Apple TV 4th Generation: When Will Apple Announce a New Apple TV?

Apple tv 4th generationThe popularity of Apple TV has grown amazingly in the past few years, so there is no wonder that everyone expects for a new Apple TV to be released. Rumors on the release of the Apple TV 4th generation have been on for months now, even though Apple still revealed nothing regarding this subject.
In fact, everyone expected for this Apple TV 4th generation to be announced at the conference that Apple hosted on October 22. Unfortunately for fans of Apple TV, the whole event was focused on the next generation of iPads and MacBooks.

In fact, nothing was mentioned at this event about Apple TV. Despite that, analysts still believe that Apple prepares something for its clients, as many software updates for Apple TV 3 have been out over the recent months.

Consequently, everyone thinks that Apple prepares something when it comes to hardware, as well.

Speculation increased a lot in September, when MG Siegler shared in a tweet the fact that Apple will release a new Apple TV product in the following period. Even though soon after that Siegler posted another tweet that indicated the fact that Apple was not ready for a new update yet rumors never stopped.

And since Siegler claimed that the project will be delayed a bit, there is no wonder that everyone is sure that Apple will surprise its clients with a brand new updated Apple TV 4th generation. To read more about the next update you can visit Jailbreak ATV 4 website.

Siegler also mentioned that there are plans to host a new Apple event until the end of the year, but since it already is December chances are that the Apple TV 4th generation will only be out in 2014. This means that a new version of Apple TV will be released about 2 years after the launch of Apple TV 3.

The third generation Apple TV had multiple software updates and this is why some believe that there will be no Apple TV 4th generation out in the following months.

While some statements from Apple sustain the rumors indicating that Apple TV 4th generation will be released soon, others only come to infirm them, indicating that the company is not ready yet for a new TV generation, only focusing on updating Apple TV 3.

Which of these rumors will finally be confirmed is something we will probably discover next year. However, what is certain is that Apple has confirmed nothing officially and the moment when a new Apple TV will be announced is still a mystery.

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