Apple TV iOS 7 Rumors Reveal New Updates

Apple TV iOS 7 Rumors Reveal New UpdatesBoth Apple TV and the new iOS 7 have been linked to many rumors since the month of September. Back then, an Apple event indicated that the company is focusing on releasing both a new generation Apple TV and the iOS 7.

While iOS 7 received a release date on September 18, we cannot say the same thing about Apple TV. In fact, it has been claimed that a new generation of Apple TV, the 4th one, will be out in October, but Apple failed to release something new. If this will occur soon or not is something we will probably find out only in the following months. Maybe Apple prepares a big surprise for its clients when it comes to its Apple TVs.

On the other hand, iOS 7 comes with a brand new design and a series of new, highly improved features. Actually, more than 200 new features are available now with the release of iOS 7. The software is compatible with iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later, but also with the fifth generation of iPad mini and iPod touch.

The software also includes an important feature that will change the way content purchased from iTunes Store is played directly on the Apple TV, all with the main purpose to enhance usability. Sites like offer more information about the new iOS 7 for apple tv as well as new roumors on how to jailbreak Apple TV to take advantage of iOS 7 hidden and enhanced features.

Even though Apple TV iOS 7 rumors indicated that both the newest Apple TV and iOS 7 will be released on September 18, it seems that fans of Apple TV will still have to wait some time until the new TV generation will be available for them to use.

However, many updates to improve the functionality of Apple TV have been made public until today. They include new apps such as Vevo, the Weather Channel and many other channels, even though most of them are only available in the United States.

This made analysts believe that a new Apple TV will not be expected for long. Most recent rumors indicate that an Apple television set should not be expected until 2015, but Apple TV 4 may become available on the market starting with 2014, device expected to possess an A7 processor.

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