Apple to Team up with Tesla

New reports reveal that Apple might have in plans a collaboration with Tesla, as Adrian Perica met with the chief executive of Tesla in a secret appointment. 

So, according to the latest reports the merger and acquisitions chief at Apple Inc., Adrian Perica, had a meeting with Tesla’s chief executive, Elon Musk. The meeting actually took place last year, speculation raising on Apple’s potential intention of signing a type of deal with the electric car maker. 

The fact that this meeting took place was first revealed by the San Francisco Chronicle, which revealed the news it received from an anonymous source. The source claimed that Apple is very interested in Tesla. 

It seems that Apple is looking for new ways of expansion and the company might actually think bigger than the iPhone and the iPad. According to the latest reports, Apple might have an interest in electric cars and medical devices to find technology that can predict heart attacks. 

This is not the first time when it is believed that Apple might be considering to team up with Tesla. Actually, speculation on a potential deal between the two has been on for quite some time now. At some point, reports even revealed that Apple was considering purchasing Tesla, which would surely make sense having under consideration the rumored plans of the company. 

However, the exact reason why Apple might be interested in Tesla remains a mystery for now. Moreover, the two companies have decided to remain silent about their intentions, so there is no word on what Apple or Tesla are planning on doing. 

Still, it is quite well known that in the past few months Apple has tried to find new technologies, so the company might be interested in unique ways to expand its activity. Some reports even revealed that Apple can turn its interest in any potential markets. 

The latest reports reveal that Apple might have certain medical ambitions, so the company is exploring unique ways to make a presence on this market. If the company is working at something that may really be able to predict heart attacks, this would surely be an amazing and quite a spectacular release. 

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