Arnold Schwarzenegger opens museum dedicated to his life in Austria

Actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger took a plane to Austria, his home country, in order to open a museum dedicated to his life, Reuters reports. The house where the Hollywood action star spent his childhood is now a museum where fans can see mementoes of Schwarzenegger’s childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

This Friday will always be a special day for Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is the day when his childhood home in Austria was transformed officially into a museum the mirrors his life before the celebrity wave. Thousands of fans dressed in outfits similar to the one he wore in “Terminator” gathered to see their favorite star. Schwarzenegger described the home as “a little house that stands here behind us, […] an old house [that] has been repainted in yellow and it has been freshly renovated. But it was here that I spent my youth.”

The museum hosts a series of things that date from his childhood and teenage years, including his first body building weights, but also more recent items, such as his desk from his Sacramento’s governor office. Arnold said he hoped that his story that led him from body building to the Hollywood Hills and then to the governor position, will be an inspiration to many other people.” Stay hungry! That was one of my first movies, it has always been my philosophy. This house should carry this message”, the star explained.
Despite the media trashing his name following the split from wife Maria Shriver [after 25 years of marriage] because of a love child he was discovered to have with a housekeeper, the fans of the Terminator still believe in him and his success. For them, he is “the number one body builder, the number one actor and the number one politician”.

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