Apple Tv 3 Jailbreak Announced: Why Ditch Your Apple TV 2 For Apple TV 3?

The third generation of Apple’s digital media receiver may not be very different than the previous ones, but analysts claim there are some benefits that could convince you to ditch Apple TV 2 for Apple TV 3.

1. Like in the case of many other Apple devices, Apple TV 3 has not been significantly improved in comparison with its predecessor. However, the A4 chip has been upgraded to A5, whereas the RAM capacity was boosted to 512 MB. Unlike Apple TV 2 which had limited streaming capacity, Apple TV 3 is now capable of streaming 1080p videos, as well, so you get better specifications at the same price.

2. Apple chose to sell its second and third generation devices for $99, but costs for Apple TV 2 have skyrocketed since developers announced that the jailbreaking software for Apple TV 3 is not currently available.

This may not always be the case as the much-awaited Apple TV 3 jailbreak is expected to be released within the following weeks. Knowing that customers will be free to use the newest model to the fullest once the hacking software becomes available, prices could get a lot bigger than they are today.

The best way to get the Apple Tv 3 Jailbreak software right in the moment it’s being launched is to look for updates at Apple Tv 3 Jailbreak News website that is constantly updated.

3. Chip Jailbreak Team announced that they have finally managed to create a beta version of the Apple TV 3 Jailbreak. The software will be available for download in the last week of December, giving owners the possibility to have full access on their Apple TV 3 devices. The fact that the hack is produced by the same team that developed the iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak is reason enough for customers to believe that the software will work for their digital media gadget, as well.

Apple TV 3 is the most advanced digital media receiver there is at present, no doubt about it. Despite this, it is sold at the same price as its weaker predecessor, Apple TV 2. In addition, Apple TV 3 is one step away from being jailbreaken, so tech lovers should definitely consider ditching Apple TV 2 in favor of Apple TV 3.

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  1. Finally Good news…I am waiting for the Apple Tv 3 jailbreak for a long time.
    I am sure Chip Jailbreak technicians will soon release the jailbreak.
    I got the iPhone 4S iOS 6 jailbreak software from them and it worked like a charm
    Looking forward for the update

  2. Any luck idea when it will be released? Guys please dont be mad at me, I aint asking for it to be released…all i want to know when and if i should be updating my apple tv to the latest firmware?


  3. The android xios ds mediaplayer is about the same price, it supports frodo v12 xbmc, however their is less ram and the streaming is choppy at times. Can’t buffer fast enough, and you need to install updates and add a micro sd to support the directory drive for the repositories. I’d wait for a jailbroken atv3 😉

  4. Hi John, please qualify your assumption when you say –

    “Knowing that customers will be free to use the newest model to the fullest once the hacking software becomes available, prices could get a lot bigger than they are today.”

    I don’t think that’s valid case because if Apple could achieve higher prices they would make it easy to jailbreak. But that’s not how Apple is doing business and they will still sell it for $99 unless they decide to increase price because somebody cracked their software. That’s not likely to happen.

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