Are Katy Perry And Robert Ackroyd Together?

Don’t you just love Coachella? Celebrities disconnect from their daily glamorous life so easily that they forget about the ever present paparazzi and act like any other person at a music festival. Thanks to that now we have pictures that point Katy Perry might be over Russell Brand faster than imagined. Katy has been spotted kissing Robert Ackroyd at Coachela, leaving us wondering if they’re together or not.

Soon after the first pictures of Katy Perry’s new Coachella hair due surfaced, now the glossy media has another topic to debate over. During Coachella Music Festival, Katy Perry has been spotted being more than friendly with the guitar player from Florence and The Machine.

Over the weekend it seems that Katy Perry finally put the Russell Brand story behind and moved on to another handsome man. This time it was Robert Ackroyd, guitar player from Florence and The Machine that got her attention. The two of them have been seen holding hands, hugging and even smooching.

Although neither of them have made any comments yet regarding the intimate stances they’ve been seen, Robert Ackroyd seemed quite happy at the end of Coachella. He published his excitement on Twitter: “Best Coachella ever. Scratch that, best weekend ever. Dre, Snoop, Pac, Nate, Fiddy & KP”. Yes, quite a combo.

According to a Life & Style, things might be more serious between Katy Perry and Robert Ackroyd than it looks first hand. A source told them: “Backstage at the Artist Lounge at Coachella last weekend, Katy kept saying her boyfriend was the guitar player for Florence + the Machine”. Plus, purple hair Katy refused to join her friend to see Dr. Dre because “she was waiting to watch her boyfriend perform!”

Earlier this month, things looked a bit different for Katy. According to one of her friends, she was still trying to get back together with Russell. “She’s a lost soul right now. Right now, Katy and Russell are trying to get to the point where they can at least be friends”.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand have reached a divorce settlement and in February a judge granted their separation.

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