Are Rihanna And Ashton Kutcher Dating?

Take two of the hottest and most successful celebrities today, set the mood and then call the paparazzi. It seems that this is the recipe for celebrity love life gossip rumors. It’s been done by many throughout the years and even when those involved dismiss the rumors, the newspaper still sells. The gossip media now turned to Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher, both single and both tremendously successful. So why not start rumors these two are dating?

The rumors regarding that Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher are dating, or to use a bad mouth media term booty calling, have swept the internet. Twitter, the Holy Grail of online gossip, has gone insane over the matter and even if Rihanna has already dismissed the rumors there still are some aspects that don’t exactly support her story. Even Demi Moore seems to have taken the whole matter seriously.

For once, OK Magazine writes that Ashton Kutcher “is furious that Rihanna was spotted at his L.A. home just before midnight on March 20 – and then seen leaving about four hours later”. Many have interpreted their relationship as a friends with benefits kind of arrangements and ever since that happened Ashton has ruled out that Rihanna can’t be trusted. And that’s particularly because Rihanna failed to mention as she arrived at Ashton’s home that paparazzi had been following and taking pictures of her.

An insider told OK Magazine that Ashton took a lot of time “to agree to meet up with Rihanna because he was afraid of all the attention it would bring”. Meanwhile, a source close to Rihanna says that the singer “couldn’t care less” and from her point of view, Ashton got “what he deserves”.

A reporter dared to ask Rihanna about her love life and hinted at her relationship with Ashton. The singer only answered: “Wow. How disappointing was that question? I’m happy and I’m single, it that’s what you were really asking”.

Meanwhile, sources close to Demi Moore say she’s about to lose it because of the rumors about Ashton’s love life. Apparently she got so upset with the Rihanna rumors that the actress is refusing to sign off on divorce papers. A source told Grazia Magazine, Demi was close to signing a couple of weeks ago, “but in light of recent events she’s not feeling so cooperative”.

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