Ashton Kutcher’s First Photo As Steve Jobs

Ashton Kutcher was chosen to portray the late Apple CEO in the biopic “jOBS” that will premiere during Sundance Film Festival in January. The first picture of the actor as Steve Jobs was released on Tuesday and people were surprised to see the strong resemblance between the two, says Reuters.

One would never think Ashton Kutcher could have anything in common with the late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs. Yet, the producers of the biopic “jOBS” realized the actor is actually the spitting image of the famous CEO and hired him for their movie. The first picture which was released on Tuesday comes to confirm that producers made the right choice in selecting Kutcher.

Even though he does not wear the famous black turtleneck that Jobs displayed in the last years of his life, there are many similarities between Ashton Kutcher and the young version of Jobs. The image shows the “Two and a Half Men” star sitting on his desk in the same manner that Steve would sit during his launching presentations. The actor is dressed with a blue shirt and a casual pair of jeans.

Kutcher’s image has suffered various modifications in the past year. He let his hair grow and was among the first to don the bearded look. These elements have helped him provide a better impersonation of the late CEO. Steve Jobs wore his hair much in the same manner as Kutcher does during his first years at Apple. Since the details are the ones that usually make the difference the actor also wears glasses throughout the biopic.

The biopic will present the major events in the life of the famous technology icon. The movie, named “jOBS” in reference to Apple’s iOS software program, will be broadcast during the last evening of the Sundance Film Festival. The Festival runs from January 17 to 27 in Park City, Utah.

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