Apple TV is No Longer a Hobby

If Steve Jobs has always described the Apple TV as a hobby device, it seems that Tim Cook does not agree. The CEO of Apple claimed that the Apple TV is no longer a hobby for the company. 

It seems that the popularity of the Apple TV has determined Tim Cook to make such a statement. Reports have revealed that the Apple TV has sold quite impressively. It has been revealed that Apple made $1.1 billion from the sales of its TV in 2013. 

Having under consideration the great profits, there is no wonder that Tim Cook claimed that a new generation of Apple TV products might be released soon. As Cook said that it actually has become difficult to call the Apple TV a hobby, maybe the famous company is ready to invest more in this product.

Apple has always been more focused on its computers and mobile products, but it seems that the company might change that soon. Moreover, some analysts say that the Apple TV actually is the fastest growing Apple product at the moment. 

So, the statistics revealed for 2013, surprisingly show that the iPhone, iPad and Mac are not the fastest growing Apple products at the moment. The Apple TV is. It is estimated that the growth registered for 2013 was of about 80 percent. 

Having under consideration these figures, it surely is expected for Apple to invest more in this product. Actually, the Apple TV has not received a major update in two years, but still people buy it. Ever since last year rumors indicated that Apple will make a new release when it comes to the Apple TV, but the company presented nothing new to its customers. 

This made everyone believe that the much awaited update will be coming sooner than imagined. Apple offers an interesting promotion to the Apple TV since last week, which may show that the company is willing to clear out its old products for the release of the new Apple TV. 

It is expected for this release to come this year. It is highly improbable for Apple to wait three years until updating again its Apple TV.

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