Aretha Franklin calls off wedding

Three weeks after announcing her engagement to William “Willie” Wickerson, Aretha Franklin calls off wedding on Monday. According to Us Weekly, the singer decided that her relationship with Willie was going too fast and that they didn’t have the chance to think thinks over.

Whatever it is that caused Aretha Franklin to change her mind about the wedding it is definitely not anxiety. The 69-year-old singer was married two times before, so she is somewhat familiar with the process.

Franklin did not want to reveal too many pieces of information to the Us Weekly reporters. All she said was that she and Willie realized that there are certain aspects they didn’t manage to discuss; therefore, the two reached the conclusion that they were hurrying to get married. The Queen of Soul further stated that “there will be no wedding at this time” which gives us hope that the wedding hasn’t been called off, but only postponed for a while.

The “Respect” interpreter declared on January 2 that she got engaged with her old time friend, Willie and they were preparing for the wedding. Based on their declarations, the ceremony was due to take place this summer in Miami Beach. Aretha Franklin even mentioned a reception on a private yacht and a wedding dress bought from famous designers like Donna Karen, Valentino or Vera Wang.

Although the couple wants to leave the impression that they did not split, Franklin’s statement comes to contradict this. In the official declaration that she released on Monday, the singer told the press that the subject is very sensitive for her and Willie and they do not wish to make any further comments upon it. In the end, she thanked her friends and fans for the support they have shown towards them.

Franklin’s first husband was Ted White; she was married to him from 1961 to 1969. In 1978 she tied the knot for the second time with Glynn Turman, but the relationship did not last. The two broke up in 1984, but continued to remain close friends.

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