Are You A Taller Woman? Scientists Say Ovarian Cancer Is A Risk

As if some of the taller women didn’t find it difficult to blend in a world where the average height is 1.60 and something, now a new study gives them another issue to worry about. Basically scientists say that if you are a taller woman ovarian cancer is a significant risk.

This Wednesday, scientists published in Public of Library Science Medicine a study that should give models today at skyscraper heights something to think about. Apparently taller women are facing a higher risk of developing ovarian cancer. In fact, as their research points out, every 5 centimeters (or 2 inches) in height equals with a minor increase of the risk to develop ovarian cancer. Scary, right?

The findings have been researched by a team of U.K. scientists with the University of Oxford. They have been investigating 47 epidemiological studies across 14 countries and medical records of about 25,000 ovarian cancer patients and 81,000 women that didn’t have the cancer.

In a few words, Valerie Beral with the Oxford University Epidemiology, explained the intensive research: “By bringing together the worldwide evidence, it became clear that height is a risk factor”.

But don’t panic yet. The risk of developing ovarian cancer if you’re a taller woman that the average height, the odds of going through such an ordeal remain small, based on this particular aspect alone. A woman of a 5 foot height carries a 16 out of a 1000 chance to develop ovarian cancer. Taller woman carry a 20 out of 1000 chance to develop the same cancer and the risk gets higher each 5 centimeters or 2 inches.

At the moment, despite overall advances in medicine, doctors are still having a hard time correctly diagnosing ovarian cancer, so any research on the matter is welcomed. The research didn’t only pointed height as a factor of risk, but also found that the body mass is also to be considered. The findings showed that overweight women that were never on hormone replacement therapy are more prone to develop ovarian cancer.

Since there’s nothing you can do about your height, all that’s left is to be more considered about taking care of your body, being particular about your weight and diet and on the overall be more physically active.

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