Arnold Schwarzenegger Uses his Tank for Charity Project

In case you have always dreamed about riding with Arnold Schwarzenegger in a tank, this might be the best moment to see your dream coming true. Fans can join the actor destroy stuff with his tank. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger is not a tough guy only in movies. The star has a passion for military machinery, which he now wants to share with his fans. Schwarzenegger purchased his first civilian Hummer back in 1992, but his collection includes many similar vehicles. 

Now, the star has an ex-US Army tank and he is set to destroy stuff with it. But, Arnold will not ride the 44-tine M47 Patton tank alone, but he wants two fans to join him. “I finally have achieved my lifelong dream.. to finally possess my own f(bleep)ing tank. I’m inviting you personally to Los Angeles, to crush things in my tank with me,” the star said. 

However, Arnold will not ride his tank and destroy stuff just for the sake of it. The actor says that it is all part of a charity project, which became known as After-School All-Stars. The project wants to provide after-school education and fitness programs to students from all over the United States. This program was created by the Hollywood star back in 1992. 

Arnold will make a donation himself. In fact, the actor said that he will match each donation that is given to the project. Arnold offers anyone the possibility to ride in the tank with him, so if you would like to enjoy such an experience, you can sign up on Omaze.com. You can sign up on this website for the competition, which will choose one lucky fan who will be able to ride with Arnold, along with a pal. 

Below you can watch the video which promotes this project. Arnold seems extremely happy to own his tank and just crush stuff, including a taxi cab, a piano and even a table full of birthday cakes. Arnold also crushes a DVD of A Million Dollar Baby, as the actor says it makes him cry. “I don’t cry,” he adds. The video is quite funny and it almost makes you want to get on board and enjoy this experience with Arnold. 

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