Are There Too Many Smartphones in America?

While keen on establishing which smartphone manufacturer is the most popular among customers, market research companies failed to see the forest for the trees, namely, that smartphones dominate the U.S. market. This observation was first made by Pew Research Center which noticed that there are many more smartphones now than they used to be several years ago, CNET News relates.

The report that Pew Research Center presented on Thursday has taken into account the data that was registered since 2011. The company was, thus, able to declare that smartphone ownership has significantly increased in the past two years, regardless of the manufacturing company. Whether it is Samsung, Apple or HTC, figures clearly indicate that many more Americans prefer smartphones instead of regular phones.

The study that Pew Research Center published on Wednesday shows that 56 percent adults are now smartphone owners, whereas in 2011 their number barely reached 35%. For the other cell phones and devices, the situation is totally opposite. In 2011, there used to be 48% cell phone owners and now there are only 35%. Only 9% people on the U.S. market have no cell phone at all, a percentage which diminished considerably since 2011, when 17% people used no device to stay in touch with the rest of the world.

The company analyzed the consumer profiles as well and noticed that smartphones are popular among all age groups and social backgrounds. Young adults are the first to adopt the smartphone trend as 80 percent of them have one similar device. Surprisingly, people over 65 find smartphones much more useful than the other featured phones available on the market. The research shows that there are now 18 percent smartphone users aged 65 or older as compared to 13 percent registered in 2012.

After determining the evolution of the smartphones on the U.S. market, the company has set forward to find out America’s favorite smartphone. According to their report, Android-based smartphones continue to be the most popular as they have exceeded Apple’s iPhones by several percentages.

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