Apple to Unveil iWatch Next Month

New reports reveal that Apple will unveil its iWatch next month. Actually, it is predicted that Apple will make this important release in October. What is certain is that Apple has prepared an event for September 9th. 

So, some analysts seem to believe that the famous smartphone maker will actually focus at this September event on the release of a new iPhone. This means that Apple might be planning a separate event in October to announce the launch of this wearable device. The iWatch is expected to be a unique and spectacular product. 

Still, there are some sources who say that Apple will make this release on September 9th, as well. So, Apple might present both a new iPhone and the iWatch in about 3 weeks. As opinions are shared on what Apple plans on launching now, as there are some analysts who say that the company will not reveal the iWatch at this point, but will actually introduce a bracelet-like fitness band. From this point of view, it is expected for Apple to focus on a device based on fitness capabilities. 

What Apple has prepared next for its customers and fans remains however a mystery. The famous tech company is well known to keep all its releases a secret. Some say that Apple will actually reveal this year two new iPhones, such as it previously did at the release of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Some claim that the smartwatch that Apple has in the works will actually be released under the name of iTime. This is a product that has been prepared by Apple for quite some time, much speculation being associated to it. 

It will surely be very interesting to discover what Apple will release at its event. If the speculation is true, Apple wants to come out with something that will make customers turn to the use of its products. Analysts claim that all these products will present unique features that customers just want to have. Still, it is yet to see if September is the month when Apple will make this release or not.

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