Apple Unveils two new iPhones

It seems that all the rumors were true. Apple just announced two new iPhones. The famous company revealed two impressive new phones, coming with great new features, as well as larger screen sizes. 

The fact that Apple revealed two new smartphones at this point is not shocking at all. A series of rumors in the past few weeks revealed that this is the plan the company has. Moreover, Apple released two new phones last year, too, when it unveiled the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. 

So, the announcement on the release of the new smartphones was made on Tuesday. The one who made these revelations naturally was Tim Cook. Cook took the stage to present the newest Apple releases. The two new smartphones include a 4.7 inch display phone, as well as a 5.5 inch model. This is exactly what rumors predicted and they were absolutely right. 

The new iPhone 6 will be available in 16GB, 64GB and 128 GB, it has also been revealed. The device will cost $199, $299 and $399. On the other hand, the iPhone 6 Plus will cost even more, $299 for the 16GB version, $399 for the 64GB model and $499 for the 128GB iPhone, naturally on a two-year contract. 

Fans who plan on upgrading to the new iPhone should discover that it will come in gold, silver and space grey. And fans should be really happy to find out that the new phone will be available for sale almost immediately. So, pre-orders start on September 12 and Apple will begin shipping devices on September 19. 

With the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple actually introduces a series of brand new features. The new phones come in a changed design, which is rounder, larger and easier to hold. As predicted, Apple is trying to address to a whole new category of clients with this release. 

Compared to iPhone 5, the new smartphone is thinner and lighter. It also comes with a Retina HD display and better resolution. The two new smartphones feature the next generation A8 chip and better battery life. In fact, the two new phones introduce a series of new features that make them extremely interesting. 

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