Apple to Unveil the Apple Watch

At its September event Apple did not only impress with two new iPhones, but the famous tech company also unveiled its Apple Watch. This is the first smart, wearable device released by Apple. 

In fact, the release of the Apple Watch has been a much expected moment. The new device is absolutely great, so maybe it was worth so much time of waiting. The iWatch is a brand new device for communication, health and fitness, Apple revealed. This new Apple product was announced at the event just hosted by Apple, event during which the company introduced its new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. 

“We have one more thing,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the end of the event, after presenting its new smartphones. The new product was in fact released under the name of Apple Watch. The smartwatch is extremely easily customizable in the form of the bands available and the color options.

People who want to purchase the new iWatch should be pleased to find out that it comes on different bands, as well as in more color options. Changing bands is also very simple, which means that owners of the Apple Watch will be able to change design according to their wishes. 

The new Apple Watch also comes in two different sizes. The device comes with a sapphire display, which will surely simply improve the durability and scratch resistance of this new product. It can monitor your heart rate and it can be an effective tool for health and fitness. 

Apple revealed that its Watch will be available for sale in 2015, at a price of $349. Until now, there were no revelations on the battery life that the Apple Watch will feature, so this is an aspect that is yet to be discovered. 

With the release of the Apple Watch, the famous company has made an important step on the market of wearable devices. Apple was in fact expected to make this release, so the announcement was no surprise. It is yet to see how fans will receive the Apple Watch, once it will become available for purchase.   

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