Apple TV Review: A great streaming box

Opting for Apple TV, for only 99 dollars, might not be a bad idea, as this way you can enjoy all your favorite TV shows and movies. One of the best things about this device, is that you can rewatch them as many times as you like. Your favorite videos or TV shows can be also downloaded or streamed on other Apple devices, such as iPhone, Mac, iPod, PCs, iPad or running on iTunes. 

A less appreciated thing about Apple TV was that it featured few apps, but that was fixed by the company in time. Now, there is support for several major streaming videos, like HBO Go, Netflix, MLB.TV, Hulu Plus, Crunchyroll, YouTube, Vimeo or Watch ESPN, NHL and NBA. You can also enjoy a few live TV news apps: WSJ Live and Sky News. Buyers will be happy with the Apple TV current slate of services, which also include video content from NASA, CNET, PBS and TED Talks.

When it comes to streaming music apps, Apple TV is kind of weak. Unfortunately, you will not find any dedicated support for popular apps, including Spotify, Amazon Cloud Player, Pandora or Rdio. If you own and iPad or iPhone, you will solve this problem using AirPlay, but if you use only Apple TV, you will be short on music options. AirPlay is the Apple TV’s biggest weapon, which allows you to push photos, videos and music from your iPad or iPhone. You can also use Apple TV for your personal media collection. You can listen to your own music, view your personal photos and watch movies that are saved on your computer. 

Apple TV features a great design for a streaming videos box. It comes in a simple black box and has a white light on the front that comes on when it is activated. Around the box, you will notice some handful connections, including audio output, HDMI, Ethernet and Micro-USB. The streaming video box also features a built-in 802.11n WI-Fi for connecting to wireless network. You must be careful, because the HDMI is the only video connection available, so if you own an older TV you will not be able to connect it. In the pack, you will also find included a remote. It has a navigation circle at the top, a Play/Pause button and of course, a Menu Button. It is very simple to use it, so anyone that pick the remote should be able to handle it.

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