Apple To Price The Mini iPad To Move

Finally, there’s some good news for gadget junkies who don’t have $500 to spend on a regular iPad. Report says Apple is already working and planning to price the Mini iPad to move.

Two weeks ago, Bloomberg launched a new rumor about the new Apple gadget that’s going to blow away the IT market this fall. The revolutionary Mini iPad is expected to be, Apple’s greatest hit in the last time, due to its reduced price and size. A new report strengthens the possibility Apple might finally have one of its tablets in every American home.

Considering the latest rumors, it’s only a problem of “when” exactly this new gadget will hit the market. Some sources say that the Mini iPad is already on the production line, preparing to reach the shops this September. But, Bloomberg suggested not that long ago, the Mini iPad is going to be released later than September in your local Apple stores. They also mentioned about a pre-order service starting this October.

Carrying on with its usual marketing technique, Apple kept short on the specs about the device, leaving people to start rumors and discussions on what the Mini iPad will have or look like. But in the end, that’s a hell of a good way to raise awareness for a product not even confirmed yet.

Some field experts say the new Apple tablet is going to feature a 7 to 8 inch display, with a high resolution of 1024 x 768, just enough to satisfy the “Retina requirement”. Others say that the dimensions won’t be nor too large or too small, just somewhere around 7.85 inches.

With all this fuss around the new Apple concept, one thing is certain. The Mini iPad will be cheaper than the actual iPad which costs $500. But along with this certitude, another question arises. How much is Apple willing to cut down the price? Experts say that considering the actual gadget market with the new Google Nexus and other Android devices, the price tag for the Mini iPad won’t go lower that $299.

The fact that Apple is willing to cut down some prices for their latest device, shows that they’re starting to understand where the world is going, considering the economic crisis and the low salaries.

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