Ashley Judd Slams Media For “Misogynistic” Comments

Ashley Judd just made it to No 1 in my top three favorite actresses. The star proved that she can wonderfully master words by slamming the media for their “misogynistic” comments in a Daily Beast column. Everything started when several television shows criticized Judd for her recent “puffy” appearance concluding that the actress must have had her face “worked”.

The fact that women are constantly judged by their appearances and objectified according to their body parts really bothers activist Ashley Judd. Bad mouths claim that the actress looks puffier now because she was injected with Botox like many other celebrities in Hollywood. Judd denied the rumors saying that she followed a steroid medication to get rid of a month-long cold.

The actress classified all these talks in relation to her looks as “pointedly nasty, gendered, and misogynistic”. She then, outlined the main “conclusion” that the media makes every time she looks different than they expect her to. Whether the 43-year-old star looks puffier because of steroids or looks too perfect for her age, the media always decrees that she must have had some work done.

According to Judd, it is revolting to see that so many people expect her to look like she used to when she played in the 1998 movie “Double Jeopardy”. She keeps reminding people that 14 years passed since then, so it is natural for her to look different. Despite this, the actress continues to be accused of “messing up her face”. Moreover, some reporters have even dared to call her “cow” or “pig” because she gained weight in the past years.

It may seem like the actress was only trying to provide a response to the recent allegations, but her article was actually a call to action for both men and women, so they could change the “Conversation”. Ashley begged people to direct their attention towards other subjects besides physical appearance because beauty is not women’s only asset.

The article triggered various reactions from the actress’ fans. Some of them agreed with her, while others claimed that Judd is using women’s insecurity to direct people’s attention away from her plastic surgery.

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