Armenian Genocide Denial Continues To Draw International Scrutiny

For many people today the Armenian genocide remains an injustice that must be solved. Although governments of Armenia and the Diaspora continue to work on the matter, only recently the French constitutional court has dismissed a bill that would bring on sanctions for those undergoing denial of the Armenian genocide. With the matter far from ending, the Armenian genocide continues to draw international scrutiny.

The Armenian genocide has often been compared to the Holocaust. In 1915, the Ottoman Empire lead to the systematic killing of the Armenian population living on its territory. Massacres, deportations and other actions have resulted in the killing of 1 to 1.5 million of Armenians during 1915 and the end of the World War I.

Although so many years have passed since then, the matter is still sensitive, as there’s little progress made into recognizing the actual genocide. So far 21 countries around the world and 43 U.S. states have acknowledged the event, but there’s still no set in stone rule that can allow for sanctions for those that were actively part of the crimes.

Over the weekend, the Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan held a speech talking about the progress and steps to be taken to put an end to the denial of the Armenian genocide. “The process of international recognition and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide continues thanks to joint efforts of Armenia and Diaspora”, said Serzh Sargsyan.

He added that despite the promotion of “a clear cut message to all states and nations of the world”, the “crime committed against the Armenian nation continues event today, right now”.

With about 800,000 Armenians living officially in the United States today, the matter is just as important for the United States. For that reason, E! Network has dedicated an episode of “Khloe and Lamar” that featured a debate over the Armenian genocide based on data from Armenian Youth Federation.

Khloe and Lamar are trying to figure out whether Lamar should move to Turkey for a while on a basketball contract. The decision is particularly complex, because the Kardashian family is quite keen on its Armenian heritage.
Khloe said: “The Armenian Genocide is such a controversial and very sensitive issue because the Turkish and Armenian people disagree about the facts of what actually happened”.

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  1. The “alleged” Armenian genocide is a political statement, not a historical fact. This political statement is based on a racist and dishonest interpretation of history. Racist because itn ignores the Turkish deaths at the hands of Armenian revolutionaries. And dishonest because it ignores Armenian propaganda, agitation, terrorism, revolts, treason, territorial demands, raids, bombings, assassinations, bank raids, and more. Half the story is left out, deliberately, so that the genocide claims can be justified. “Fair Memory” requires that all the suffering be recognized, not just that of the Armenians.

  2. The Armenian Genocide is a historical fact. It has been studied by scholars around the world and has been affirmed repeatedly that a systematic destruction of Armenian population of Anatolia indeed took place in the hands of Ottoman empire. Ergun’s comments is a typical example of genocide denial, which is said to be the last stage of Genocide! Victimizing the victim and alleging that the victims were at fault is the last stage of Genocide. The infamous Article 301 of Turkish constitution has been used to prosecute anyone who speaks truthfully about the Armenian Genocide in Turkey. As a result many journalists and human rights activists have been prosecuted and put into jail in Turkey. Hrant Dink, a Turkish Armenian journalist, was vilified under the same article and was eventually killed with a gun shot to his head (from behind) in front of his newspaper publication agency. This is the extent to which the Turks go to silence the truth! The barbaric legacy of the Ottoman empire lives on to this day and people like Ergun Kirlikovali are the heirs of this legacy who take pride in it!!!

  3. Ergun, show me the pictures of Armenian soldiers standing next to a pyramid of severed heads. Show me the pictures of mass graves in which Turks were buried. I have seen no such pictures. You? I have seen these pictures however, showing severed heads of Armenians and mass graves of Armenians. I don’t know if you believe what you’re writing, if you do, you’re misinformed. If not, then you are part of the cover up.

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