Apple To Release Revamped iPhone 5 In August

Canaccord Genuity and Topeka Capital have made various market analyses to determine the next move that the Cupertino manufacturer, Apple, could make by the end of the year. In their opinion, a revamped model of iPhone5 could be released in August.

Every market research company has its eyes on the main producers of technological products to determine their future launching events. Many suppositions have been made in relation to Apple since the beginning of the year, especially since its competitor, Samsung has released a new smartphone model, Galaxy S4.

This week it was Canaccord Genuity and Topeka Capital’s turn to estimate the period when a new Apple model will be placed on the market. In analysts’ opinion, the American manufacturer will most likely release a revamped model of iPhone, probably called iPhone 5S, in late summer or early fall. Given the high chances of seeing a refreshed Apple product by the end of the third quarter, analysts working at the two firms, thought it was a good idea to reiterate their Buy rating for Apple shares. However, the share cost has been diminished from $650 to $600.

The two companies have made many other predictions related to the evolution of the company. According to them, Apple will lose market shares in the first half of the year because investors’ interested will be captivated by the wave of Android smartphones that are due to be released in the first quarter. The main product that could put a lot of pressure on Apple is Samsung Galaxy S4 which was launched on March 14.

In spite of the decrease that Apple might experience at the beginning of the year, analysts are convinced that the company’s situation will recover in the last part of 2013. In fact, this is an unwritten rule for Apple as the company has always released new products in the September quarter, thus, accelerating sales. The improvement could be too small to be noticed at first, but on the long run, Apple will continue to register the same profit, was the conclusion that analysts as Canaccord Genuity and Topeka Capital have reached.

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