Ashton Kutcher parties with Iowa girls

Newly single Ashton Kutcher visited his hometown in Iowa over the weekend and according to a source who spoke to Us Weekly, the actor partied hard with the local girls. This is not the image that he pictures himself in. On the contrary, his Twitter post unveils an Ashton who is more in contact with Mother Nature.

On November 23, Two And A Half Men star Ashton Kutcher decided to go on a visit to his hometown. So he and some friends arrived in Iowa City, where they were soon the center of attention of all the women around. A source told Us Weekly that Kutcher went to several bars that day, including Bo James and Sports Column. There, he ordered some beer and one by one, the girls started coming up to him. They were “hugging him and shaking his hand”, the witness said, adding that the actor “loved the attention.”

Just three days after, he was spotted drinking beer at another bar, called Summit. “He was swarmed by girls”, a witness revealed. Some of the girls tried to convince him to leave the bar and move to towards a hotter destination: a trip club. To their disappointment, he declined the invitations.

Contrary to the description made by the several sources, Kutcher gave a more “zen” description of his Iowa experience. As resulted from his Twitter post, he did not concentrate his attention of partying and girls, but rather on the refreshing feeling of being in the heart of nature. He posted a picture of a picturesque version of himself in the middle of a field, with a cow in the back, and named it “Country Giving”.

At the same time, his wife Demi Moore spent her weekend in the company of friend Eric Butterbaugh.  On November 26, the actress went out to dinner with the Hollywood florist. According to an insider, their relationship is “totally platonic”.

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