Apple Working On “Flashback” Malware

After being scolded for lagging to provide a solution to the virus affecting Mac devices, Apple declared on Thursday that the company is now working on the “Flashback” malware. The cyber security community told Apple about the malware problem last summer, but the company did not take their demands in consideration. As a result, 600,000 Macintosh computers have been infested.

Seeing that Apple is not doing anything to prevent their computers from getting infested, customers and security experts raked the company over the coals. Spokespersons released a public statement saying that the electronics firm was not able to provide a solution to their problem because it was too busy studying the malware. According to the declaration, the company will soon release software that will be able to detect and eliminate “Flashback”. Apple did not provide other details in relation to the product’s specifications or its release date.

Despite Apple’s response, customers continue to be upset because the company did not address the problem when the first complaints were made in February. There have been, however, people who appreciated that the iPhone producer provided an answer even if later than anyone expected. Michael Sutton, VP of Security Research at Zscaler ThreatLabZ, doubts that the company will do anything to prevent the expansion of the virus. He told reporters that the iPad maker has a reputation of “putting blinders on when it comes to dealing with security researchers”.

The “Flashback” malware is different than the rest because it is aimed at Apple computers. Most Trojans and malwares were created to affect PCs operating with Windows, but “Flashback” is the only one to produce a large-scale invasion on Macintosh devices. Based on the recent reports, the malware seems to gain ground on Windows PCs, as well.

Symantec Corp has taken a look at the situation and, according to them, the number of infected computers dropped in the past week. They now estimate that there are only 270,000 computers affected by this malware.

The “Flashback” malware can be downloaded on the computer from infested websites. The virus advertises itself as Java software, so people may be easily tricked into thinking that this is a safe programme.


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