Apple TV News: Apple TV Available For Sale In India

Apple TV will finally be available for sale in India, according to a recent report published on the company’s website. Sources claim the digital media receiver is already available on the gray market, but customers, who prefer to purchase the device from official channels will have to wait until next week.

Apple’s Indian website informed customers on the local market that their digital media receiver will be available for sale starting next week. The website also disclosed the price that will be practiced by the company’s stores. The device will cost around Rs 8,295, but there are alternatives, as well, for users, who prefer to spend less.

Sources in India have stated that the digital media receiver is already available for sale on the grey market at a much smaller price. Some people have already purchased the device for Rs 6,500, but there are some risks that they have assumed, since objects that are purchased on the grey market do not benefit of the same warranty coverage as the ones commercialized in official channels.

For those who haven’t had the chance to get familiar with the device, Apple TV is a media streamer that connects to Apple’s iTunes store or other iDevices and gives users the possibility to stream and share content to their HDTV sets. The streaming player has been available in many other countries except India, but the company announced in February that they plan to introduce the product on the Indian market, as well.

The announcement that was posted on the company’s website was built taking into consideration the local customs. In addition to the availability of the device and the practiced prices, the posting described the functions that Apple TV features, as well as some of the operations that people will be able to fulfill with the help of the TV set. The advertisement ensured Apple’s customers that they will no longer have to queue for their favorite DVDs if they choose to purchase the streaming player. Moreover, users will be able to watch their favorite American games without recurring to illegal streams.

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