time the actor was unaware of the solid reasons which conducted to Paterno being let go, namely his involvement in a child sexual assault scandal.

Paterno, 84, was not charged directly with the abuse but is considered to have overlooked the misconduct of his assistant Jerry Sandusky, accused of molesting young boys throughout a period of 15 years.

To top it all off, Kutcher and his wife Demi Moore are involved in a charity focused on ending sex slavery.

Once aware of the actual situation, Kutcher deleted his original post and apologized for his previous statement in a tweet that revealed his half knowledge regarding the reasons behind the coach’s dismissal. Furthermore, on Thursday he loaded a letter on his blog page announcing he was no longer in control of his Twitter account and was turning it over to his team at Katalyst Media. Up until now Ashton managed entirely on his own all the tweets that reached his over 8 million followers, but in light of the recent events he decided to bring in his assistants to help him better ensure the quality of his feed content.

The Katalyst Media team, alongside Kutcher, will be faced with the challenge of keeping the future content of the actor’s feed true to his previous style, image and brand as well as keep the authenticity factor going. The moment that will slip the fans will notice on spot and sanction him accordingly.

Kutcher is not the only celebrity to have slipped while tweeting. In December, Chris Brown displayed a homophobic attitude when talking about singer Raz-B. John Mayer used his Twitter account to apologize for the use of the “n-word” during an interview for Playboy, in February 2010. Gilbert Gottfried got fired in March as spokesperson for Aflac due to his inappropriate tweets mocking the Japan inhabitants after the tsunami hit. In June, Congressman Anthony Weiner destroyed his political career at the aid of a photo posted on Twitter.

The social media platform is taking a more and more important part in celebrities keeping in touch with their fans. Justin Bieber has over 14 million followers, Selena Gomez 8 million and Lady Gaga an ongoing pool of over 15 million. Victoria Beckham used her account to present to her fans the image of her baby Harper. Jessica Simpson confirmed her pregnancy using a Tweet, on Halloween.

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