Are Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Married?

Speculation on a potential marriage of famous singer Miley Cyrus and Hollywood actor Liam Hemsworth has been on for several months. Now, the rumors are saying that Miley and Liam might already be married. So, according to the rumors, the two stars secretly married over the winter holidays. 

As imagined, the rumors emerged after Miley called Liam’s family her “in-laws” on social media. The fact that Miley and Liam celebrated New Year’s Eve together is no shock. The pair was accompanied for the celebrations by Miley’s mother, Tish Cyrus, as well as by Liam’s mother, Leonie Hemsworths. The celebrations were also attended by Liam’s famous brother, Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa. 

Miley was surely willing to share a lot when it comes to the celebrations, as the star documented the whole event on social media. She shared photos of her and Liam and in one of the pics Miley is seen kissing her boyfriend. And that is not all. It seems that Miley feels confident now to brag about the special man in her life. She called Liam her “hot” fiancé. 

Miley also shared a photo of her mother hugging Liam’s mom and captioned the pic: “Family! #inlaws (no law).” The young singer also shared some photos of herself and her mom. Some sources claimed that both Liam and Miley wanted to spend some family time and they made sure to clear their families’ schedule before the winter vacation. Without a doubt, everyone seemed to be enjoying a great time. 

However, there is no other indication, except for this post, that Miley and Liam might have gotten secretly married. It surely is interesting to mention that until now, Miley and Liam have been very private about their relationship. Miley started to share more about the romance in the most recent period of time. The couple also shared some photos of their Christmas celebrations with their families and Liam also joined Miley’s family for an early celebration. 

It definitely seems that Liam and Miley have spent a lot of time together during these holidays and things appear to be going great since their reconciliation.

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