Ariana Grande to avoid talking about her Love Life

Ariana Grande decided to not reveal that much about her love life. So, the famous and beautiful star did not made a series of revelations, although she had spoken in a recent interview with NBC’s Today. Adriana opened about her love life on Friday morning, but she revealed little. 

So, Ariana Grande had a chat with Matt Lauer, on Today show, although the star was not that willing to reveal too much about her personal relationships. Rumors revealed that Ariana is now dating famous rapper Big Sean. Matt Lauer tried to find out something about these rumors, but Ariana tried to avoid the answer as much as possible. 

Matt Lauer asked Ariana if anybody has captured her attention lately in Hollywood, but the 21 year old star avoided the answer. “Oh my goodness, has anybody captured yourattention.?” she said. However, Matt had an answer for her, saying that he has been married for 15 years, so someone has surely got his attention. However, the star admitted that she is doing very well. “I’m happy,” she said. “I’m happy,” the beautiful star repeated with a smile on her face. 

Ariana Grande was spotted with Big Sean backstage at the MTV VMAs, holding hands. Naturally, this made rumors on their potential relationship worse, revealing that the two are a couple now. Ariana and Big Sean have not confirmed or denied the rumors. Still, some sources revealed that even though the two have been friends for quite some time, their relationship has evolved. 

“They have been friends since they made the song together,” a source said according to E! News. “They have been spending more time together and recently have been getting very close. They are both doing great,” the same source added. Big Sean claimed this week that he is really grateful to be part of Ariana’s life. 

So, now Ariana Grande decided to remain quite private when it comes to her personal life and the potential relationship with Big Sean. If the rumors are true and the two stars are happy, congrats are in order for this lovely celebrity couple.

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