Apple Wants to Conquer the World of Streaming Music

There is no secret in the fact that the iTunes managed to change the way music-lovers bought their favorite songs. With iTunes, people replaced the classical plastic discs with digital downloads. Now, the giant tech has decided to carve out a leading role with a new, paid streaming-music service set to launch this summer. On the market, there are millions of listeners who already are turning into streaming outlets, like Spotify or Pandora. Music-industry sources and analysts are claiming that the iPhone and iPod maker has been gearing up to release its own services, with the purpose to win back some of those customers and offer them a new mode of listening.

Everyone is waiting for Apple to announce the new service at its annual conference for software developers, in San Francisco. However, besides the announcement of this new service, CEO Tim Cook and other executives are expected to show off other new features in Apple’s operating software for iPads, Macintosh computers, Apple Watch and even iPhones. Analysts also expect some new features for the mobile-payment service, called Apple Pay. It is known that Apple makes most of its money from selling handheld gadgets, like the famous iPhone. However, the world’s biggest tech company uses its annual World Wide Developers Conference to highlight the online services, software, and apps that make this incredible devices indispensable to consumers.

Along with the very expected new music service, people also expect Apple to release a new streaming-video package and upgrades for its Apple TV service. Unfortunately, this feature will probably be delayed, because the company is still negotiating with broadcasters. With this news, the main spotlights are on Apple’s music initiative. Analysts have declared that Apple needs to build a robust streaming business if they want to maintain the leading role in the music ecosystem. To be mentioned that almost the entire recordings today are sold through digital stores, like the famous iTunes, opened in 2003. Unfortunately, those sale have declined in the past few years, due to the streaming services, who are rapidly gaining revenue and subscribers. 

“Streaming media is increasingly important to the computer-using experience, so it’s important for Apple to have a role there,” has declared Ben Bajarin, Creative Strategies analyst.

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